Sunday, January 31, 2016

Faith of millions in Ramdevra Rajasthan

Faith of millions in Ramdevra, Rajasthan

Gujarati Bhajans are incomplete without the helo bhajan of Ramdev Pir, "ranuja na raja, ajmalji na beta, viramde na vira, rani netal na bharthar maro helo sambhalo ho...ji...". Millions of people from Saurastra, North Gujarat and Marvad worship Baba Ramdev Pir as God and keep his mannat for the fulfilling of their desires.

My father wished a daughter from Ramdev Pir in 1960s so that he can perform the duty of Kanya Dan. He was blessed with a daughter in 1966. When she became 6 years old in 1972, my parents went with her to Ramdevara to complete the mannat. I was 12 years old and was very keen to go with my parents but they didn't carry me to save the cost of railway ticket. Since then my visit to Ramdevra was pending.

After the visit of Tanot and Jaisalmer we were traveling to Jodhpur via Ramdevra on 26 December 2015. The Tehsildar of Jaisalmer tied up our visit with the Tehsildar of Ramdevra. We reached Ramdevra at 2pm and had darshana of Ramapir Samadhi Sthala. I completed my pilgrimage pending since 1972. It was a small place and less crowded these days. But during bhadrapad festival time, it is filled with millions of pilgrims. It is a Samadhi (departed the world willingly) place of Baba Ramdev Pir. 

Baba Ramdev born in 1352 AD, was a son of Tanwar King Ajmaldev of Pokar Garh (Pokran). He devoted his life for the upliftment of downtrodden and poor people of the society. He had miraculous power. One of the miracles recorded was that he brought utensils flying by air from Macca for the lunch of the 5 Pirs of Macca, came to his place. The 5 Pirs stayed back with him and later took samadhi with him in the same campus.

Due to his helping nature and support at the time of crisis to his followers Baba Ramdev Pir has been worshipped as Deity by millions for more than 6 centuries.  He took samadhi in 1385 AD, at the age of 33Y only. He is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has been worshipped by the Muslims and the Shikhs too. Muslims call him Ram Shah Pir. There are many temples of Ramapir in many parts of India. 

The villages and areas around Ramdevra is under developed. It is a draught prone area. Life of common men is very tough. People are poor. If Ramdev Pir belonged to this area and he was a miraculous deity, then why the people are poor? My mind was questioning.

While inquiring with the PI, standing in front of the Police Station, he informed us about the small crimes of theft, assault, etc. 

As we went straight inside the temple, we couldn't buy a chaddar for offering. The Village Patvari was with us. I requested him to go out and purchase the chaddar. When I asked him about the cost of chaddar, he said any amount you wish Sir, from Rs. 500 to 50,000. I gave him Rs. 500. He bought chaddar and we offered it to the Pir. 

But my wife was in puzzle. As usual to her nature, she saw the thin chaddar and told me that it can't be of Rs. 500. I told her to leave the matter as it may cost high at the religious place. But she didn't. When we moved out of the place and walked in the small market in front of the temple, she first inquired the cost from one of the shops and then asked the Patvari about the cost of Chaddar. The Patvari, little bit afraid with the question, immediately put his hand in shirt pocket and return the note of Rs. 500 to my wife, saying that it is an old note, the shopkeeper didn't accept. My wife then went to the shopkeeper, bargain and paid the cost of chaddar. The Patvari didn't pay but bought the chaddar free of cost and put the money of saheb into the pocket. Crows are black everywhere.

In fact, it gave me the answer of my question, why the people are poor in the area, where Baba Randev Pir was born.

Khamma Khamma Pir ne Jaji Khamma.

Jai Rama Pir.

31 January 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Health right beneath our feet!

Health right beneath our feet!

We have compromised with air and water. Now entered into electro pollution. "Electro Pollution"? It is the radiations from electronic gadgets and appliances (mobile, TV, Computer, AC, Lighting, etc), all these adversely deplete negative ions from our surroundings and instead increase positive ions, which have been linked to muscle and joint aches, irritability, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, lethargy, lessened efficiency and general lack of health. Voltages are induced in the human body. We are disconnected from the earth, lost earthing! 

Similarly, human life style is full of stress. In the name of quality of life, he is chasing unending desires and put his body in disorders. The auto immune systems of the body try to fight it out but over fights make them disadvantageous. Our present days problem of blood pressure, psychological dysfunction, insomnia, inflammation, joints and muscles pains, osteoporosis, thyroid problem, etc, are the outcome of our modern life style. 

The major task of the good health is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all cells and remove wastes from them in 1-2 minutes through the path way of 60,000 kms long blood vessels. The dilation of capillaries essential for better circulation of blood.

Where do you go, when you are in grief, stress and tension? The mother's lap. Isn't it? It is the highest seat of stress relieving. God the Mother.

Do you know, there is another "Mother" as a vast supplier of electrons (negative potential) to the body that can make the body functions normal? We are disconnected with her due to our modern life style.

Yes, it is "Mother Earth", the global treatment table. It's surface possesses limitless supply of free negative potential electrons. Earth's negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems. It restores the neutral balance, that automatically promotes natural healing. It reduces inflammation and stiffness of the body.

Throughout history, humans mostly walked barefoot, slept on ground, used footwear made of animal skins to maintain contact with earth electrons to stabilize electrical environment of all organs and cells. Plastic/rubber soled shoes and bed have disconnected us.  

During recent decades, chronic illness, immune disorders, and inflammatory diseases have increased dramatically. Sleep disturbances and chronic muscle and joints pains are common.

Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman said that when the body potential is the same as the Earth's electric potential, it becomes an extension of the Earth's gigantic electric system. The Earth's potential thus becomes the “working agent that cancels, reduces, or pushes away electric fields from the body.”

When we are in stress the adrenal gland secrets cortisol, the steroid hormone, the major reason for all our major problems of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Grounding normalize the secretion of cortisol. 

Why do we feel good at waterfalls and on mountains? They carry negative ions in large quantity. In negative ions humans become less stressed and more alert. 

Chronic inflammation is the major reason for all chronic diseases. Modern humans are mostly inflamed, losing stress coping ability. Grounding allows negatively charged antioxidant electrons from the Earth to enter the body and neutralize positively charged free radicals at sites of inflammation. 

No inflammation, no stress, no muscle tension, no RBC aggression, no BP, no sclerosis, reduce osteoporosis, improve heart rate variability, increase in gamma globalism concentration. Improves physiological functions of the body. More oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

When TV cables are grounded to the Earth, interference is virtually eliminated from the signal. We should also ground ourselves to eliminate disturbances of our health. Walking barefoot and sleeping on the ground like Lord Rama-Sita-Lakshman and the Pandavas-Dropadi did during exile. They were also rejuvenating their energy levels to face a greater fight by transferring the energy from ground into the body.

Are you ready for grounding? Leave the dinning table, leave the cot, walk barefoot and eat sitting on the ground. Stop the race and back to the pavilion! It's cost free.

Earthing Reduces Electric Fields Induced on the Body. Earthing the body is an essential element in the health equation along with sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food, and physical activity. After all we are also an electrical device of the God!

We are nothing but a bioelectrical device of God. Earthing is the first line of our defense system. 

30 January 2016

NB: Germanium belts are in the market. It can neutralise the effects of positive ions and facilitate the flow of the body's bio-energy, hence, increasing energy levels, and relieving pain and stiffness.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Right v/s Mercy

Right v/s mercy

Keeping the wind before them, five lions cornered a spotted deer (chital) and three of them killed it. It was a group hunting. After the kill, they were aggressively swallowing their share in the chunks, using their tongue covered with papialle that scrap meat off of bones, in the morning sunshine at Devalia in Sasan Gir. But when a younger lioness, which was away from the group at the time of hunting, came to join the group in the breakfast, her mother roared and angrily said no. 

The five were swallowing as a right and the 6th was sitting away couldn't eat. She was waiting for the mercy of the four to allow. Five were aggressively swallowing and the 6th was patiently waiting for her turn. At last one of the lioness filled with meat, moved away with the liver, and open the way for her, but till that time, most of the flash of the kill was finished. What was left, only the hindquarter and some entrails.

