Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ear Piercing

Ear Piecing

There was 3 days (9-11 November) Ayurveda Swadhyay Shibir at Aryagram at Randheja Cross road near Gandhinagar. Many Ayurvedacharya from all over the country have participated and shared their research and knowledge on Ayurveda referring Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Ashtanghridayam Samhita, etc. Most of them were good at Sanskrit and there memory was so powerful that one Vaidhya from Pune could chant all the sutras of Ashtanghridayam of Vagbhatt without the help of the book. There are vaidhyas who can chant the sutras in reverse order.

There were two Professors from Ayurveda College of Dehradun (Uttarakhand) in the group, Vaidhya Vinish Gupta and his colleague Vaidhya Joshi. They presented the benefits of ear piercing that they had learn from the traditional vaidhya. I took interest in the subject because one of my friends’ son was cured from hernia by ear piercing by a tribal vaidhya of Zalod in Panchmahals.

Traditionally, Karnachedan of the lobule is one of the 16 Sanskars in Hinduism. It is a common practice to pierce the ear lobules of girls, and few decades ago, it was common to pierce the ears lobules of the boys too. It is stimulating the brain power, memories and understandings. A fold in the lobule suggests some problem of neurological disorder. With the piercing of the centre of both the lobules and removing the deposited blood, it cures the problem. In acupressure treatment of the alternative medicines, the gall bladder meridien passes through the ears and the temporals.

But this was different piercing, piercing of the middle part of the outer ear next to anti helix. It is a treatment mainly for bronchitis, hernia and prostate. I don’t have such problem but looking at the family history of bronchitis to my mother, I volunteer to pierce the middle part of my outer ear. Vaidhya Vinish was lighting a torch over the ear from behind and Vaidhya Joshi identified the right point and pierce my left ear in few seconds. It was painless pierce. Thereafter, she applied a silver ring to the pierced ear and advised to keep the ear away from water for 7 days. After 7 days, a golden or silver thread can be placed to maintain the hole active.

I don’t have major health problem but I did have problem of breathlessness after climbing stairs of 3-4 stories of a building. There is shortness of breath. The degenerative process of my left side body is faster than the right side. I was feeling some discomfort with the imbalance of the breaths cycle of the left and right nostrils. There was stiffness of joints and muscles and sometime, I felt the beginning of arthritis. Due to 90 degree long sitting posture over chair and British clothing of pent and belt, I was unable to pass out the intestinal air easily, and the belly started coming out due to the pressure of food and gas inside. It was mainly because of irregularity of meals, overweight and obesity, I believed. If I go to the Cardiology Institute, they will immediately put a stent in my heart and put me on the slavery of medicines for life time. I am managing the life with diet control, regular walking, occasional ayurvedic herbs and some physiotherapy support.

I have a habit to try any new method or technique on me first to have first hand experience, therefore, I opted for the ear piercing to satisfy my curiosity. But to my great surprise, within seconds, I realised the change of my breathing cycle, appearing normal, balanced and lighter. Within two hours the stiffness of the body was releasing and before I return home, the air deposited in the body started moving out. The waste was disposed at home and when I looked at the mirror, the lymph nodes (immune system) enlarged around the left neck suddenly disappeared. One pierce and these many benefits!

My both the sons are ready for the piercing of outer middle ear for preventive care.

Are you keen for ear piercing?

Luckily, the Vaidhyas are in Gujarat for two more days, have gone to stay with Vaidhya Panchabhai Damania of Una and have Darshana of Somnath temple and are returning home by morning flight at 7 AM on 15 November 2018. If you or your family members are in need of piercing the ear, it is only possible at 5 AM on 15 November 2018, either at the Circuit House Annexe or at the Airport because they will be traveling in night straight from Somnath to the Airport.

शुभम् भवतु कल्याणम्।

13 November 2018
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