Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Answer to Terrorism

An answer to Terrorism

Agriculture Scientists are inventing new seeds for getting immunity against insects and pests. For example BT-1 (first generation Boll Guard) cotton seed was giving protection to the plant from three types of worms: green, kabari and lashkari. BT-2 (second generation Boll Guard) seed added one more protection against the pink boll worms. In fact pink boll worms were the major challenge for the farmers because they survive only through cotton leaves.

Indian farmers and Gujarati farmers in particular, were very happy with the  production and price of the cotton for a decade. But suddenly this year, the proliferation of pink boll worms infected the plants. The infected bolls of cotton couldn't open. As a result, the yields came down. The chemical control of pink boll worm larvae has been found unsatisfactory. The problem of Pink boll Worm was solved by the scientists through new gene of BT-2, but the pink boll worms found out the answer. As cotton leaves are their only food, they have found out their resistance mechanism against the human invention. 

The life cycle of the boll worms are very interesting. It starts from the egg   from the adult boll worm, then larvae, to a full size worm then Pupae and finally the adult worm. The pupaes remain in the earth for a long period and with the moisture and suitable environment, again emerge as a threat to the crop.

Now the agriculturists are advising the farmers to follow 80:20 norms. Grow 80% BT2 for themselves and grow 20% traditional cotton in the same farm for the food of pink boll worms. Other three worms are not a big challenge because they survive on other crops too. "Let Live and Live" is the solution suggested for the problem.

Don't you think, this may be the answer for terrorism, the mantra, "Let Live and Live". 

Developed countries have exploited the natural and human resources of the world for centuries and divided the world into rich and poor, the haves and have nots. The youths of the have nots have been brain washed by their group leaders and made them suicide bombers for the world under the promise of jannat and hoors. If they reach to a stage travelling with a nuclear or a chemical bomb, the human existence will come under a great threat of existence.

The human world has to find out the answer of these people. The force can control them for a time being but the greedy exporters of weapons will improve their strength further. The endless war will go on till the outbreak of a major event of war like World War 3. The people of those areas are living a life of poverty. The gun fire and bomb blasts always keep their life under terror. Youths take lives of innocents and sacrifice their lives too. 

Can't we make some arrangements to share the fruits of development to them? The 20% for their survival, the way the farmers are thinking for the pink boll worms, Let Live and Live.

5 January 2016


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