Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hindu marriage, a tie for 7 lives

Hindu marriage, a tie for 7 lives

Hinduism believes in the theory of rebirths and the fate, marriages are made in heaven. The Seven circle around the holy fire tie the couple for 7 lives. And in each life, they tie and add on more lives and make the tie eternal.

This is Hindu month of Ashadha, the days of Gauri Vrata by the unmarried girls. They observe partial fast for four days (11-15) and worship Goddess Parvati to get husband of choice. And once they marry, they sustain with the relation forever, how so ever the husband may be. Padyu Paniyu nibhavi levanu! The culture comes from the ancient tales. One of the tales of Savitri-Satyavan was very popular.

Savitri a beautiful daughter of a king was searching for a prince/husband of her choice. One day she reached a dense forest, where dwelt a king old and blind who had lost his kingdom, living in a small hut with his wife and son. The son Satyavan, a handsome prince, serving his parents by bringing food by chopping wood and selling it in the countryside. Savitri fell in love with Satyavan, selected the penniless prince as her husband. Satyavan was carrying a curse, and had life of a year only. But Savitri remained firm in her decision and married to Satyavan. After a year, when the last day of Satyavan's life arrived, she went with him in the jungle, tired Satyavan lay down resting his head in Savitri's lap, and a tall dark figure, Yama, the God of Death come to take Satyavan. When the soul left the body of Satyavan and Yama was about to leave, Savitri ran after him and pleaded either to take her with him or to give back Satyavan. Finally Yama asked her to demand a boon. Wise Savitri asked to have wonderful sons. Tathastu (so be it), Yama granted her the boon. But how can I have sons without my husband? Yama had to surrender to her love demand and returned the life of Satyavan. A Hindu woman can bring her back from death. Love is blind. Savitri chose a noble man, who had only a year to live, married him and brought him back from death with her love and devotion.

Lakshmi met a daughter of a modern Savitri Satyavan couple Rameshbhai and Sharadaben (52-50 years age) in Surat yesterday. When Rameshbhai's liver died due to jaundice 12 years ago, she donated a piece of her liver, and gave him new life. Again, when both of his kidneys died, 10 years ago, she donated her one kidney and extended his life further. And he suffered from lymphoma cancer, she rigorously followed up his treatment and saved his life. Rameshbhai is fighting for his life line and Sharadaben is giving fight to Yama, as a real ardhangini (better half).

Marriages in Hindus are not only for sex and for reproduction but a companionship of living life in all colours, in happiness and in sorrows, giving strength to each other to fight out the challenges. The seven circles around the fire are not limited to seven pledges of life but eternal ties of seven bodies, the sthoola (physical), Sukshma (subtle), Karan (reason), Manas (mind), Atmik (Soul), Divya (pure), Brahma (eternal).

The Hindu couple in their Happiness or in Sorrow, always sing, Janam Janam ka Sath hai, nibhane ko; sau sau baar, maine Janam liye.

Happy Gauri Vratas. Let they get husband of their choice!

17 July 2016


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