It is often seen, the nomads (driven away by the group) fend for themselves, lose weight and scavenge more than they hunt.

Don't you think, our social behaviour of medieval history followed the same pattern of animals behaviour. Some are eating as right and few were on the mercy of those righteous! In case of the animals, the one was missed in the hunting by chance but in humans, the last one was not been allowed in the group.

Lions are also expert scavengers, and obtain as much as 40 percent of their food by stealing it from other predators, or finding already dead animals.

The world of modern humans is better.

29 January 2016

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mt. Girnar, the Kailash of the West

Mt. Girnar, the Kailash of the West.

In the afternoon of 25 January 2016, from the campus of the Forest Guest House in Gir Taleti Junagarh, I was looking at my right side up and I saw Kailash, the same, I saw in 2007 from Darchen. Mt. Kailash is a sacred mountain for Hindus, Jains (Meru/Sumeru) and Buddha. It is a residence of Lord Shiva for the Hindus, the place of salvation of the 1st Tirthankar Adinath for Jains and a home of Buddha Damchok for tantric buddhists. The Girnar, the Revatgiri of Junagarh, is also a scared mountain other than Himalayas for Hindus, Jains and Buddhas. It is older than Himalayas. Girnar is also known as a sacred place for the mystic upasana.

The parikrama round of Kailash is 42 kms, and Girnar parikrama (bordevi) round is of 36 kms. Now I understand the importance of Mt. Girnar more, why thousands of people do parikrama of Girnar every year. It is the Kailash of the West. The Bhavnath Shiva Temple and annual gathering of nude shadhus to take holy bath in Mrigi Kund with Lord Shiva on Shivratri explain its divinity. It has Nath Sect Guru Gorakshnath temple and Guru Datatreya Padukas at the top most tunk. Hare Datt, Jai Guru Datta. Some Sadhus do their Sadhana in the interiors of its forests. Girnar has 9999 steps to climb up. Ambaji temple comes at 5000 stairs. 

There are Jain temples of 4 Tirthankars. Two brothers, Vastupal and Tejpal, the ministers of Gurjar King Virdhaval of Dholaka, abolished traveler's tax of Girnar and open the doors of Tirthankar Neminath temple without taxing. They built three temples of Tirthankars: Parshvanath (23rd), Ajitnath (2nd) and Mallinath (19th) in the fourth quarter of the 12th century. Women can't achieve liberation in Jainism. But Malli Bai was an exception. She became the 19th Tirthankar of Jains, known as Mallinath. 

Girnar mountain range is significantly famous for Shiva devotees of Nath sect of Hinduism for tantra mantra sadhana. 

Surprisingly, 19/24 Jain Tirthankars carry 'nath' suffix in their names. The Jain sadhana also has Mantras and Tantras. Goddess Padmavati Sadhana is performed on amavashya night. One of the reasons of following jain sadhus by their followers is their possession of magical powers and performance of miracles, the digambar Sadhus in particular. To treat the cause, they may be possessing knowledge of black magic too. 

J/Yunagarh was famous from the days of Chandragupta Maurya. Fort Uperkot and Sudarshana lake were constructed during Mauryan empire in 319 BC. Samrat Ashoka edicts inscribed on a mass granite gives an evidence of Maurayan empire over the garh. There are caves for Buddhist monks in the fort. The fort was abandoned for years, later revived and reconstructed by the Chudasama kings. Adi Kadi vav (step well) and Navghan well in the fort are very famous. 

Chudasama King Ra' Navghan was insulated by the Solanki King of Patan Siddhraj Jaisingh (1094-1143). His younger son Ra' Khengar succeeded him to take the revenge. When Siddhraj army attacked Junagarh, the Jubagarh army defended the fort for 12 years. His 2 nephews (bhanja) Desal and Visal were nephews (bhatija) of Siddhraj. They conspired against Ra'Khengar, opened the gates of the fort and finally Siddhraj conquered the fort and killed Ra'Khengar. 

It is believed that Girnar was taller but when Rakhengar's wife Rani Ranakdevi was forcibly taken away by Solankis, she became very angry and cursed Mt Girnar – “O, Girnar, are you blind? Do you not see your queen’s doom? How will you keep your head high after it? It started a terrible avalanche that threatened to tear the mountain apart. It mellowed Rani and she said, “Enough Girnar! Please do not destroy yourself”. Her words miraculously stopped the avalanche.

Ranak Devi gave curse to Siddhraj and immolated herself on her husband's pyre as Sati. The two disloyal nephews were executed by Siddharaj as reward for their betrayal to their uncle. “You were not loyal to your own uncle, so how could I trust you”?

Junagarh is a native place of Adi Kavi of Gujarati language, Bhakta Narsinh Mehta, who prayed Lord Krishna through his Prabhatiya, hai jagane jadava, krishna govalia, tuj vina ghenu ma kon jase. His famous bhajan, vaishnav jan to tene re kahiye..gave us the Mahatma from Mohandas.

Thoughtlessness of the mind is the starting point of the journey of the spiritual world. Girnar gives that stage of mind with its darshana, touch and parikrama. Thousands of pilgrims come here and experience its divinity. 

Now SC's recent judgment has cleared the way of the Ropeway Project. Probably, by 2018, we shall ride the ropeway. However, physically fit persons can access it any time.

Mt. Kailash and Mt. Girnar are mystical places and seats of spiritual power. Those who can't go to Kailash due to health hazard, don't miss Girnar/Revatgiri. It is the same, the Lord Shiva, Girnar, the Kailash of the West. 

27 January 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beware of Gujarati, even the bacteria can't escape from our sweets!

Beware of Gujarati, even the bacteria can't escape from our sweets!

Gujarati and sweet are synonyms. We use jaggery or sugar in our dal, kari and vegetables. In company of us, our Gujarati Voraji also add sugar in their non-veg dishes. Story doesn't end here. We made our bacteria and fungi addict of jaggery. 

Don't you believe this? Come and visit  CETP Vatva GIDC, Ahmedabad, the bacteria consume 40 MT jagerry every month. 


Industrialisation of Gujarat started in 1960s with the establishment of GIDCs. Naroda was the first GIDC started in 1965. Vapi started in 1967, Vatva in 1968 and Ankaleshwar in 1975. Vapi to Vatva (400 km) became the Golden Corridor of Gujarat. Vatava, Ankaleshwar and Vapi are predominantly hubs of chemical based industries. 

The GIDCs were mostly established near the rivers or nalas so that the effluent can be pumped out to the sea through the water bodies. Initially, the environmental problems were not serious but with increased in units and production quantity of chemicals, unseen environmental problems made an appearance. Millions of litres of untreated effluents pumped out into the river and Arabian Sea became the worry of all. The Golden Corridor, particularly Vatva, Ankaleshwar and Vapi were exceeding standard pollution parameters of COD, BOD and Ammonia. CEPI scores were declared and the expansion of existing units and establishment of new units were banned. 

The alarm bell wake all up for building environmental infrastructure. The environmental awareness amongst the people become pressure groups. As a result, the industries with the help of governments invested in building environmental infrastructure of CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant), individual ETPs, and common spray dryers, captive spray dryers, etc, with SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and flow metres of real time monitoring system with IT support.

The effluent pass through primary and secondary treatments. It passes through Equalization Tank, Flash Mixer, Flocculator, Dissolved Air Floatation Unit, Aeration Tank, Secondary Clarifiers and finally to the river or the sea after the treatment. The sludge are dumped at the identified land fill sites. The gypsum is used as raw material in cement industry.

Aeration is the major treatment to reduce COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and Ammonia from the industrial effluent. The effluent collected at the CETP pass through the tank full of bacteria and fungi that consumes the chemicals. Therefore, their life lines are important. The aerators save them but that is not sufficient. Molasses extends their strength and life line more. Therefore, the managers of the CETP Vatva experimented the use of jaggery into the CETP tank. And it became successful. Now they feed the bacteria with 40 MT jaggery every month.

