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Sunday Market of Sector 22 Gandhinagar

Sunday Market of Sector 22 Gandhinagar 

It was a place to meet the farmers, retailers and customers. Cabbage and Cauliflower was sold at throwaway price of ₹2/kg. Only ₹10 is the price for 4 balls of cabbage or 3 big size balls of Cauliflower. Tomato, green chilies and organic potatoes are sold at ₹10/kg. Mutter, Carrots are sold by the retailers @₹20/kg.

Why do you sell 4 balls of cabbages charging only ₹10. Is the price right for you? I have asked the question to a very young farmer of 25 years age. 

Very polite, keeping smile over the face and hiding his pain of losses, he explained the mathematics of his market. Every year in December, they used to get ₹80-100 for 20 kg of cabbage. This year, the price has gone down to ₹40/20kg. The transporter charges ₹20/20kg, therefore, they receive only ₹20/20kg or to say ₹1/kg. In Sunday market at least, they are getting ₹2/kg. If govt allows he can come to sell cabbage everyday. He has 5 bighas of land on which he has grown cabbage. ₹5,000 inputs costs and ₹10,000 labour and other cost per bigha made total of ₹75,000 cost of cultivation, and he may earn only ₹ 50-60000this year, selling through Sunday market and other modes. Next season, they will move to other crops of cereals or cotton. 

What do you think are the reasons of such a low price in the market this year? I asked.

Don't know. The wholesalers are not buying may be because they are unable to sale in the chain of markets or there may be bumper crop in the market or may be people don't have enough cash to buy. Whatever may be the reason, we have lost the price of our labour. No gain, may be losing money this year. He replied.

Besides the farmers, the retailers were selling other vegetables. They were charging on an average ₹20/kg, but adding a sentence, that they are selling at their buying price. 

Why are you selling at buying price? I asked a retail vender.

Because of Sunday Market, he replied instantly. People are buying vegetables for a week from Sunday market and some officers are buying extra for their maids! Therefore, they don't have enough business during the week. Therefore, emptying the stock they bought. 

When we were walking shop to shop in the market, a consumer came with his grievance. There are two price rates in the market. The farmers charge less and the retailers charge more. Why don't you stop the retailers to come at the spot of the Sunday market? He demanded. The Collector was walking with me. He explained that the administration can't stop them but it is for the consumers to walk few steps more and to buy vegetables at cheap rate from the farmers market. He was satisfied with the answer. 

The winter season of bumper vegetable crop is going to last for one month. People will enjoy farm fresh vegetables of Sunday Market, eating well and sharing well. And the Market of farmers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers are settling down as per the new market system. 

The idea of Sunday Market did vibrate the stakeholders during the season. 

Bravo Team Gujarat.

25 December 2016
NB: Gujarat Administration started Sunday Market for farmers to sell their produces, mainly the vegetables. Direct sale by farmers to consumers.



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