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Mr Dear Brother Pakistan.

My Dear Brother Pakistan,

You were born because our leaders consented the theory of two nations based on religion to bring peace on our land. British who divided and rule us for 190 years, left us in divisions. You were demanding autonomy but we thought, let you remain happy with an independent country, take your decisions and grow better than us. It was accepted like a division of a family. 

Don't you know, the land which you have received is the real Hindustan-Sindhustan (the land of river Sindhu) where the verses of Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga and entire wisdom of Hinduism were received by our ancestors. You are our blood. It was Muslim rule of Turks that change the religion of the ancestors and now you worship the supreme power Almighty Allah and we continued with the worshiping of Almighty Ishwar. Names of our God changed but the blood and culture remained the same. The beats of our hearts are the same. The mad people killed many of our brothers and sisters of both sides of the borders cruelly during partition but still our love didn't end. We may express hatredness but that is the expression of the deepest love in our hearts because we haven't forgotten each other for last 68 years. Every evening the beats of both of us witness the unity of hearts at Vagha Border. A thin curtain of mistrust prohibits our ways and the middle men play over it.
We know you are so valuable to us. You take the first stroke of attack on you before it reaches to India. You are acting as a buffer guard for India and saving us from the attacks of Turks, Afghans, Arabs and others for centuries. 

The terrorists are like fire. They will burn those whom they attack but they will burn where they live in too. The short term tactical measure become liability of the creator. Don't you believe? Just check the number of incidents and casualties you have suffered all those years compared to the damages done by these people to India. You have suffered more than us. You have lost more than 35000 humans and paid economic cost of $68 billion in terrorists attacks in a decade. Our hearts cried when the terrorists killed innocent children of Army Public School of Peshawar. We feel sad when Pakistani blood shed on ground by the terrorists attacks.  And may be you feel the same when you saw the events of attack over Indian Parliament, mumbai attacks, pathankot air base attack, etc. 

What did you gain from the wars of 1947, 1965, 1971, 1999? You know better.

What is in Kashmir? Jammu and Ladakh are non Muslim areas. The valley of Kashmir, you have already divided. We have accepted partition of Punjab and Bengal in 1947 and people have been settled in both the sides over the years. Why can't we accept the LoC as our International border and settle the dispute of Kashmir? The division of Kashmir may be accepted like division of Punjab and Bengal, as the most practical solution of the problem.

Please look back and check the defense statistics. How many rupees and dollars both of us have spent on weapons? The white skinned nations supply weapons to us and take away our wealth and the best of the products, produced by our people with their hard work. Large population of our nations is still living under poverty line. They are living on $1.90 or less/day/head and we are spending billions of dollars on weapons. We are made from one blood and we wish to kill each other with the weapons developed by others. When shall we wake up? 

We have our people, land and our own rule. Why can't we use our natural resources and trade advantages and serve the people of both the countries? Our army may need some work. They can be better utilized in maintenance of internal securities and management of calamities. And of course a vigil force to guard the borders. Where do the countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangala Desh, Bhutan, Burma etc, need large army and artillery against India? Similarly, you may build trust with India punishing terrorists who attack on us and save your budget that can be utilized for the development of your Nation. 

In Mahabharata, Pandavas and Kauravas divided the Country into Hastinapur and Khandav Prastha. Pandavas developed the barren areas and turned Khandav Prastha into Idraprastha. But they lost it in gambling. Ultimately, the war between Pandavas and Kauravas destroyed millions of people from both the sides. Both were the losers in the war.

Both of us hold nuclear weapons. If mad moment control our minds and by mistake this weapon is used in war, the entire generation of our blood will suffer. The wounds of partition, wars and terrorists attacks are yet to heal; the new wounds may never be healed for centuries.

We have two ways open; the path of Development and the path of Destruction. It is our choice to select either of the D. India has selected the path of Development from the beginning. If you selects the same, both of us with our younger sibling Bangladesh can write new Golden Chapter in the History of the World. We have the youngest population of the world and the most fertile land on the earth. Our unity can do wonders. We don't wish to rule others but our development will create a peaceful environment that will bring peace to the world. Our wisdom will be a lighthouse that will guide to other nations.