Gujaratis are Gujaratis, find their way out from all odds. With our sweet tongue, we not only make the surrounding sweet and peaceful but also make them consumer of our ideas with sweets. The bacteria can't escape from our sweetness. 

The CEPI (Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index) score of Vatva GIDC has come down from 75 in 2010 to 53 in 2015, within the standard limits. The environmental infrastructure has reduced the CEPI score of Ankaleshwar and Vapi too.

Beware of Gujaratis. They will make you the sweet eater too !!! Lol.

24 January 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Abhaya and Erand

Abhaya and Erand

Heart Disease is a "vat rog" as per Ayurveda. Late Shri KK Shashtri lived 95+ years with the help of regularity of life and one ayurvedic medicine "Abhaya". It is called Amrita too. Abhaya because it doesn't harm. Amrita because it gives longevity. Shashtriji used to chew a piece of Abhaya after the meal regularly.

One Gujarati proverb was very popular.

"O..kare datan je kare, narna harade khay;
Dudhe valu je kare, te gher vaidh na jay".

Yes, Abhaya Amrita is Harade or Harad. A peace of harade or a spoonful power of harade at 3-4 AM with lukewarm water is the great medicine to fight with all 'vat' disease.

All patients of heart disease should avoid food that create vat, the vayu, the gas.   All pulses, some vegetables (bhindi, flower, papadi, etc), curd-chhachh, etc are not advisable.

Walking gives good support to the heart through its peripheral heart, the calf muscles of the legs.

Indigestion of food turn into "aam", and aam mixed with "vat" become aamvat, the route cause of many diseases and pains in the body. Erand/Castor is considered a great medicine for aamvat.

Aamvat gajendrashya, sharir van charin:, ek eva nihantasu, erand sneh kesari. (Castor removes the aamvat, like a lion kills the elephant)

It can be taken early morning with warm water mixed with ginger powder.

Sarve bhavantu shukhin:

23 January 2016

"We the Hindus"

"We the Hindus"

The social system of Hinduism is hostile. Till majority follow it, the stain of sin by birth won't go. Atrocities Law didn't serve the purpose. Outcome statistics of atrocity cases are not encouraging. When we see depressed people living in seclusion and suppression in the corners of Indian villages, our hearts fill with pain.

I feel proud as Hindu when I read the great thoughts of Hinduism. There is no religion other than Hinduism that carry such great thoughts. Each Hindu wants to feel proud of this rich heritage, provided other Hindus allow. I am Brahmin with my knowledge, I am kshatriya with my act, I am vaishya for my family and I am shudra for the people whom I serve. I am the "Purush", the Brahman, the Spark of the Almighty, whose Head is Brahmin, Hands are Kshatriya, Stomach is Vaishya and Legs are Shudra. All are equal parts and without one, other can't excel. And we all are, "Sarvam khalvidam brahma:".

Here are some great sanskrit hymns from ancient Indian texts.

1. Nahi Jnanena Sadrsham
Nothing is equivalent to knowledge

2. Vasudaiva Kutumbakam
The whole earth is a family

3. Satyameva Jayate
Truth always triumphs

4. Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha
He who carries out his duties shall be protected

5. Sarvejana Sukhino bhavanthu
May all the people in this universe live with happiness and prosperity

6. Janma Jaata Shudra Sarve
Karmenu Brahman Bhavati
All humans are inferior (Shudra) by birth and they become superior
(Brahmins) only by their good deeds later in their life.

7. Asatho Ma Sathgamaya,
Thamaso Ma Jyothirgamaya
Mruthyorma Amrthangamya
Lead me towards truth from untruth
Lead me towards light from darkness
Lead me towards immortality from Death

8. Yatra Naaryasthu poojyanthe
Ramanethe thatra devathaha
Where women are treated with dignity and Womanhood is worshipped,
there Roam the GODS

9. Ekam Sat Vipraha bahudha vadanti
There is but one God, learned scholars call this God by different names

10. Isha vasya midam sarvam
The entire universe is pervaded by God

11. Sarve amritasya putrah
We are all the children of God

12. Ati Vinayam Dhoortha Lakshanam
Too much of humbleness is an attribute of a wicked person

13. Aham Brahmasmi
I am God (indicating God lives inside humans)

14. Lobhaha Papasya Karanam
Greed is the root cause of sin

15. Matru Devo Bhava Pitru Devo Bhava Acharya Devo Bhava Athithi Devo Bhava
Treat your Mother, Father, Teacher and Guest like a God

16. Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat na bruyat satyam apriyam
priyam cha nanrutam bruyat esha dharmah sanatanah
Only speak the truth that is pleasant to others. Do no speak the truth that might be unpleasant to others
Never speak untruth that is pleasant to others. This is the path of the eternal morality called Sanatana Dharma

17. Annam na nindhyath
Annam na pari-chaksheeta
Annam bahu kurveeta
Do not abuse food
Do not discard food
Grow food in abundance!

18. shubham karoti kalyaanam aarogyam dhanasampadaa
shatrubuddhi vinaashaaya deepajyoti namostute
I salute the light from the lamp, the one that brings auspiciousness,
prosperity, good health, abundance of wealth, and the destruction of
the intellect’s enemy!
(said while lighting the evening lamp)

19. Kaalaaya Tasmai Namaha
Salutations to that great entity called TIME

20. Satyam Vadha Dharmam Chara
Speak the truth, follow the righteous path

21. Aa no bhadrah kratavo yantu vishwatah
May auspicious thoughts come to us from all over the world.

22. Mata Bhumih putro ham prithvyah
Earth is our mother and we are its children.

Where is the match of Hinduism in the world? O' people of India, please wake up. 96% people were watching and 4% Kshatriyas couldn't stopped slavery of the nation for 1000 years. The cultural empire created from Hindu Kush to Thailand vanished in inequality. The convert population increased many folds in the continent.

United we shall flourish, divided we will die.

22 January 2016

Speech, the blessings of God

Speech, the blessings of God.

Vedas are the most ancient literature of mankind. The word Veda come from root vid, means to know. And whatever you know, you express through the speech. Rigveda says, fire is the principle in the manifest of the speech of an individual. Without fire, none can speak. Matsya, the first creature made sound, became the first avatara in Hinduism. Therefore, the Fire, the messenger of God in each individual has a great role to play in the success of the individual. Speech and communication made the Humans special compared to the other creatures of the earth. 

Look back, 2% Brahmins remained above all through their knowledge and speech. In democracy, the representatives win elections through their speech. The spiritual leaders, who have skill of communication, are more effective. Those actors and actresses who have better voice and better skills for delivery of dialogues are successful  in the cinema and drama.

The success of Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi was in their communication and speech. Vajpayee and Namo became PM of India through their communication skills and speeches. Kejarival maintain his success of odd and even acts through speeches and communication. Rahul Gandhi is struggling because his speech doesn't attract people. Tall and average look Amitabh Bachchan become legendary hero through his voice and delivery of dialogues. In public life speech of an individuals is very very important in their success.

How could one judge the strength and ability of another individual? It is possible only when he/she speaks. Speech is the expression of thoughts of the individual. However, when the writer is different than the speaker, the audience may be misguided. We see that in politics and in cinema! Some people speak through their acts. 

Do you know, there are four levels of speech: Vaikheri, Madhyama, Pashyanti, Para.

Vaikhari is the speech of the physical tongue, which is heard through the external senses. It comes from the throat.

The second level of speech is Madhyama is mental speech or thoughts, the power of knowledge and wisdom. It is verbalised but not audible. It is in middle between the formation of a thought and its expression in words.

The third level of speech Pashyanti is where it is a state of visual imagery. Here sound leaves its audible nature and manifests as feeling. 'Pashyanti’ means ‘that which can be seen’. In this stage, sound possesses attributes like colour, form, etc. Iccha Shakti- the Power of Will is Pashyanti. 

The fourth and highest level of speech is Para, the transcendent sound, which is beyond the perception of the senses. It is the sound of one’s soul, a state of soundless sound. It flows directly from the Cosmic Creator, Ambika Shakti - the Universal Mother. It exists within all of us. All mantras, infinite syllables, words, and sentences exist within Para in the form of vibration in a potential form. 

