Friday, March 26, 2021

Had Jinnah done good for India

When I was posted as AC&SDM of Dahod sub-division of Panchmahals in 1987 after completion of two years training, in one of the Eid gathering, late Advocate Fakrudin Dr. Taher Ali told me that Muhammad Ali Jinnah has done great disservice to the Muslim Community. I pricked my ears up with a great surprise hearing something unusual from a Muslim. I told him to elaborate. 

He told me that if India remained united, the power and strength of Muslims could have been much bigger compared to present day size and strength they have in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

The Muslims of three countries put together will become 26 crore v/v 55 crore Hindus (those days). Muslim would have enjoyed greater share in political, economical and services development of United India with an area of 42,31,255 sqkm, instead of been blocked in two pieces into Pakistan (7,96,095 sqkm) and Bangladesh (1,47,570 sqkm) with limited land and resources. Muslims in India are better of in a country of big size (32,87,590 sqkm) compared to the other two. Life must be miserable in Bangladesh, where more population compare to Pakistan live on less than 20% of the area of Pakistan. 

Whether he was right or not, very difficult to conclude, but post independence development across the Indian sub continent has proved that the partition decision went much in favour of Hindus and Indian Muslims, with one of the largest Democracy of the world where people live with more freedom and better growth. Now India become a power with 1.27 billion population and all round development been recognised by world community for its intellectual and economic development in last 65 years. 

From that angle, Jinnah did help India growing stronger compare to his Pakistan at present, a hub or victim of terrorism as reported.

Think of a united picture at present, 828 million Hindus and 481 million Muslims living in the subcontinent. 343 of 481 million Muslims have been given their Nations. From a demand of provincial autonomy to complete independence. For not to disturb India the Nation of Wisdom and Unity in Disparity. 

What do you think? Do you endorse the views of Fakrudin?

17 November 2013


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