Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Golden Opportunity of Fasting with Prayer this Month.

Golden Opportunity of Fasting with Prayer this Month

Unique year 2015, Ramadan of Muslim and Adhik Mas (Purushottam) of Hindus started together with celebrating World Yoga Day on it's 3rd day. It's a start of Chaturmas (4 months) for Jains and Hindus. Muslims will do nirjala fast (no food, no water) during day time and Hindus and Jain will take one meal a day. 

Hindus while setting its calender with 365 days Solar Year, adjusted the Lunar calender by adding one extra month after 3 years. And intelligently, they have selected the additional month from the monsoon months. All acts of Hindus (astang yoga) lead us to long life. There is a health science behind it. 

During 4 monsoon months, the digestion power is reduced. The food we eat generates more gas and undigested juice (aam vaat), creating problems of joints pain and uneasiness. Therefore, limited food to the tune of capacity of digestion is eaten during these months. It is not only ease the life during monsoon months, but also save us from many diseases. And winter after the fasting months of monsoon give us golden opportunity to eat well and store energy for the year.

And when we are fasting, the energy in chakras flow more upwards and increase our capacity to unite with the Universal Soul, the Almighty God. It become easy to pray the God from the deepest of our Heart, not the physical one but the core existence of our 'I'.

Please join the thousands of Hindus, Muslims and Jains, who are fasting this month of Ramadan and Adhik Aashadh.

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया। सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चित् दुःखभाग् भवेत्।।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah |
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

( ॐ सभी सुखी होवें, सभी रोगमुक्त रहें, सभी मंगलमय घटनाओं के साक्षी बनें और किसी को भी दुःख का भागी न बनना पड़े।)

(Om, May All become Happy, May All be Free from Illness. May All See what is Auspicious, May no one Suffer. Om Peace, Peace, Peace)

23 June 2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The 3rd Eye

The 3rd Eye

3rd Eye is the aim of all Sadhaks in search of knowledge, the perception beyond ordinary sight. We have two eyes, then where is the 3rd eye? 

There is an eye of knowledge. Otherwise, how could Ms. Benno Zephine, 100% visually challenged girl became the first IFS officer of India?

Millions of students are going to schools and colleges in the world. But their understanding and vision varies. The same class room, the same books, the same teachers, but their learning is different. Why? Because the seer is different. Two eyes are the instruments to see but the seer, 'I' vary for each individual. It may be called the subtle body of the jeeva. 

But one more seer behind it, the inner eye. Whatever we do, it is watching. Not through the physical eyes but through the eye of knowledge, the mind's eye, the 3rd eye.

How could you found it? Many tried through meditation, focusing concentration at the centre of the forehead little above the junction of two eyebrows, aiming at Agya Chakra with closed eyes. Lord Shiva is very well known for his 3rd eye. People meditate and wait that the 3rd eye like physical 2 eyes will open one day. And many couldn't find. Yes, the concentration power do increase.

The simple meaning of an eye is to see. It is very easy to see pictures through eyes but impossible to see the eye through one's own eye. (Don't bring mirror please!). But one eye is witnessing each and every action of us 24x7. It is the 'I', 'Soham', 'tatvam asi', the divya chakshu, etc. 

Once you understand the concept of the 3rd eye, and if it clicks, one can unite with it, in a nemo second. And thereafter slowly, slowly, with continuous witnessing, one can enter into the stage of higher consciousness. 

What will happen?


You will become "trikal gyani". You can see the past, present and future. Because you have merge in the universal existence. Your 3rd eye, witnesses only you, now witnessing the acts in the Universe. Therefore, many Saints see the future events and described through Bhajanas. 

When machines (TV, Computer, media, etc) were not there to meet with the curiosity of knowledge of the humans, some were using the power of 3rd eye to experience the power of the universal consciousness. 

Would you like to open your 3rd eye? It is already open. Easy. Just to bring your attention to the 'I', that is watching you all the time, whether you are in dark or in light, whether you are awaken or in sleep. And observe it continuously. See your eye through the same eye. Difficult, but not impossible. After all we are the seed of the Almighty God.

The 1st eye is physical eye, the 2nd eye is eye of reasoning, and the 3rd eye is the eye of knowledge, the awareness.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

20 June 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prolapse of Uterine

Prolapse of Uterine

Prolapse of Uterine is a common problem in aging women due to estrogen level decrease, mostly a post menopausal issue. It may be incomplete or complete. 

An incomplete prolapse occurs when the uterus is only partly sagging into the vagina. A complete prolapse describes a situation in which the uterus falls so far down that some tissue rests outside the vagina. It needs non surgical (exercise, estrogen replacement) or surgical (hysterectomy) treatment. 

My wife has learnt acupressure with me to treat the problem. She tried the method with her neighbour this month. The lady was advised to go for hysterectomy by the doctor but her problem reduced to a larger extent with the ball treatment of acupressure in 15 days.