Check your speech. If it comes from the throat, the vishuddha chakra, it is 'vaikhari'. If it comes from the heart, the anahat chakra, it is 'madhyama'. If it comes from the naval, the manipur chakra it is 'pachyanti' and when it comes from the whole body, the manifestation of the brahma, the sahastrar chakra, it is 'para'. The unification of thoughts and their expression in speech make the individual unique, the guide of the masses.

Therefore, be careful when you speak. Your speech can make or destroy fortunes. Shashtras say,

सत्यम् ब्रूयात् प्रियम् ब्रूयात् न ब्रूयात् सत्यमप्रियम् l
प्रियम् नानृतं ब्रूयात् एष धर्मः सनातनः l

satyam bruyat priyam bruyat na bruyat satyam apriyam
priyam ca nanrutam bruyat esha dharmah sanatanah

Speak truth in such a way that it should be pleasing to others. Never speak truth, which is unpleasant to others. Never speak untruth, which might be pleasant. This is the path of eternal morality, sanatana dharma.

"Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara"

23 January 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aryans (Iranian and Indian) belong to common origin.

Aryans (Iranian and Indian) belong to common origin.

I couldn't resist for long and finally visited Udvada the place of sacred fire of Parsis "Atash Behram" on 19 January 2016. Udvada, a coastal village in Valsad district of Gujarat, has been inhabited by Parsis since 1742. Now only 25 Parsis (old age) live in the village of 7000 population. Many of them live in Mumbai. During Paris festival, all the 150-200 beautiful houses of Parsis are full with their owners, pilgrims and visitors. The 'Dastur' (Priest) stays in a house opposite to the Fire Temple. The priestly families are called 'Athornas' and the commoners are called 'Behdins'. There is a house besides the Dastur's house belongs to the aunty of Firoz Gandhi.

Non Parsis are not allowed inside the fire temple therefore we saw it from outside and visited the information centre nearby that has given us information on Parsis. We saw the sadre (sadaro the top garment) and kasti (the thread of janeu). They use mostly kathi/babul (acacia) wood and occasionally sukhad for keeping the sacred fire glowing. Babul wood is solid and lasts long in fire and the char remain glowing under the ash. People offer machi (9 pieces of wood hold like a scaffold while offering to fire) of kathi or sukhad to the fire temple. (The matchbox is called machis in Gujarat)

After the visit, one can be convinced that Parsis and Aryans belong to the common origin. Aryan Iranians (Persia) and Aryan Indians (upto Hindu Kush), were part of the same group.

Ahuna (aum?) Vairya (vir), the most sacred word was given to Prophet Zarathushtra by the Ahura Mazada, the GOD to chant against the attack of the evil spirit. Ahura (Lord of life) Mazda (omniscient) is the one Supreme God of Parsi Zoroastrian. Ahura Mazga is eternal light. The fire, the son of Ahura Mazda, is the physical manifestation of light, present at all ceremonies of Parsis.

Similarly Diya, yagya, fire is common in all Hindu rituals/sanskar from birth to death. Hindu marriages are performed by taking 4-7 rounds of the sacred fire. The chullah (fire place) of all Hindu houses is a sacred place of fire. Till recent past, the fire in chullah was kept alive (burning coal under the ash) like Parasi fire temples. One has to remove shoes before entering kitchen, as it is a sacred place of Hindus. There is prohibition for outsiders to enter into kitchen where fire is kept. Similarly in garbha griha (sanctum santorum) of Hindu temples, where the lamp is kept, people other than priests are not allowed. Aarti is nothing but a prayer of God (like Ahura Mazda of Parasi) with lighted lamps (like fire, in Parasi). At the end of aarti, Hindu people raise hands over flame then raise palm to forehead to take the blessings of the deity through aarti flame, the fire. Light, the fire, is common for Hindus and Parsis.

One will be surprised to know that the earthen dhupiya used by Hindus for offering naivaidhya to deities has the same shape like the Kebla, the fire pot of the Parsi.

Light, the physical manifestation, fire is the symbol of Zoroastrian religion. The religious teaching of Parsi keeps the "eternal light" in the centre, called Atash (fire) Baheram (Brahman of Hindu).

If some study put on ancient dynasties mentioned in the Gathas, there are chances of finding some linkages with the early kings mentioned in Hindu Shrimad Bhagvat.

Their Gathas are called Kathas by Hindu. Dualism of truth and falsehood, good and evil, happiness and pain, light and darkness, righteousness and unrighteousness have been addressed as reality of worldly existence. Spenta Mainyu (the holy spirit)/spirit and Angra Mainyu (the evil spirit)/matter are two opposite forces. Holy part is eternal and evil part ends. Ahura Mazda stands above and beyond them. Hindus described them chetan and jad, purush and prakriti.

Divine cosmic law of Asha governs the creation. The first prayer the Zoroastrian child is taught is Ashem Vohu, Asha, humata (good thought), hukhta (good word) and huvarshta (good deed). "Through the best Asha, Through the highest Asha, That we may catch sight of Thee, That we may approach Thee, That we may be in perfect union with Thee."

Zoroastrians believe that God has created all creatures free. Man is born free and does not have the stain of original sin (Hindus put stain of sin by birth). He has freedom to make choice between good and evil. "Hear with your ears and the highest Truths, Consider them with clear thought, Before deciding between the two paths, may by man, each one for himself." Once he makes the decision, he has to be responsible for the consequences. (The same like karma principle of Hinduism)

Amesha Spentas (Holy immortals) represents three masculine and three feminine aspects of God's nature. Asha Vahishta (Best order) (Hindu Vashishtha); Vohu Manah (good mind), loving kindness to all; Khshatra Vairya (strength to serve humanity) (kshatriya vir of Hindu) are three masculine immortal. Armaiti (faith) (Hindu shraddha); Haurvatat (spiritual wholeness) (Hindu purnatva) and Ameretat (immortality) (Hindu amaratva) are three feminine immortal.

Man should live in harmony with the law of Asha, respecting the sanctity of the elements in nature, the ecology. Parsis do salutation to the four directions (Namach i char nem). Hindu do the same, salute the nature in all four directions.

Man's duty to be a "hamkar" (Omkar), coworker with Ahura Mazda (the God) in combating evils in its various forms. Ultimately evil will be completely destroyed and the kingdom of righteousness will be established.

"Joy comes to the one who brings joy into others".

Light is life, either in the darkness of the sky or the spark of God in us. असतो मा सद् गमय, तमसो मा ज्योतिर् गमय, मृत्योर मा अमृतम् गमय।

"Raise my consciousness, O Ahura"

21 January 2015

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are the stents necessary in heart care?

Are the stents necessary in heart care?

Human longevity has been increased from 40Y to 80Y in 60 years with the help of better medical and health care. Body die through the death of its organs. Therefore, like a repairing or replacement of car parts, human has started repairing or replacing different parts of the body and adding more and more years to the life.

Heart the most powerful pump always get disturbed with emotional attacks and cholesterol depositions. And one day angina rings the alarm bell with; chest pain, brethlessness, fatigue, left arm, left shoulder pain, left  jaw pain, epigastric pain, backache, etc, with vomiting, off and on perspiration, etc, symptoms. 

Physician after clinical examination, will advise for chest X-Ray, ECG, Lipid Profile, Sugar, LFT, RFT, etc. If ECG suggests IHD (Ischaemic Heart Disease), then the patient has to go through TMT (Cardiac Stress Analysis) and 2D Echo. If LVEF is less than 35 p.c., and regional wall motion found abnormalities at rest, then CAG (coronary angiography) is asked for. If CAG suggests CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) then cardiologist will proceed for Myocardial Viability Studies either by Radionuclde Isotope Studies or Dobutamune Stress Studies or Thallium scan. For true assessment of CAD by FFR, IVUS (Intravenous Ultrasound) & OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), etc, last three studies are genuienly evaluate coronary arteries by both anatomical & physiological methods whether patient requires PCI (angioplasty with or without stent) and/or  CABG (Coronary arteries bypass surgery). 