Don't you remember, our forefathers advised us centuries ago to live together accepting the whole earth as one family, "vashudhaiva kutumbkam" and also told us to accept good thoughts from all the directions, "aano bhadra: kratvo yantu vishwata:". Let us take pride of our great heritage together and build an "Umbrella Nation" where all our brothers and sisters live with peace, harmony and prosperity. We love each other the most. When we meet in third country, we share our happiness and sorrow together like real brothers. Can't we keep religion as our inner faith and brotherhood as our external relationship?

With the surprised visit of Pakistan, our PM has extended the hand of friendship to build trust but the terrorists spoiled its fruits by attacking Pathankot. 

Waging war is not a solution of any problem. 

Be our brother. 

11 December 2016


Aam adami jag chukka hey. Bahut gussa hey, ab jyada aajma nahi sakate. Anna crusade gherao MPs today, tomorrow will be Babus turn. 

New India is a literate India watching at us. Young India is vibrant and vocal. They understand the hardships of  their survival in the market. They can’t digest the phenomenal wealth growth of politicians and bureaucrats. 

250 cr+ properties of MP cadre IAS couple is not only talked in the country but also talked abroad. The AIS officers turned corporate may be icons for fellow colleagues but question marks for the people. 

People have started questioning politicians and public servants but a day has to come to question the wealth and growth of some of the industrial and business houses. 

India a property has been given by the Britishers and Principalities to the people of the country. But it has been owned by limited rich people. Economic disparity is one of the biggest problems of the country. India of homogeneous society is our dream to achieve. 

Anna movement has raised a big question against the present system of administration. 10 hours voting gives power to the politicians for 5 years and 30 hours 30 minutes examinations give powers to the AIS officers for 35 years. A one day game of election played by politicians with many fouls, managing EC’s guidelines make themselves masters of the country/states. The elected government administered the country/state through the bureaucracy. Therefore both of them come under the scanner of the people of India.

It is said that elections are fought with big money. Many MPs and MLAs are crorepati as preference of ticket goes with their spending capacity on elections. The political parties build party fund to hold power. Some politicians recover their election expenditure and make more to fight future elections. People are dreaming to see a day when the party funds accounts and hidden donations of industries/commerce will become transparent. 

India has lost the days of one party rule resulting in compromising governments of alliance parties which shares ministries as per the power sharing agreements. People of India are also at fault to elect multi parties rule. 

The ECI while defending the EVM, lost the secrecy of voters. It helps the representatives to take decisions and use discretionary funds to benefit their voters. 

Young and energetic AIS officers starts their journey of Public Administration at the training institutes with a mission to serve the nation (some starts with weekend liquor parties!) but soon it dilutes with the contacts of politicians and business interest groups. “Jaisa Sang taisa Rang”. Some learn from peers, some from seniors, some from subordinates and some may be from the new players. The first posting of revenue start changing their thinking of revenue with subject matters i.e. NA! Some start a different journey against the oath taken to follow the Constitution of India. These some have spoiled the reputation of the AIS and the giant acts and achievements of many went in veins. 

It is said that word “BABUS’ is a synonym for transfers, postings and promotions; a commodity to be purchased by offerings. Interest groups decides ‘yah chalega, yah nahi chalega’. Some use ‘silver or gold shoes’ (dialogue from movie Guru) to buy decision makers. Those who are deprived of the nectar of bribe became jealous of the system. Some fighters get their ratings down so that the system keeps them away till they are tired or retired. 

Manu Smrity says, ‘public fund in the hand of a public servant is like honey in the mouth of a bear.’ Is the power money cake of honey surrounded by the bears?

Lokpal may not answer all questions of corruptions but Anna movement has awakened the people and given a way to express their displeasure. The day is near to hear same loud displeasure against the ‘Babus’. 

Jagte Raho!


NB: These are vespers, difficult to prove but many of us still vespers.

Hindu Muslim Conflicts in India

" India an exception where neither Islam has been overpowered by India, nor has India been absorbed into Islamic world".

Hindustan, "the Golden Bird of the East" was an attraction point for looting by the invaders from the 

West. Invaders were eying on Gold and ornaments stored in the treasures of Kings and Temples. And capturing beautiful women and slaves/workers too. 