Ball treatment?

Yes, ball treatment. 

What to do with the ball? 

Just to sit on a small ball for 30 minutes everyday. But keep in mind that the ball rests under the anus so that the pressure of the ball come on the the last rib of the spinal cord, the S4. 

Slowly slowly, the muscles will reposition and the problem of prolapse of uterus will be eased. 

Those have problem may try and send us feedback.

Shubham bhavatu kalyanam.


NB: If prolapse is severe, and this method is not working, better to take advice of the doctor for appropriate treatment option.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky

Jupiter (24.50) and Venus (15.28) are in sign Cancer these days, making the western horizon beautiful in the evening these days.

Venus is moving behind the Jupiter. The union of both will complete on 1 st July 2015 (27˚ in Cancer). Thereafter, Venus will move a head to Jupiter and enter into sign Leo on 3 July. Jupiter is also moving to Leo on 14 July, but Venus will move further ahead.

The lord of Cancer is Moon and Jupiter get exalted in it, therefore one can see brighter Jupiter. However, it has crossed 24 degrees in the sign, therefore little deem. Venus obviously a watery planet in watery sign Cancer and in a house of a friend Moon is shining more these days.

Below them the union of Sun and Mars in Gemini in place. Therefore we can't see Mars these days. The Mars Mission is also on rest for a fortnight.

Till clouds cover the sky, watch and enjoy the beautiful union of Venus and Jupiter in the evening in the Western horizon.

16 June 2015.

Friday, June 12, 2015

S for Spinal Cord and C for Ceragem

S for Spinal Cord and C for Ceragem

All of us know the sad event of  assassination of Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur at 22.21 hrs on 21 May 1991. The suicide bomber Dhanu (Thenmozhi Rajratnam) used the lumber S gap to carry bomb (RDX belt) to the spot.

The lumber is a very important area for healthy life.

Are you in 50s or above? This is the age when degeneration or compression of spinal cord, the Spinal Stenosis (lumber or cervical) problem starts.

The body weight and seating in one posture for long time compress the L5-S1 junction of the cord, put people under trouble of lumber stenosis results into sciatica pain. The cervical stenosis is more serious, may lead into paralysis. Babus are prone to both.

If tyres are not aligned, the life of one side tires decrease. Same is the case with our spine, the vertebraes degenerate in absence of alignment.

Exercises, asanas, massage, medicines, surgical interventions; allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy; the traditional and non traditional methods of treatments have been tried for centuries. But no treatment can put the "Back" in order.

Recently, I have come across to a method called "Ceragem". Cera means hot and gem means stone. It's a Korean method of alignment of spinal cord through Thermal treatment. It's advanced V3 Bed (costs Rs.2.35 lakh) is very effective. When you lie down over the bed, it takes a full scan of the cord and then start alignment with pressure and heat, charging and treating entire CV line of the acupressure. A combination of pressure, heat, infrared and massage. The keys of all our problems from head to toes rest in the Spinal Cord and this treatment stimulates, aligne, and treat the cord so well that our major problems of body get cured.

The problem in any parts of the body starts with the scarcity of oxygenated blood reaching and recharging the cells in time. Ceragem make it happen through the treatment of spinal cord.

Not to worry about the cost of V3, the centre near your residence can treat you free of cost. But if you are used to it and find it better to be with V3 at home; it will surely a helping hand not only to you, but to your family, neighbors, friends, relatives and visitors.

One can't get the professional massagers everyday but can have Ceragem massage bed at home.

Ceragem at present Only One.

12 June 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Jats

The Jats

Jokes on Jats are very popular in North India. Amar Singh Jat was telling to his wife. Today, I have betted and I am going to win. The wife inquireded about the bet and found her husband betted for 2 plus 2 equal to 5. You have lost because the right answer is 4, the wife told him.

No no. I will win because I will not accept any answer other than 5. Manunga to Harunga? He uttered.

A warrior community turned into agricultural, known for it's non compromising nature is living in the Jat land, spreading from Pakistan to Northern India upto UP.

They are likely heirs of Kurus of Mahabharata, as they carry many customs and traditions of that time.

With Muslim invasions, those accepted the change of faith became Jat Musalman, now living in Pakistan. Those opposed became Jat Shikh, living in Punjab-India and those remained unchanged are Hindu Jat living in Punjab-Haryana-Rajasthan-UK-UP. Their faiths changed but the culture of firm opinions remained unchanged. Manunga to Harunga? They have courage to call a spade a spade.

In Jonsar Bawar area of Uttara Khand, some traditions of Mahabharata time still exist. The eldest brother marry for himself and also for his brothers. Now in few cases, one wife may serve all brothers. The children say bapu to the eldest and others are called chhota bapu. It is mainly to avoid partition of land and properties.

I have found "vandha (single) register" in police stations of Bagpat during my election duty. It was kept for detection of murders of Vandhas as they are in the high risk zone of murders. If a Vandha tries to marry, the eldest brother may kill him.