Now common man after visiting a cardiologist, starts narrating the blocks of arteries in percentage to the family, friends and relatives. Conservative physician opt for care through medicines but aggressive care taker will promptly suggest either PCI or CABG. Both are expensive treatment and the stents is a commodity of doctors market. Commission on sale of stents is discussed in inner circles.

But do all the patients having blocks arteries require PCI with stents? It is not the final answer. Now new studies revealed that even if there are blocks and if myocardial viability is good, then no need of stents. Because coronaries have collaterals so during diastole (in relaxing phase of heart), they are getting O² even blocks are present. 

My physician advised me to take aspirin regularly. He says after the PCI or CABG, medicines are not going to leave you, in fact it will add on, why not to take aspirin at present and delay the stent or surgical intervention?

Risk of stents has been decreased as they are coated with drugs or biodegradable materials. But after CAG with stent another drug Clopidogrel/ Prasugrel/Ticagrelor add in the list.

The production cost of stent may not be more but its application to heart make it expensive. Life costs for the patient and the income for the manufacturer and the doctor.

Daily exercise (walking, yoga) and relaxing heart (detachment, meditation) may be the better options than aspirin and stents. Each moment gives life and death together. Till life is more, death is away. And when the life will diminish, death will take over.

Heart Health is the Real Wealth.

20 January 2016

NB: Do consult your doctor.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

VIP Syndrome may cost life

VIP Syndrome may cost life.

Common men go to the service providers, whether he is a barber or a doctor. But when he becomes VIP, the service providers come at his home. Isn't it? When a collegian student become an IAS officer or a people's representative become an office bearers of government, he becomes VIP. The common men get services with the basic infrastructure support of the service providers but the VIP get only the man to serve him. Sometimes in emergency, if VIP goes to the doctor, his identity as VIP becomes a block for the doctor to take independent decisions. Playing safe takes away the safety of the VIP. The VIP gets the services of the doctor who hasn't hands-on the work for long, and may be the reasons for complications of life in some cases. 

Do you know Chimanbhai Patel, MA (Economics)? Two times CM of Gujarat, he was Hanuman of Shri Morarji Desai. He was the vibrator of Gujarat politics and at one time vibrator of the national politics. He was visionary but minority governments didn't give him chance to excel. Politics used to take away his maximum time. Still he used to contribute a lot on files. Navnirman agitation took away his CM's chair in 1974. His dislikes for direct recruit IAS prevented the inflow of three batches of IAS during his second spell. He lost his life as CM in 1994 in VIP syndrome. He may not be at fault but his near ones couldn't wake up. The doctors killed vital time of life saving in search of the disease in dark.

It was election time of 4 Rajsabha MPs. Chimanbhai put his full force in getting the 4th man elected as he was short of few votes. I think the candidate was Jayantilal Shah. He was unwell due to upper respiratory problems but he was awaiting for the elections to get over. In coughing condition, he used to conduct meetings and attend the office. But when the infection spread below the throat, instead of going to the hospital, the doctors were called at home. And that was the greatest mistake. The disease which could have been detected with a plain X-Ray of chest free of cost, was not been detected for two days by the doctors. As VIP, he was not moved to the hospital but a portable machine was brought at home. The small machine couldn't find the cause. As a result, few patches of pneumonia multiplied in that vacuum of two days and blocked his way of oxygen in the lungs. He sunk and died. The doctors remained busy in academic discussions and the drug penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928 or suitable antibiotics couldn't save his life on 17 February 1994.

His fight and success for Narmada Dam construction and vision for building environment infrastructure for industrial development will be remembered for long.

Be careful when identify you as VIP. There is a risk of life.

19 January 2015

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is Sarayu, the Harayu?

Is Sarayu, the Harayu?

Sarayu is a river originate from Himalayas and flowing through the Indian States of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Lord Rama was born on the bank of river Sarayu. His father King Dasarath slain Shravan Kumar by accident and received the curse (grief due to loss of son) of Shravan's blind parents. You know the story of Ramayana. After completion of the purpose of his life Lord Rama gave up his body in the water of river Sarayu.

Sarayu in Sanskrit means flowing. If 'S' is replaced with 'H' it becomes Harayu, the river that removes the sin, sorrow and pain.

Do you know that Hindu Kush the mountain in Afghanistan was named after the son of Lord Rama, Kush. He founded the city of Kasur. The descendants of Kush might be the Kushans, who were ruling the area till 1st century AD. Kush means death, the workers/slaves of Indian subcontinent were not able to cross this pass to reach to Central Asia or the place were Hindus were killed. Kush means mountains, therefore it could be mountains of Hindus. It was the last point of Hindu Kingdom in the west.

Do you also know that the the original name of the city of Lahore was Lovepura, founded by the son of Lord Rama, Love. Lahore Fort has a vacant temple dedicated to Love. Ptolemy (2nd century) mentioned it as Labokla.

Taking a clue from Hindu Kush and Lahore and presume that the land between Hindu Kush in the West and Lavapura in the East were part of the Rama Rajya, the Solar dynasty, one may tempt to check river Sarayu between Sarasvati and Sindhu.  

The river is mentioned three times in the Rigveda. The banks of the Sarayu are the location of the killing of two Aryas at the hands of Indra in RV 4.30.18. It is listed together with western tributaries to the Indus: Rasā Anitabha, Kubha, Krumu, and the Sindhu itself as obstacles crossed by the Maruts in RV 5.53.9. At this stage of the earlier Rigveda, it apparently was a river west of the Indus system that corresponds to Iranian Harayu (Avestan acc. Harōiium, Old Persian Haraiva, modern Harē), the Herat river. It is invoked together with Sindhu and Sarasvati (two of the most prominent Rigvedic rivers) in the late hymn RV 10.64.

The Hari River or Herat River (Persia Harī Rūd, rud means river) is a river flowing 1,100 kilometres from the Baba mountain range of Hindu Kush mountains of central Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, where it disappears in the Kara-Kum desert. Hari is Visnu, and Rama was the 7th incarnation of Lord Visnu. Was the river named after Hari, the Visnu?

Were the Aryans, moved towards the east due to the push from the west, relocated and renamed the river at new location to remember the native river? Or they win the area of Hindu Kush and named the river Harayu in remembrance of river Sarayu? The later is more probable. Ayutthaya city of Thailand was named after Ayodhya. Ramayana had a great influence over the land from Hindu Kush in the west to Burma, Thailand, Indonesia in the east. 

Ayodhya (Kaushaldesa), the 9000 years old city was the capital of Solar Dynasty of Ikshvaku Kings was the birth place of Lord Rama. It was also a birth place of 5 Jain Tirthankars: Adinath(1), Ajitnath(2), Abhinandanath(4), Sumatinath(5) and Anantnath(14).

There is a long history of Ikshvaku dynasty (Solar Dynasty) kings of India. Harishchandra, Sagar, Dilip, Bhagirath, Raghu, etc, were the great kings of the dynasty. Lord Rama was the great grand son of King Raghu-2.  The founder Ikshvaku was the son of Vaivasvata Manu. 24 of the 22 Jain Tirthankars belong to Ikshvaku Dynasty. Buddhas also finds their origin in this dynasty.

Don't ask, if Sarayu was Harayu/Herat, then where is Lanka, the country made of Gold? By the way India is known as "Sone ki Chidiya" (the golden bird) to the western world for centuries!!! Lol.

17 January 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016



Where is/was Sarasvati? 

The Nadistuti hymn, the 10th Mandal of Rigveda (10.75), which was considered later addition mentions the Sarasvati between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west, and later Vedic texts like Tandya and Jaiminiya Brahmanas as well as the Mahabharata mention that the Sarasvati dried up in a desert. Therefore, some say, it had been disappeared around 2000 BCE. 

Indian researchers observed the present day Ghaggar/Ghaghra/Hakar as Sarasvati. Satellite datas suggest that major Indus Valley Civilization  sites of Kalibangan (Rajasthan), Banawali and Rakhigarhi  (Haryana), Dholavira and Lothal (Gujarat) lie along the river, that may be Sarasvati.

