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Engineering Wonder of Gujarat

Engineering Wonder of Gujarat 

During my childhood and in teen age, I had seen hundreds of women walking for 2-3 kilometre carrying drinking water heavy pots over their heads in many villages of Gujarat. I had witnessed consecutive three drought years (1985-87), witnessed water transport by tankers and train, and functioned as a part of Scarcity Management Team in a tribal district. I being a Collector of the largest district of the State (25% area), Kutch, witnessed water scarcity and tiredness of traveling many kilometres without greens around. Had tasted tea with villagers made of Heavy TDS water. With hardly 10% of irrigated land, except South Gujarat and few patches of Junagadh, the State was like a barren land in Summer. 

When I went to Punjab first time on election duty in 2004, looking at its green fields, canals and perennial rivers, I fell in love with the State. It was a complete contrast colour of the life. People may be bothered about alcohol or chicken but not bothered about water scarcity. 

On continuous insistence of the Chief Secretary in COS meeting to visit Narnada Canal and Water Works, I took a chance to travel along the coast of Narmada Canal from Gandhinagar to Dholi Dhaja Dam in Surendranagar last week. It was a joyous travel as if I was traveling in Punjab. As the inflow of water in canal is less this year due to low rainfall in the catchment area of MP and Maharastra, the Canal was not flowing at its optimal capacity, but the oil engines lifting water from both sides of canal have kept the farms green to make the surroundings attractive. 

The Narmada Main Canal is 458 km long passing through 9 districts of the State has been divided into two at Y Junction near Kadi, where the main canal continues towards north Gujarat and Rajashthan, but a branch canal for Saurastra begins, that is further divided into branches, minors and sub minors. Both the MNC and Branch Canals have large number of hydronic structures: canal falls, siphon, river escapes, regulators etc. 

The most impressive engineering wonder is the construction of Saurastra Branch Canal (SBC) (424.8 cumecs) of 104 km. Saurastra is like an inverted saucer with highest elevation near Chotila. The alignment of the SBC crosses peculiar topography with a falling ground from its 0 to 59 km by about 52 metre and than after rise of ground by about 66 metre. Without crossing this deep, it is impossible to bring water of Narmada in Saurastra and Kutch.

Due to topography, it was impossible to transport water through gravity due to natural depression. But the engineers of Gujarat made it possible by constructing world’s largest lifting facility (18872 MLD), lifted the whole SBC of 424.8 cumecs capacity up to a height of 66 metre through a pumping station solution. 

The first pumping station at Dhanki lifted it up to 10.81 metre (230 cumecs), second lift of 15.67 metre (120 cumecs) at Lakhtar, third lift of 15.67 metre at Bala (120 cumecs), fourth lift of 12.05 metre at Rajpur (80 cumecs) and the fifth lift of 17.08 metre (80 cumecs) at Dudhrej. With total 33 pumps in all, the water is lifted up from down canal and poured into the upper canal. This is done 5 times. As if the huge Canal is climbing up the ladder. They are expanding the pumping stations in phases to increase their lifting capacity to its ultimate planned capacity. 

The three water fall points are beautiful attracting tourists, will generate hydro electricity 45 MW (15 MW each) within a year. 

All the sites are pictorial and are attracting people and birds. You can see many King Fishers fishing and storing fishes in their beautiful nests made like a store house, presenting their engineering skill of making the nests. If humans can present their engineering skills, why the Kingfishers live behind? 

It is not far away, hardly a 250 kms journey to make a trip along with the canal with a visit of Y Junction, Dhanki, Dholi Dhaja and Return after the hospitality lunch offered by the SSNNL. 

Do visit. River Narmada has changed the fate of Gujarat. नमामि देवी नर्मदे।  

23 February 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018



Have you seen a Fireball? 

Don’t imagine Fireball Whiskey!

A ball of fire. Fire has no shape, then how could it be a ball? We see fire in ball shape but with intellect understand that it is a red hot iron ball in fire. 

Humans in general are extroverts, active in capturing knowledge of different subjects with the help of inner cause (antahkaran: man-buddhi-chitta-ahankar: mind-intellect-memory-ego) following the vritti- the waves or ripples of disturbance upon the mind. The antahkarana and it’s waves are jada, the dead. But with the reflection of the chetan, the consciousness, it looks live like the fireball. It is not the iron, the dead giving the light, but the fire/light is reflecting through the iron ball, the antahkarana. The Jada/dead looks alive because of the reflection of the consciousness over it. 

But this vriti can be the mean to reach to the consciousness, when it is turned introvert. Generally, we are attached to these waves, therefore, unable to differentiate the waves and I. But once we start observing these waves, we can easily realise our separation from the waves. Without consciousness, the wave can’t give us knowledge of consciousness. The reflection reminds us it’s reason, the consciousness. 

Our eyes can’t see our face without the mirror. But looking at the mirror image, with or without mirror, we accept the knowledge of our face. Similarly, with the observation of the reflections of consciousness over the waves, we can realise the existence. 

The waves covered with consciousness is indirect, as there is obstruction of wave/mirror. Pure consciousness is neither Pratyaksh (in front of eye, empirical) nor Paroksh (away from eye) but it is Aproksh (transcendental). It is knowledge of a face without a mirror. The ripples get knowledge of subjects due to the reflection of the consciousness, it is a mirror image. But the root of it, is the pure consciousness. 

What is consciousness? We realise but can’t explain. Because we don’t need any evidence to prove our existence. Pure consciousness can’t be the subject matter of the ripples or mind. But with continuous chintan/thinking of the light/consciousness/knowledge, the ripples disappear and the vriti becomes brahmakar. 

Each vriti/ripple/wave of the antahkarana is the message of the chetan/consciousness. The vriti is the gateway to know the self, the witness of all the ripples. Without I/He/Self/consciousness, knowledge of subjects and objects is not possible. Knowledge/Gyan is the chetan/consciousness; and each event of knowledge prove the presence of consciousness/existence. Therefore, whole universe is He, the existence, the knowledge, the consciousness only. Universe doesn’t exist without knowledge/consciousness. 

There is no difference like my Chaitanya and your Chaitanya or his/her Chaitanya. The Chaitanya, consciousness of all is One only, the witness, the gyan, the base of everything. 

There is only one way to reach there. By introvert path of watching, analysing and witnessing the chitta vritis and observing the source of it’s light. Slowly slowly, the vriti/pratibmba disappears and the Brahman/Bimba realise. Who realises whom? He is the Sindhu where Bindu disappears. 

ॐ  ब्रह्मानन्दं परमसुखदं केवलं ज्ञानमूर्तिं
द्वन्द्वातीतं गगनसदृशं तत्त्वमस्यादिलक्ष्यम् ।
एकं नित्यं विमलमचलं सर्वधीसाक्षिभूतं
भावातीतं त्रिगुणरहितं सद्गुरुं तं नमामि ॥

It is a Spiritual addiction beyond the reach of the Fireball Whiskey!!! Lol.

13 February 2018
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