Monday, August 29, 2016

Kala, I am Time

Kala, I am time

We are using the words, Kala , Kali , kalio, Kala Bhairav, Kalaki, etc, describing the time and space, the life and death of the Sansara. God is not a particle but a condition in which there is no time and no space. The lightest object known to human is light. It travels 0.186 million mile/second. One can imagine the size of the Universe with the simple calculation of the Starlight we see every night, that is 1000 years old. The object lighter than light even can move faster than the light, can travel more distance.  One may imagine Him (God) as the lightest form of existence, exist and spread across the Universes without travelling time.

Our Universe was created after the Big Bang about 15 billion years ago. Expansion, ageing and cooling of the Universe resulted into Hydrogen, Helium, CO2, O2, Iron, Stars, Planets and the Life (sustain and reproduce, RNA-DNA). Our Solar System was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. Life has been wringing over Earth for roughly 3.5 billion years. It has a life of 10 billion years from now, before being doomed, the intelligent form of life will space travel (manas putra, creation of mind!) and escape to another habitable zone of the Star or it will happen spontaneously, somewhere, some how by a chance, evolute and become human (the form of 3 billion nucleic acids and bit by bit an information bundle of 100 million bits) again, again and again. A journey from Single cell life to Complex life.

Earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago. Life on Earth started 3.5 billion years ago. Multicellular life started 580 million years ago. It's present collusion free period of 70 million years has given room for the complex life to grow and sustain. Global warming will end the life of Earth in 1.75 to 3.5 billion years.

Jain cosmology consider the universe as uncreated entity, exists since infinity and has no beginning no end. It has a shape like man standing with legs apart and resting the arms on his waist. It has been divided into three lokas (urdhva, madhya, adho) (heaven, middle level, hell). It is made of living substance (Chetana/Consciousness (Soul-Jeeva) exists as a separate existence from the body), non living substance, matter (pudgal) motion (dharma), rest (adharma), space (akash) and time (kala). The world is full with Jeevas, coming out of the Nigoda and living in 14 forms.

Time is eternal for Jainism, the cosmic wheel of time rotate ceaselessly for trillions of years, in ascending (utsarpini-happiness) and descending (avsarpini-sorrow) time cycles of 6 Aras. At present, we are living in the 5th Ara of sorrow with little happiness. The 6th Ara will be of extreme sorrow and misery yet to begin.
"This universe is not created nor sustained by anyone; It is self sustaining, without any base or support" - Acharya Hemchandra.

Hinduism has described the creation theory of time and space by using religious names Brahma, Maha Vishnu, Maha Shiva, Maha Kali.

One day of Brahma is called Kalpa of 4.32 billion human years. Each Kalpa has 14 Manvantars. Each Manvantar has 71 chaturyuga of each of 4.32 million years (Satyug 1.728m, Treta 1.296m, Dwapar 0.864m, Kaliyug 0.432m). The universe parish by the end of Brahma's day. Then comes his night of 4.32 billion years. And thousand such cycles of day and night make One year of Brahma. The life of Brahma is 100 years, means 311 trillion and 50 billion years. 0.504 million Manus manifest during the one life of Brahma (420 Manu/month)! One second of Brahma = 98630 human years.

The life of Brahma of 100 years is equal to a blink of Maha Vishnu. 100 years of Maha Vishnu is equal to a blink of Maha Shiva and 100 years of Maha Shiva is equal to a blink of Maha Kali. Can you count the years of the life of Maha Kali? Infinite. Time and space ends there. It remains as it is. Nischal.

Looking at the age of our Earth (4.5 billion years), and remaining life of 10 billion years span, the life on Earth will get over in just 3 days of Brahma.

Albert Einstein had discovered the principle of relativity, where the time dilates with gravitation; deeper the gravitation, slower the clock. Therefore, life/time vary in each gravitational well. Light, the fastest can travel 1.86 miles a second, but if something else travel more that the light, the time will slow down for it relatively.

Does it mean that as we enter into the higher gravitational wells, the time slow down and at one point the time become zero, the timeliness condition. Planets orbit around the Sun, Suns and Stars orbit around the Galaxy, Galaxies are orbiting  around the bigger center, the bigger centres are orbiting around the biggest centre. Finally, the centre of the biggest centre of all the universes has no time, no space. Other objects may expand or squeeze in different time cycles but the centre remain the same, Nischal.

We are not only in living Earth but in living Universe-Universes. The combination of Vyakta and Avyakta worlds. Manifest, unmenifest, manifest, the Drama (Lila) of the Almighty. Nothing is invented; all creation, knowledge, etc, discovered from the unmanifest state. Before being doomed, the intelligent form of life will space travel (manas putra, creation of mind!) and escape to another habitable zone, the new Earth. The meaning of earth is therefore, not our Earth, but the habitat centre of life wherever it is exists.

I am Kala (time) and the Kalatit (beyond time)!!! Shiva, Shiva, Chidanand Rupa:, Shivoham Shivoham.