Some say it is Milky Way, our galaxy, up in the sky!

Our hearts are searching Sarasvati in India.

'S' pronounced 'H' in Central Asia linking us with that land with common origin. The people living in Sapta S/Hindhu (Hindu) area were known as S/Hindu. Sarasvati, the river disappeared was named Harhvati (Haraxati/Harauvati) in Avesta. Harhvati means, the river that remove sins, sorrow, pains of humans. The word Har, Hari derived from that. Hari Visnu and Har Har Shiva may be linked with Harhvati.

Present India was a country of forest land with perennial rivers and was inhabited by ethnic dravid tribal population (imagine Africa). It was later inhabited by the people coming from the west (Aryans?), pushing the ethnic population to the East and to the South. Hastinapur (Delhi) was the capital of Kuru in Mahabharata time, later went inside to the East at Patna during Mauryan time. Hindu Kush to Patna was very vibrant area those days. 

When we look back the human history seems a history of vibration of human minds. The Religion/Priest/Guru/Law/book of belief was moving with the Believers/Raja/Kshatriya/Invaders/Order/sword to spread their beliefs. The same was followed by Christians and Muslims. Religion is the reason for human development and the reason for the wars.

Invaders didn't carry families when they attack, therefore their inter colour marriages with local women might have created the new class in the society, the servants. The ethnic people whom they won were considered Shudras. Therefore, the social structure of the land varied during pre Vedic, Vedic and post Vedic periods.

We couldn't fully confirm Sarasvati in India in the east of river Sindhu, therefore, one may opt to search it in the west of Sindhu. Sarasvati was one of the main rivers and the best of all the rivers, mentioned in Rigveda and other Vedic and post vedic texts. The common verses of initial Rigveda (2-7) and Avesta, with a common deity Fire/Agni, also push us to search Sarasvati between the Greater Iran, the Persia and Sapta Sindhu.

The word 'saras' meaning in Sanskrit, pools/lakes, the river with many ponds and lakes was called Sarasvati. Were the birds Sarus Cranes, nested in those lakes were named after river Sarasvati?

The Hel(r)mand River originate in Afghanistan Hindu Kush mountains is a probability for Sarasvati. The Helmand valley region is mentioned as the Aryan land of Haetumant in the Avesta  (Fargard 1:13). The word Haetumant comes from dammed, having dam. Were the demons/asuras of Rigveda engineers? There were restrictions of crossing rivers or building structures over rivers in orthodox religion of Devas. The liberal Asuras didn't follow and built dams to irrigate farms, therefore named as demons, the people who demonstrated their skills of engineering!!! This matches with the meaning of 'saras' the river with many ponds and lake.

Important Vedic scriptures like Manusmriti, initial part of Rigveda and several Upanishads were supposed to have been composed by Vedic seers on the bank of river Sarasvati/Harauvati/Haraxati, of Afghanistan.


Sarasvati for me is the Goddess of knowledge. We used to sing prayer in the school everyday, "Sarasvati devi, tu chhe amari vidhya ni denar re, amane do vidhya sari.." The Goddess has given us knowledge to understand the secrets of life.

After listening my arguments, my wife Lakshmi told me, what are you doing here in India? Go back to Afghanistan, to the bank of river Sarasvati/Haraxati/Harauvati, or stay between rivers Harauvati and H/Sindhu, the land of your origin. Lol

16 January 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Are Parasis, Brahmins?

Are Parsis, Brahmins?

Parsis brought sacred fire "Atash Behram" (consecrated 18 types of fire) with them. Fire (Agni) is the common deity of Hindus and Parsis. The yagya pooja of Hindu and akhand jyot in temples have some commonality with the akhand (unbroken) fire of Parsi.

Parsis (Persian) may be same like the Brahmins of Hindus. Or may be from one origin, the two groups of the two sons of Aditi; the Devas and the Asuras. The name of Parasi God is Ahura ('s' in pronounced 'h' in central Asia) Mazda. Asuras (Mitra, Varuna) of Rigveda were not demonized during Vedic time. Zoroatian considered "angra mainyu" (manu of hindu?) as evil spirit and declared "daevas" (devas of hindu?) as false gods. Later Vedic period, the Hinduism also divide the forces into Devas and Asuras.

Another probability is that, Aditi had 3 sons; Agni, Aditya (Asur) and Aryaman. Agni became the medium of worship for other two. The descendants of Aditya became Zoroastrian and the descendants of Aryaman (Aryans) became Aryan Hindus. Rigveda describes 5 tribes as offspring of Manu. These two may be from that five.

Indra (289 hymns) a heroic god; Agni (218 hymns) the sacrificial fire and messenger of the gods; and Soma (123 hymns), the ritual drink dedicated to Indra, are the most prominent three deities of Rigveda.

Agni is a medium to pray God. Sun is the natural representative of Agni in the sky, therefore, worshiping Sun deity was common in many parts of the world. The Hindus worship the rising Sun in the east and setting Sun in the west. The lighted lamp (deep jyot) in the pooja place of the house or in the temple is a symbol of worshiping the God through it's messenger, the Agni.

Agni is common deity of Hindus and Zoroastrians. During the religious rituals, the Parasis face the Sun in the east in the morning, in the west in the evening and face the moon (indirect light of Sun) in the night. They do light lamp while performing rituals and poojas.

Surprisingly, the Navjot sanskar of Parasi and the upabayan/janeu sanskar of Hindus have many common factors.

In Hindu culture, thread (yagyopavit/janeu) ceremony is one the important Sanskars out of forty four Sanskars. Thread ceremony is also important ceremony amongst Parsis or Zoroastrian community which is called Navjot. In both cases yagyopaveet/janeu or navjot is related to rebirth for knowledge/religion.

In Janeu (yagyopavit) sanskar, three or seven threads put on right upper hand at age 8y (Brahmin), at 11y (kshatriya) and at 12y (Vaishya).

In  Navjot (nav means new and jot means worshipper) (the light of the lamp is called jyot, jot); the child 7-15 put on a sacred shirt called sudre (advantageous path) and a sacred thread called kusti (aiwyaongana) (direction of the path). Kusti is made from 72 threads and tied on the waist.

Except at the time of bathing, a Zoroastrian must always have the sacred shirt and thread on his body. Again, the thread is to be untied and regirded several times: i.e., immediately on leaving bed in the morning, after ablutions and answering the calls of nature, before saying prayers, after bath, before meals.

The Hindus/Brahmin place Janeu on right ear during natural call. Janeu is kept above naval level all the time. To attend or perform any auspicious ceremony, one should wear 'janeu' hanging from the left shoulder (Upaviti). For attending or performing inauspicious event, one should wear 'janeu' hanging from the right shoulder (Prachnaviti). In case the person wears 'janeu' round the neck like a garland, then, he is called as 'Niviti'. While going for daily ablutions or doing impure tasks, the holy thread must be raised and its upper part ought to be put behind ear.Males and females both can wear 'janeu', yet females should wear it around the neck. Following a birth or death in the family, 'janeu' should be removed and again a new thread ought to be worn after 15 days of event. One must replace the old or broken thread with a new thread.

The ceremony in both are more or less the same with pooja samgri (kumkum, rice, flowers, joss stick, etc) and ritual of bath etc, in both the events. As you know Rigveda and Zend Avesta have many common verses.

In short, there is direct relationship between Hindu/Brahmins of India and Parasis of Iran/Persia. Both are the descendants of the sons of Mother Aditi.

Whether Aryans migrated to India from Greater Persia/Bactria or Parasis went to Persia from India can be debated by the historians. But in Gujarat (Iran had trade relation with west coast of India, Gujarat), 1000 Parasis first landed in Diu, then went further south to Sanjan in 660 AD. Later on more came. Muslim Jehad/invasion was extended to India too later. Parsis stood by the then king and fought. Fire during the time was shifted to different places settling finally at Udvada, the final abode for our sanctum sanctorum. They did try to keep all the promises given to the then king and living in India like a sugar merge into the milk. They became Gujarati. They came with Durry language but now Gujarati us their mother tongue. Their Contribution to India is fit to be written in golden letters.