Islam first came in Hindustan through Arab traders at Malabar Coast in 629-630 AD. Mappilas were first community to convert to Islam through trade connections and missionary activities by Arabs. 

Islam arrived in North Hindustan through Turkish invasions from 6th century. Sindh was conquered by Muhammad bin Quadim in early years of 7th Century and Mahmud of Ghazni conquered Punjab and carried 17 raids over Hindustan during (997-1030) facilitated expansion of Islam over Hindustan.

Muhammad Ghori was the first Muslim invader, made settlement in Hindustan after defeating Prithviraj Chauhan in battle of Tarain in 1192. He posted his slave Qutbuddin Aaibak, the founder of Slave Dynasty in Hindustan, as Sultan. It was a reward given by his master Muhmmad Ghori, in leu of his services to him.

There were many but two Big Names; Allauddin Khalji and Aurangzeb have been marked in  history for mass conversion of Hindu to Islam by force or through taxing.

Started from 7th century, with few converts, the population of Muslims goes on increasing and reached to 482 million in 2013 in the Sub Continent. If the population of Indonesia and other south eastern countries be added, the figure will go further up. Ajlafs (convert) are now in majority compare to the few Ashrafs (original).

Many reasons may be noted for the journey of Islam in the subcontinent. But the major are:

Many did convert due to attraction to the principles of Islam: One God, no idol worship, all are equal, brotherhood, peaceful and simple group prayers, Jumna (Friday) namaz of praying for others, community bonding, discipline, regularity, charity, no liquor - no gambling - no prostitution - no interest, etc. But many by following means too:

1. Religion of King/Sultan was the religion of the people. People used to follow King's  religion for living in harmony, carry activities and  businesses smoothly, get placement in army, etc. (Buddhist Monks used to target the King to convert first, i.e., Jain Ashoka was converted to Buddhism)

2. Sword (fear) was used to convert common people from Hindu to Muslim. The permission to kill kafirs (non believer) created fear of death, compelled many to accept Islam. Muhammad Ghazani was the first to use sword for conversion in Hindustan.

3. Jajia tax imposed by Sultans, converted many poor people indirectly to avoid taxing.

4. Caste system of Hindus forced the lower caste to accept Islam to gain equality.

5. Conservative approach of Hinduism not to allow return into the system once the person converted. Jinnah's grand father Punjabhai Thakkar prayed the villagers of Paneli (Upleta) to allow him to get back in Hinduism. But he was not allowed. A social boycott forced him to go back to Karachi and we faced the consequences through Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 

6. Some were converted simply by spitting over face as the other Hindus stopped them to recognised as Hindu after the event. Social boycott forced them to sit to the other side.

7. Prohibition of widow marriage, compelled some of the higher castes young widows to change religion to get marry.

8. Few might have changed to enjoy Biryani and Firani! I was watching a TV programmes in Srinagar Government Guest House, last year. In one of the programmes of mass meeting, I saw a young Hindu boy saying "I like the khir of Eid that my mother is not able to make, therefore changing religion". The Maulavi asked for his faith in the principles of Islam, which he had accepted without much understanding, looking at his facial expressions, I presumed.

When I asked a question about converts to one of my friends, he said, "if Mughal history would have added one more Aurangzeb after him, I may be Muslim today".

After Delhi was sworn in by Muslim rulers, slowly the power of Muslim Rulers spread all over the country. Hindu population started living in harmony with the new compulsions. The language of Governments/Courts was Persian (and Dari of Afghanistan), started adopting Hindi words. 

The language of people Hindi started accepting Persian words. And at the end with the deep contemplation,  a new, beautiful and sweet language Urdu was born. The script followed was Arabic.

It was a "Shikh Wall" that blocked the speed of Islaminisation of India. Two of the Gurus, Guru Arjundev and Guru Teg Bahadur sacrificed their lives and Guru Gobind Singh fought brave fights against Islami attacks. Shikh Religion gave a room to the people to follow good parts of both the religions. It became confluence of Hindu and Musalman. Similarly, it was a "Hindu Wall of India" that further reduced the speed and spread of Islam over Buddhist Nations. 

