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Where is/was Sarasvati? 

The Nadistuti hymn, the 10th Mandal of Rigveda (10.75), which was considered later addition mentions the Sarasvati between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west, and later Vedic texts like Tandya and Jaiminiya Brahmanas as well as the Mahabharata mention that the Sarasvati dried up in a desert. Therefore, some say, it had been disappeared around 2000 BCE. 

Indian researchers observed the present day Ghaggar/Ghaghra/Hakar as Sarasvati. Satellite datas suggest that major Indus Valley Civilization  sites of Kalibangan (Rajasthan), Banawali and Rakhigarhi  (Haryana), Dholavira and Lothal (Gujarat) lie along the river, that may be Sarasvati.

Some say it is Milky Way, our galaxy, up in the sky!

Our hearts are searching Sarasvati in India.

'S' pronounced 'H' in Central Asia linking us with that land with common origin. The people living in Sapta S/Hindhu (Hindu) area were known as S/Hindu. Sarasvati, the river disappeared was named Harhvati (Haraxati/Harauvati) in Avesta. Harhvati means, the river that remove sins, sorrow, pains of humans. The word Har, Hari derived from that. Hari Visnu and Har Har Shiva may be linked with Harhvati.

Present India was a country of forest land with perennial rivers and was inhabited by ethnic dravid tribal population (imagine Africa). It was later inhabited by the people coming from the west (Aryans?), pushing the ethnic population to the East and to the South. Hastinapur (Delhi) was the capital of Kuru in Mahabharata time, later went inside to the East at Patna during Mauryan time. Hindu Kush to Patna was very vibrant area those days. 

When we look back the human history seems a history of vibration of human minds. The Religion/Priest/Guru/Law/book of belief was moving with the Believers/Raja/Kshatriya/Invaders/Order/sword to spread their beliefs. The same was followed by Christians and Muslims. Religion is the reason for human development and the reason for the wars.

Invaders didn't carry families when they attack, therefore their inter colour marriages with local women might have created the new class in the society, the servants. The ethnic people whom they won were considered Shudras. Therefore, the social structure of the land varied during pre Vedic, Vedic and post Vedic periods.

We couldn't fully confirm Sarasvati in India in the east of river Sindhu, therefore, one may opt to search it in the west of Sindhu. Sarasvati was one of the main rivers and the best of all the rivers, mentioned in Rigveda and other Vedic and post vedic texts. The common verses of initial Rigveda (2-7) and Avesta, with a common deity Fire/Agni, also push us to search Sarasvati between the Greater Iran, the Persia and Sapta Sindhu.

The word 'saras' meaning in Sanskrit, pools/lakes, the river with many ponds and lakes was called Sarasvati. Were the birds Sarus Cranes, nested in those lakes were named after river Sarasvati?

The Hel(r)mand River originate in Afghanistan Hindu Kush mountains is a probability for Sarasvati. The Helmand valley region is mentioned as the Aryan land of Haetumant in the Avesta  (Fargard 1:13). The word Haetumant comes from dammed, having dam. Were the demons/asuras of Rigveda engineers? There were restrictions of crossing rivers or building structures over rivers in orthodox religion of Devas. The liberal Asuras didn't follow and built dams to irrigate farms, therefore named as demons, the people who demonstrated their skills of engineering!!! This matches with the meaning of 'saras' the river with many ponds and lake.

Important Vedic scriptures like Manusmriti, initial part of Rigveda and several Upanishads were supposed to have been composed by Vedic seers on the bank of river Sarasvati/Harauvati/Haraxati, of Afghanistan.


Sarasvati for me is the Goddess of knowledge. We used to sing prayer in the school everyday, "Sarasvati devi, tu chhe amari vidhya ni denar re, amane do vidhya sari.." The Goddess has given us knowledge to understand the secrets of life.

After listening my arguments, my wife Lakshmi told me, what are you doing here in India? Go back to Afghanistan, to the bank of river Sarasvati/Haraxati/Harauvati, or stay between rivers Harauvati and H/Sindhu, the land of your origin. Lol

16 January 2016

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