It is interesting to note that the sacred shirt of Parasi is called Sudre. It's weaving is considered sacred and weaving the threads is a privilege of the priest or the women. In India, the threads are weaved by weavers. The thread is sud(t)re, sutra, sutar. Many villages in Gujarat demands thread weaved (sutar) by weavers to tie circumference of the village on Akhatrij (Vaishakh Shukla 3) day for the prosperity of the village. The people who weaved are called, Sudre, the Shudras! What a contrast of sacredness and backwardness!

Mahatma Gandhi weaved the thread to get us independence. Saint Kabir weaved the threads to give us knowledge. And the weavers are weaving the threads to cover our nudity with clothes!

15 January 2016


1. The word "Paras" may be used for Persian Aryans that converted the iron (ethnic Indian blacks) into Gold, making them cultured or creating a new race of brown population through inter colour marriages! A wild presumption!

2. Rus (people )..Russia and Persis (empire).. Persia, the special people. Russian language carry many Sanskrit words and the same grammar rules. There was some strong link amongst the people of Russia, Persia (Greater Iran) and India. Arabs were nomadic tribes, became first Muslims after the arrival of Prophet Muhammad. And thereafter...

3. There are few parsis in Iran even now, living a life of second class citizens. They can't take up services. They have to do either farming or be self employed. There exists a Dreconian law. If any one of the siblings marries to a Muslim; all the inheritance will got him or her. Others will not get anything.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Temperature decides the sex of Sea Turtle

Temperature decides the sex of Sea Turtle

Do you know the difference between Turtles and Tortoises? Both are reptiles. Turtles live in the water some or nearly all of the time and the Tortoises dwell on land. 

Sea turtles beck is lighter as compare to tortoises. Moreover, its front and back legs are adapted to swim in water and with help of them it can swim at the speed of 55 km/hr. Due to more holding capacity of oxygen in blood, it can swim continuously for 3 hrs in one breathe. It is believed that it takes 30 years to gain adult stage and several decades to reach sexual maturity. It can live up to 100 years. Normally sea turtle feeds on algae and sea grass.

The mature turtles migrate, sometimes for thousands of miles, to reach breeding sites. Male and female turtles mate in the water, and the males return to deep sea to feed. For several weeks, female sea turtles alternate between mating in the water and laying their eggs on land. Before laying her eggs, a female turtle will dig a hole in the sand with her hind flippers. She covers it with sand and 
returns to the ocean. About two months pass for the eggs to incubate under the sand. The eggs hatch generally at night to avoid predation and the hatchlings crawl to the sea. They then swim out to sea to begin their own cycle of maturing and reproducing. Sea turtles can continue this cycle until they are 80 years old. 

Globally, there are seven species of sea turtle observed in the Oceans. However, four species of turtle believed to be observed in the state of Gujarat (Gulf of Kutch), only the Olive ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) and Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) are reported to breed while Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricate) are seen occasionally.

Sea turtle, even at the diminished population levels, can play an important role in Ocean ecosystems by maintaining healthy sea grass beds and coral reefs. This helps in providing key habitat for other marine animals, thus helping to balance marine food webs and facilitating 
nutrient cycling from water to land.

Over a time, nest predation by animals and consumption of eggs by local people are common threat to sea turtle. Incidental catch in fishing gear, marine pollution, unregulated development of marine areas and disease are reasons for decline in 
sea turtle population. Climate change and Oil spill pollution may also cause a threat to sea turtles.

To conserve these endangered creatures such as green sea turtle and olive ridley turtle the artificial breeding activity (hatching of eggs and subsequent release of young ones in natural environment) has been undertaken by the Marine National Park at Okhamadhi and Madhavpur beach area (Gujarat), the nesting sites of the turtles. The success is encouraging (75%) more than 15,000 hatching of green sea turtle and olive ridley turtle have been released in the sea.

It is interesting to know that the temperature of the earth where the eggs are laid decide the sex of the hatchling. If the temperature is high, it becomes female turtle and if it is low, it becomes male turtle. Turtles have temperature dependent sex determination.

In humans the sex is determined by the pair of sex chromosomes (male: XY, female: XX).  XY decides the sex of the offspring. But many a times it is noticed that some females deliver more baby boys and some deliver more baby girls. Hormonal and pH conditions within the female reproductive tract vary with time, and this affects the sex ratio of the sperm that reach the egg. In the era of molecular biology of sex determination, the inter play of pro males, pro females, anti males, anti females genes make the system complicated. 

Taking clue from the turtles, the internal temperature of ovary may be one of the reasons to be checked for the male Y chromosome to achieve or fail in conception. Ayurveda treatment (what to eat and what not to eat) and medicines for getting male child is mostly working on cooling off the internal system of the female. God knows, but turtle theory of temperature deciding the sex may be useful for the Asians who are blindly exploding the population in want of a male child. 

Forget that chromosome jargon, if you haven't seen the Sea Turtles, one of the wonders of Nature, don't wait much, pick up transport and drive down to Okhamedhi and Madhavpur on Gujarat Sea Coast. There are bright chances to see Dolphins too. Some big adults turtles will swim in the sea waves to make your trip joyful.

14 January 2016

NB: Madhavpur is also known for its historical importance as Lord Krishna  and Rukmani wedded in Madhavpur.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Roots of Religion

Roots of Religion

Poet Iqbal wrote,
"Majhab nanhi shikhata aapas mai bair rakhana, Hindi hai ham, vatan hai, Hindostan hamara."

Homo Sapien humans have travelled 200,000 years to gain the present form of modern humans. His desires to rule, made him the unquestionable ruler of the earth. But simultaneously, he has invented weapons for self destruction. The religions were initiated by the ancestors to introduce code of conduct to maintain law & order in human societies so that people live in harmony and peace. But the religions created to promote good virtues are becoming the dividing lines of the world population today.

When a baby is born, he/she is unaware of its identity of sex, language, nation and religion. But the parents feed information in that innocent brain and slowly the baby become hindu, muslim, christian, etc. Parents simply give them identity of religion. But do you know, who mark the religion more in their brains? The parents or the Schools? The pupils start going to the school at age 5 Y (now pre schooling at age 3Y), the age of recording information in their memory box, in the sub conscious brain. Whatever they learn, carry long lasting effects.

During Gunotsav, I had an opportunity to visit 3 types of schools: Urdu (1-5 Std), Gujarati (6-8 Std) and Hindi (1-8 Std).

The Urdu school starts its day with chanting of 5 kalimas of Quran, summarized as follows.

"There is none worthy of worship except Allah the Greatest and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Allah gives life and causes death. In His hand is all good and He has power over everything. I seek forgiveness from Allah, from every sin I committed knowingly or unknowingly, secretly or openly."

It is followed by Hamn, the prayer of Allah and the Naat, the attribute to the Prophet. The school prayers memorize them daily that Allah is the supreme power, Muhammad is his messenger, and one should walk on path of good virtues.

The religious environment of the school then changed into nationalist when the students performed simple Yoga; took pledge - bharat mera desh hai... and sang the National Anthem Jan-gan-man with utmost respects.

The Muslim children learn Arabic alphabets in Madresa (pre primary) so that they can read Quran. Therefore, the students in primary are good at reading and writing in Urdu. They study Gujarati, Hindi from Std 3 and English from Std 5. The girls perform song "manushya tu bada mahan hai" and Gujarati "amo govaliya, mathe teri falia, lakdi lai ame kherar ma jata", very pleasantly.

Our second day visit was in a Gujarati school. The day started with prayer, "itani shakti hamai dena data, man ka vishvas kamjor ho na", followed by a song "Nandji no lalo..kare re kilol, jashoda no jayo kare re kilol"; then yoga, bharat pledge and National anthem.

The third day was in a Hindi school. The prayer meeting was combined with Gujarati school. The day started with "Manushya tu bada mahan" song, followed by a dance song, yoga, bharat pledge and National Anthem.

Each school follows a system of greeting students. The cleanest will be named "Today's Rose" and the birthday boy/girl will be greeted as "Today's Lamp". There is a system of asking 3-4 GK questions and reading 3-4 headlines of the day.