Marathi Movement did have some impact during Maratha rule in Delhi, but it was British rule in Hindustan that opened up the suppression of majority people and with the British faith in democracy, it became an instrument of major Hindu - Muslim mass conflict.

The first step was initiated by British Raj in India by replacing Persian to Hindustani and was made co-official along with English. Hindi replaced Hindustani as official language of British in 1881. 'Devanagari' script replaced Persian script. For calming down the unrest of people during mutiny of 1857, British introduced constitution of  Councils. The election of councillor on basis of number initiated the rule of majority, opened a way for Hindus to become power after a long suppression. Muslims, understood the fate, started educational reforms and as the freedom struggle moving a head with majority Hindus, founded Muslim League to safeguard their minority community against majority Hindus. That rested with the partition of India.

Once a person converted, his family and race will add on the numbers as birth is the path of religion thereafter. However, it is to note that people did change the religion but they carry the culture, customs and caste system in some form, even after centuries. While greeting, Sindhi Muslims in Sindh of Pakistan prefer Namaskar to shack hand (which Punjabi Muslims don't like). Coconut fruit and a Sagun Coin are part of many customs in Muslim. 

Ashrafs (original) are superior to Ajlafs (convert from Hinduism). Sayyed, Shaikh, Khan, Pathan, Mansuri, Qurashi, Memon, Ansari (Julaha), etc., many surnames (castes - kafa'a) carry their social status of inequality amongst Muslim. All are equal before Allah but when it comes to marriages, social inequality acts. Caste system was born from the profession get transferred to the children became now a mark by birth in the subcontinent. 

Now, Pakistan is passing through a cultural identity crisis. Bangladeshi continued with Bangala language, maintain their culture and continued with their migration to India. But in Pakistan, people tried to follow Urdu language in place of Punjabi and Sindhi, and now not been able to merge with the Ashrafs (Arabs-Original). They are right match with Indian culture, whom they are fighting and trying to join mismatch Arab culture who do not accept them as equal. A cultural fight will one day make them return to Hindustan!!! Some do believe that Pakistan with Provincial Autonomy under Union of India was a better option than a Partition, but can't say under the threat of Army.

Was partition of Hindustan a full stop of a conflict or a coma?

Democratic rule has stopped change of religion by force. Education has made people more aware about the teachings of their religion. Now, no King can compel, no money can buy, no service can change the religion of an individual except the "Love Affairs".

The modern world is moving towards 'No Religion', more interested in present that the future after death. Religious places are places for 'old' and tourist spots for 'young'. "No Religion" is an answer to bring peace in the world, some believe. 

Do you agree?

29 November 2013

Had Jinnah done good for India

When I was posted as AC&SDM of Dahod sub-division of Panchmahals in 1987 after completion of two years training, in one of the Eid gathering, late Advocate Fakrudin Dr. Taher Ali told me that Muhammad Ali Jinnah has done great disservice to the Muslim Community. I pricked my ears up with a great surprise hearing something unusual from a Muslim. I told him to elaborate. 

He told me that if India remained united, the power and strength of Muslims could have been much bigger compared to present day size and strength they have in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

The Muslims of three countries put together will become 26 crore v/v 55 crore Hindus (those days). Muslim would have enjoyed greater share in political, economical and services development of United India with an area of 42,31,255 sqkm, instead of been blocked in two pieces into Pakistan (7,96,095 sqkm) and Bangladesh (1,47,570 sqkm) with limited land and resources. Muslims in India are better of in a country of big size (32,87,590 sqkm) compared to the other two. Life must be miserable in Bangladesh, where more population compare to Pakistan live on less than 20% of the area of Pakistan. 

Whether he was right or not, very difficult to conclude, but post independence development across the Indian sub continent has proved that the partition decision went much in favour of Hindus and Indian Muslims, with one of the largest Democracy of the world where people live with more freedom and better growth. Now India become a power with 1.27 billion population and all round development been recognised by world community for its intellectual and economic development in last 65 years. 

From that angle, Jinnah did help India growing stronger compare to his Pakistan at present, a hub or victim of terrorism as reported.