People drink milk a lot. They are fair skin (pink, rose) and very healthy. A glass of milk in one hand and jaggery in another, a sip of milk and a bite of jaggery, is a luxury of this land.

Hukka is a part of their culture and an instrument of social custom. People who violate customs are punished by stopping their hukka pani.

Some are governed by Khap Panchayats. Same gotra marriages are prohibited and Inter caste marriages are generally not accepted.

Some correlate Jat tribe of Sindh with Jats of North India. But I think they are different. The previous are called जत and the later are called जाट. The जत women are famous for their embroidery and the जाट women are good at their house hold and farm activities.

Jat is a male dominated society, where "bahu" has to obey commands of elders and to live as per customs that control their freedom and empowerment. However, the women of Jats are very powerful. The same "bahu", when become "sasu", commands as power centre!

With due respects to my Jat friends. You are free to add some Jat jokes.

11 June 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vilas bhukh (Hunger for Development) has changed Indian Culture.

Vilas bhukh (Hunger for Development) has changed Indian Culture.

India is changing very rapidly. It has changed a lot in last 2 decades. The population pressure and their needs pushed the country on growth agenda with increase in economic activities all around. 

Literacy (unemployable), politics, share markets, daba trading, TV serials, media, mobile, bike, cold drinks and fast food have suddenly change the culture of the country. People are moving to urban areas and opt to live in slums for better employment, education and health facilities. 

Where is my village? Ravibhai was asking. In which cattle go to gochar land in the morning. Stay, eat and enjoy throughout the day and come back home in the evening. They were not the burden, therefore question didn't arise of their selling or slaughtering. Villagers used to milch them, and share milk and milk products amongst themselves. 

Morning of each house start with churning of curd. People from poor families come and stand in queue to get thick butter milk, in which they add some water and feed the family with lacto besilus for better nutrition and health. The home made butter and pure ghee with lovely aroma were their luxuries. 

The very second the churning sounds stop, and the lovely aroma wafting through the air, will bring the children where ever they are running to the site and demand for home made butter with delightful faces. "Jai Ranchhod Makkhan Chor". And the present children are demanding tea with biscuits!

Villagers morning used to start with halva made from pure ghee or rotala with butter milk. There was no scarcity of hemoglobin. All were healthy and ready to do physical work for whole day. And the cows, oxen, buffalos were healthy and beautiful. When they put the oxen to plough the farms, they feed them with pure cow ghee so that they work with better strength. 

Ghee to oxen? We are dreaming to give ghee to our children and you were feeding ghee to the oxen. I exclaimed.

Yes. We used to feed them a litre of ghee through a wooden pipe, when they are on work. Dairy took away our luxury of life in lieu of money. He explained.

And where is the present generation goin? Living in physical comforts with metal stress. Physically weak and carrying disease at early age. Their day starts with tea and ends with pizza. Their HB down, deficient in Vitamin D and B12. If invaders like Gazani come with swords, they will run away. They don't have physical strength to fight with the enemies. Thank God, India is an united country with the strong armed forces guarding it. 

The farmers are selling lands and building good houses or buying vehicles. Now their pockets are empty. The industries are utilizing natural resources and polluting environment. The peace from the life is going away. Day by day speed of life is increasing more than the speed of the hands of the clock.

And the Governments like a family head, with its red tap bureaucracy, trying to meet their needs of roads, water, electricity, health, education, employment, transport, drainage, solid liquid waste management, etc. Beating drums but gasping.

Where is my peace? Where is my deep sleep? Where is my tasty organic food? Where is my relatives of heart? Where is my inner joy? Where is my happiness? Where is my village? Where is my villagers? He was questioning, just go on questioning.

Cash currency is increasing but HB in blood is decreasing.

Is Vikash Bhukh (hunger for development) has taken away our happiness of life? Have we defined the "development" parameters properly?

Please respond and reply to Ravibhai.

4 June 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

1981 Batch of IAS shining superbly

1981 Batch Shining superbly

The batch 1981, born on 1/9/1981 has "Vikram Yoga", 5 planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Moon, set together in a house of Mercury. And the union is very close. Extremely talented, philosophical, judicious, balanced and stable batch it is.

The owned house Sun in Leo gets them powerful and ambitious wherever they work.

Rahu in the house of Moon and union of Saturn-Moon keep them under some unknown worries, giving them a serious look, that has helped in achieving the goals of Government!

18 years long Mahadasha of Rahu got over on 11/9/12 and with the start of Jupiter Mahadasha on 12/9/2012, the batch started rising up.

We shall see them working outstandingly well on power position during present Antardasha of Saturn (till 11/5/17) and anterdasha of Mercury (till 17/8/19).

Though sitting on power position with Vikram Yoga, their minds are "Virakta", governed by Philosophy.

Congratulations to Batch 1981.

3 June 2015
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