Students as a community are one. They don't have dividers. Then who divides them? The parents? The schools? The religious leaders? The politicians? The media? The historians? How could innocent children we are divided in religious groups as adults?

They are innocent as children and the teaching of teachers is their truth. Therefore, whatever they learn from the school, carry permanent marks. I see the repetition of religious morning prayer everyday carry greater impact on their innocent minds that give them stronger religious identity. Parents make the marks permanent.

I could see the love and respect of students for India in all the three schools; hope not seen the seeds of division of Muslim India and Hindu India!

I could mark that Muslims follow their religion more systematically, in an organized way. Their punctuality in performing daily Namaz and discipline in community prayer on Friday are unique. Hindus generally have freedom and multiplicity in worshiping God.

The question puzzles my mind. If Muslim children can study Arabic alphabets in pre primary to read Quran and read Kalima in Schools; why can't the Hindu Children learn Sanskrit alphabets in pre primary and read Vedas and Geeta in Schools?

Please guide.

10 December 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Tanot, the place of faith for Indian Soldiers

Tanot, the place of faith for Indian Soldiers

25 December 2015 was a hectic day visiting Desert Nation Park at Sudasari and Desert Safari at village Sam. We had planned to leave Jaisalmer early after visiting some places in the fort on 26, but when the Tehsildar asked, have you seen Tanot Sir? our entire schedule changed. 

What is in Tanot? I inquired.

Arey Sir, all VIPs including the President, Governors go there. There is a temple, where 8 Pakistani bombs didn't explode in 1965 war due to the power of the Goddess. Goddess had saved the soldiers and the villagers, therefore, they built a temple and worshiping the Goddess daily.

Tanot is 120 kms away from Jaisalmer. We have planned to reach ARI Jodhpur via Ramdevra by evening. The visit of some places in the fort as well as the Gadisar lake was pending. And now the temptation of Tanot. It is on the same route further ahead of Desert National Park which we have travelled in the morning. But due to communication gap, we missed it and now to travel the same road again. Finally we decided to start the journey for Tanot at 4 am next morning.

Passing through the Thar sand dunes, we have reached Tanot at 6.30 am, as both the drivers drive the vehicles very well on the desert road. Tanot is a BSF base camp area. There is a temple of Goddess Chamunda/ Karni Devi. The BSF soldiers perform daily pooja aarti and maintain the campus well. The mandapam of the temple carries slogans of good virtues. The idol of Goddess Karni Devi was very attractive. There were other deities too: Lord Shiva, Manasa Devi, etc, in the campus. After the darshana of the Goddesses and God, we were about to leave for Jaisalmer but one of our colleagues suggested to stay for the Aarti as it was to start at 7am. We stayed.  

Slowly the soldiers took their position of pooja in the temple. One man on harmonium, one on drums, 4 on Mike with manjira for singing bhajans and one dressed like a Brahmin was ready for the Aarti. At Sharp 7am the Aarti started. The pujari soldier with his loud voice on mike was trying to use the opportunity at optimal. He was chanting all the slokas he knew by changing their shape, size and tune. He was doing pooja with lot of actions and enthusiasm. 

Sir, a senior officer has come in the Aarti, somebody murmur in my ears. Therefore the pujari is performing at his pick. 

He started with the Aarti of the chief deity, then did aarti of other deities one after another. Each time some broken slokas with actions, bhajan singing by the soldiers with the tune of harmonium and drum bits. As our day was scheduled for long journey, we were waiting for the end of the aarti but it was going on endlessly. After the Goddesses, he started slokas and aaarti of Lord Shiva. We thought, let him complete this round as it may be the last. But as soon as the Shiv puja got over, he started for Lord Rama. We were losing our patience. I thought if Lord Rama has come, surely he will do Hanuman Chalisa! At last the aarti was over at 8.15 am. 

Shakti pooja by the warriors is very common in India. The faith in the Goddess and chanting her slokas and mantras rejuvenate and stimulate energy currents in the body of the warriors and to make them capable to excel in wars. It is not easy to sacrifice once life for the safety of people without the faith in God or Goddesses. Therefore, all forts of India carry two people, the Brahmins and the Warriors (kshatriyas), the Law and the Order!

I met one Sadhu in the campus. He was a disciple of Dandi Swami of Ayodhya. He explained the importance of the place. This place is part of the route of Goddess Ashapura of Kutch India and Goddess Hinglaj of Nagarkot Pakistan. The area was an Aghat Sea in past. The Goddess drank entire water of the Sea. The entire route carry powerful presence of the Goddesses. Tanot is a temple of Karni Devi though the soldiers have written sloka of Devi Chamunda.  This place is also very powerful as it falls in the route of Devi Ashapura and Devi Hinglaj. However, this place is not one of those places (Sati Sthans - Shakti Pithas) where the body parts of Sati were fallen.

During the war with Pakistan in 1965, 8 bombs dropped by Pakistan army in this area but not a single exploded. The BSF javans have preserved them in the temple as memories.

The border point is further away by 33 kms from Tanot. Late by an hour of our planned scheduled, we skipped the tea and snacks arranged by the BSF and left for Jaisalmer. But the aarti and soldier pujari have been recorded in our memories permanently.

During the trip to Jaisalmer, if you are keen to visit border area of Thar Desert, you may visit Tanot Temple and admire the enthusiasm of our BSF soldiers, guarding our borders in the desert of Thar.

8 January 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gir Forest in Night

Gir Forest in Night

Many of us have heard stories of jungle and its animals. A fear current will pass through the body if some one is told to go to jungle in the night. Day time activities of the wilds are known to us because of our visits to the forest areas. But what do they do in night? I was very keen to know. 

We reached Gir that evening very late. Tired of the day we were about to close the day after the dinner, but for the sake of curiosity, I asked Sandeep, what are your animals doing tonight? 

Let's go and see Sir, Sandeep promptly replied. 

My body was tired but inside I was ever ready to move. Let's go. We moved into the jungle in night.

It was a winter night, therefore the whole forest was in silence. The Lions, the deers, the Panthers, the birds, all were in rest or in sleep. The reptiles settled in burrows. 

Why so much of silence at this time, I asked? Animals are resting at this time as the carnivorous hunt the herbivorous either at the dawn or at the dusk, Sandeep replied. After 10 pm, generally there is no movement of major animals. 

Suddenly we saw two rabbits jumping around. If there is Sasa Rana, no chance to see other animals. Rabbits are the indicator of the safest position in the jungle. Normally one can see movement of Panthers, but that chance was also diminished by the presence of the rabbits. We could see two birds, the lap wing (titodi) and one more. Be careful about her eggs. If she can fight with the Sea, what is our strength? We were joking, remembering the story of a lapwing and the Sea. She fought with the Sea to get back her eggs. Owl, the night king and the bats may be watching us from the trees.

Let us stop and at least hear the sound of the nature, I proposed. The vehicle was stopped at the cross road and all of us moved out of the vehicle. 

As the surrounding was in total dark, I lifted my head up and look at the sky. Oho..ho..ho..what a glorious sky it was! A clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars. The moon was yet to rise from the east. The night sky lit up with Stars, "Twinkle twinkle many Stars, like many Koh-i-Noors glittering in the sky". We saw our Galaxy, the Milky Way and could see many constellations. The ruhani carpet the Orion, the hunter was on the top of our head. And what was it looking like a bright cloud, the Andromeda Galaxy! The Taurus the bull, was also visible. As there was not a single ray of artificial light around, the sky was full with uncountable glittering Stars. 

What is there, a bright light at the southern hemisphere? Sandeep asked? It is the International Space Station, he answered too. 

Suddenly we saw a shooting star over the western sky. Before we could wish something, it disappeared. Except little sounds of some insects, the entire environment was in silence. We and our Sky, full of Stars, the Spectacular Nature indeed! Without sky guide or sky watching information, we could see the most beautiful Sky in the dark forest of Gir.

“Have you ever stood under a star... and felt the earth move under your feet?” You may try it in Gir.

6 January 2016
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