Think of a united picture at present, 828 million Hindus and 481 million Muslims living in the subcontinent. 343 of 481 million Muslims have been given their Nations. From a demand of provincial autonomy to complete independence. For not to disturb India the Nation of Wisdom and Unity in Disparity. 

What do you think? Do you endorse the views of Fakrudin?

17 November 2013

Why can't they change?

Why can't they change?

Centuries passed, Iranian Aryans, the Parsis remained the same. One of the reasons of not allowing others to their fire temple is to keep their promise given to the King that they will not try any conversion of people to their religion.

What a great teaching that all children are equal and free from the stain of sin at birth, free to make choice between good and evil, and responsible for the consequences of his/her deeds!

Indian Aryan started with the division of the people. The 10th Mandal of Rigveda was a later addition but it with Manu Smiriti, otherwise great books, made the life a hell for some people for centuries. People at large were at fault. They were suppressing others in the name of religion. The victims value measured only through denial, insult and injury. We propagate that our present life including the caste is a reason for our acts and deeds of past life/lives. The children born with birth mark!

How my India would have been, if stains of sin were not marked over children by birth? Social inequality was the reason for most of our problems.

"In his suicide note, Rohith Vemula (Research Scholar, University of Hyderabad) said that he didn’t want responsibility for his death attributed to anybody, and – even more significantly – he regretted that the value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind. Politics reduced him to his body, dismissing his soul. He saw around him was second-hand feelings, constructed love, coloured beliefs and artificial art. He wanted to become a writer like Carl Sagan, but in the growing gap of his soul and his body, he moved to the stars from shadows. He appeared and gone, from darkness to light. He wrote, "his birth was a fatal accident".

One of our colleagues told that asking an age of a candidate by the interviewer is considered a prejudice behaviour in US, but in India, nothing starts without asking the caste, what are you? And then the pulls, why are you? However, US was not good in past. We know the slavery of the blacks. Colour of the skin was making the discrimination. India is better, at least asking a question, which caste are you? We are still living in middle ages.

22 January 2016

Recession is written on Wall.

Recession written on Wall.

"Purchase power of the customers" is a big word in booming or dooming the economy. The Ports of the world are witnessing the great recession of the present world after 1930. All Ports are waiting for the ships to come and occupy their jetties and berths. The warehouses are emptied and truck load on roads is declining.

I recollect my experience of participating in a Handicrafts and Home appliances Trade fare in LA, US in 2009. The US customers were hardly buying products above $20. In fact, I came to know first time that US though look rich from the distance, but has large population that has average income of $15000/annum. It is a country that follow popular development agenda of food vouchers and health vouchers. If dollar become rupee (why Saddam Hussein was killed?), the immigrants start returning to their native country. However, US is a country of great infrastructure. If reverse migration takes place, many of its cities become Detroits! The local production of oil by US has put the Black Gold countries and Russia on back foot, as the prices of crude is continuously going down. India is losing its opportunity of accelerating the economy by transferring the benefits of crude savings to the consumers.

Urban China was shining with its sky scrapper buildings and dumping of goods in international markets. Till the market demand of Chinese goods was there, it was importing raw materials, producing and exporting to the world. The youths were employed. The investors were chasing 'Dragon Statistics' of China and investing more and more to fetch profit. But if the purchase power of the world has gone down, the wheel of Chinese production has to stop.

India is an economy mostly dependent on its internal market. Therefore, export based industries and suppliers of goods and raw materials abroad will be the major sufferers of the present recession. However, manufacturing sectors except pharmaceutical and chemicals are on decline trend at present.

After the 2008 recession in US, the value of their real estates have come down to 1/3 or 1/4. Indian real estate market is holding the price of the pick but the standstill can't be maintained without crashing the bubble to its demand value, so that the industry come back on the growth track. For that, Bankers have to lose huge money. The artificial price rise in real estate was 10-30 times in last decade. It has to come down to the half way to find new buyers.

Entrepreneurs in India are in silence. News papers are coming without advertisements of public issues. After Adani's venture in Australia held up by locking up of capital of approximately Rs. 20,000 Cr, the Indian entrepreneurs eying on world market are on hold. Governments may try to vibrate them through summits, but unless great advantages of land and taxes are offered, they will not put a step forward. Their announcements will be like announcements of politicians.

Where are the common men? Dal (food) and Dava (health) are their main concern. Without employment opportunities, their quality of life may suffer. Urbanisation is on brake, and rural farmers are unable to cash from the yield due to high production cost and low return.

It's time for stimulating Indian Economy with all round efforts. Recession is written on the wall.

13 January 2016

Jivrajbhai, the turning point in the life of Ram Krishna Yadav

Jivrajbhai was a turning point

Jivrajbhai wrote about Shardaben and Rameshbhai, the modern Savitri-Satyavan couple of Surat Gujarat. Jivrajbhai is a father of Raneshbhai. He used to go and stay in Haridwar in search of peace of mind. There was a Kripalu Baug Ashram of an old saint Kripalu Maharaj near to the place where he used to stay. His day was spent either with the old Saint in Kripalu Baug or in Gayatri campus of Shantikunj. Over a period of time, the Saint and Jivrajbhai developed intimacy with each other. As the Saint was getting older, he told Jivrajbhai to take care of the Ashram activities. 

There used to be three youths (Ram Krishna Yadav, Bal Krishna and Karnaveer) in there late 20s wearing white cloths and moving into the villages of Haridwar, riding bicycles. One of the three, Bal Krishna had good knowledge of Himalayan herbs. The other two were his companions. They were collecting herbs from Himalayas and distributing amongst the people in villages. They met Jivrajbhai in Shantikunj campus in 1993. Looking to their youthfulness and good social services, Jivrajbhai helped them with monetary support.

As the Saint at Kripalu Baug Ashram was getting older, and Jivrajbhai already impressed with the social services of these three youths decided to involve them in Kripalu Baug Ashram activities. He, therefore, proposed them to join ashram with a condition to become Sanyasi and to wear saffron clothes. The three youths asked for some time to think and returned. After few days, they returned with a decision to make one of them, Ramkrishna Yadav, a Sanyasi wearing saffron clothes to join the Ashram. The other two decided to continue in white clothes. Ram Krishna Yadav took a Sanyas Diksha and was renamed as Baba Ramdev. 

After death of Kripalu Maharaj in 1994, a trust Divya Yog Mandir was formed by Jivrajbhai, Shankardev, Baba Ramdev, Bal Krishna and other two persons. Patanjali is a sub branch of DYM, owned by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishna. There was controversy of missing/ death of Shankardev in 2007.  

Initially, Baba Ramdev started Yoga campaign through TV. In the beginning, he was paying rent to Astha channel for his Yoga slots, later owned the channel. The channel become his cash cow. His featuring in TV with his yoga posture of moving intestines in abdomen area, not made him popular but also it made the Indian Yoga world famous. People of all age started his anulom vilom and kapalbhanti pranayam. Some people did object about the method and speed of the pranayam referring Patanjali Yog Sutra, but Baba was going on his campaign of Yoga with the feedback sounds of many beneficiaries of the practice. People on their own used to come forward and explained the benefits of yoga. Why not, whatever amount of carbon dioxide discharge out of the system by whatever means is always beneficial in reduction of weight and keeping the organs fit.

Simultaneously, he and his herb companion Balkrishna together started production of herbal products under the banner 'Patanjali' in Haridwar with a marketing strategy of Swadeshi. Within 10 years, the company's turnover has already crossed ₹45 billion (US$670 million) and is cruising at a monthly rate of about ₹5 billion(US$74 million). It has hit the leading companies in the market of Ayurveda and cosmetic products. 

Within a short period, a young man on a bicycle, started from scratch zero become one of the wealthiest Babas of the country, selling Yoga and Herbal products across the world. 

He was Jivrajbhai, who gave him seed money, brought him to Kripalu Baug Ashram and within a short time these two entrepreneurs Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna became rich and world famous. 

Baba Ramdev came by a chartered plane and attended the wedding of Jivrajbhai's grand daughter in 2014. Ram Krishna Yadav's journey from a bicycle to cars to aircrafts is very interesting.

24 July 2016

NB: The contents of the article has been taken as explained by Shri Veljibhai, the sambadhi of Jivrajbhai.

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