29 August 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Long Live 1985, Happy Birthday

I remember those 500+ probationers, young boys and girls, with urban and rural backgrounds. All were slim fit barring few. The shouts of Tripurari and others on weekends still sounds in my ears. Our eagerness to collect posts from the pigeon holes and searching cards for the loved once from the Mall Road are unforgettable. Our tracking to Himalayas, where some of our Batchmates went in three pieces suits. Some of the married once were hiding their marital status looking at the girls of the batch as well as the visitors of the North India coming in search for the bridegrooms. I remember the faces of my Batchmates returning from the mess, declaring the menu of the mess through the colour of their faces. I remember Dada Benerji, the only one who wished to pass us all in the exams. And dear Mutthuswami, speaking without coma and full stop and throwing the spit around. I remember the young faculty of the Academy with the old Director. Mohan was Manmohan. I remember our musical and performer teams with beautiful and handsome faces. Our great singer Ram Nivas, with his best in Shivshankar Bhang, Arya's stage performance, Chief Sanjeev Chopra's lucid comparing, etc. We had little to showcase through the outfits, but chatting a lot sharing the customs and traditions of our country. The experience of first time wearing button up made us the 'latsahab'. I remember the setting of the pairs and the bunking of the classes in the colds. Rana's jogging and yoga to extend sleep hours still dawn around my mind. With small money our trips to Hari's shop and the mall visits were rejuvenating us with the spirit of social life. 31 years have passed, but we are the same in our hearts and minds sharing our joys together in whatsapp era.

Long live 1985. Happy Birthday.

26 August 2016

Valand, the Vaidhya

Valand the Vaidhya

India was a country of villages of Agro estates where Ritualist (Priests, Pujari, Garo for untouchables); Power and Authority, the owners of land (Rajput); farmers and farm labourers (Patel, Koli, Raval, Pagi, Ode); Cowherds (Bharvad, Rabari, Chaudhari); Service Castes (Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Mason, Potter, Barber, Washerman, Weaver, Chamar, Valmiki, etc); Entertainer (Turi, Nat, Barot, Charan, etc); were living together. They were dependent on each other and were living on economy of barter system. They were living in ghettos of their professional castes groups, therefore, the practice of untouchability developed based on the clean and unclean occupations and the living styles. As the children learn their professions from the parents, the caste system initiated on the basis of the profession and was gradually converted into the caste system by birth. The Priest class put a religion stamp over it and turned the condition of one class of the society into slavery.

In these castes groups, one of the important castes was the Barber. They are called Hazam, Nai, Valand, and Senva for the untouchable castes. Their presence with the Brahmins were indispensable as their services were required in weddings and funerals. Apart from their services of cutting and shaving hairs, the community Valand were the Vaidhyas. When there was no allopathic treatment available in India, the traditional Vaidhyas from the Brahmins and the Barber community were serving and treating the people in their illness. There were two methods of treatments: internal, external. The internal method was giving medicines made from herbs and regulating the diets items, etc, served mainly by the priest community. The external treatments were mainly the massage, application of pastes, bath in herbal hot water, etc, the ancient Spa!, generally done by the barber community.

With education, urbanisation and modernisation, the traditional caste system is breaking away. The new generation don't copy the trades of their parents. They acquire education and skills and join the trades of their liking. As a result some of the trades and tricks are vanishing from the villages. One may find the barber but the Valand Vaidhyas are missing. Now machines are making goods and services for the people, therefore, the new generation is the operators of the machines of the goods and services. 

But I found one Valand of old tradition in Botad. I was on duty from government side to manage the event of the funeral of Pramukh Swami Maharaj at Sarangpur, a village in Botad district. Many VIPs and more than 1.2 million people visited the place during those 4 days. Due to standing and moving positions for long hours, our backs were unable to fold to settle on a chair. One of my support staff, the forester realised the pain and offered me a service of a Valand to rub the cow ghee with bronze article on my soles. I knew the technique because we used to do the same in our home when we used to feel excessive of heat in the body. It is an useful treatment in maintaining the health of the eyesight. 

A village barber came and serve me by massaging cow ghee with a small bronze bowl on my soles. But he was Valand Vaidhya. He added a trick in his technique. He added salt into the cow ghee. Ghee with salt massage on the soles made the big difference. The farthest location of the body from the heart, the legs, generally keep the deposits of the residual (unable to return due to ageing of heart) and that become the reason of some of our diseases of stiffness of muscles, pain in hills, swellings, heaviness, etc. Salt with cow ghee, while rubbing on the soles with bronze arrival open the veins blockages of the bottom area and improvise the system of blood circulation of the body that helps in curing some of the diseases from head to toe.

At home, we have noticed that this medicine removes the blockages and tumours at the junction joints of neck, face, waist, hips joints etc.

Massage on the soles with cow ghee with bronze article at night gives a very deep sound sleep. One will wake up with dawn chorus only.

Like to try? Do it.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam. 

26 August 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Right Path of Eternity, Happy Janmashtami

Right path of Eternity

Holy Gita, Chapter 8 verse 20

परस्तस्मात्तु भावोऽन्योऽव्यक्तोऽव्यक्तात्सनातन: |
य: स सर्वेषु भूतेषु नश्यत्सु न विनश्यति || 20||

Transcendental to this manifest and unmanifest creation, there is yet another unmanifest eternal dimension. That realm does not cease even when all others do.

(But verily there exists, higher than that unmanifest (Avyakta), another unmanifested, which is Eternal, which is not destroyed when all beings are destroyed)

Bhagwan Shri Krishna describes the three worlds in Gita. the Vyakta, the Avyakta and the Superior Avyakya. The Vyakta is the world we see around, Idam Sarvam, the material world of Prakriti; the Avyakta (unmanifest) connected to material/physical world; and the third is the Superior Avyakta, (paras tasmat) the eternal, imperceptible, never destroyed when all material world perish, beyond the perception of all senses, the Spiritual world, the ultimate. 

It is a platform, the changeless substratum, which is not destroyed by the destruction of all beings. For an example, there is a blackboard, where the teachers of different subjects come and write different words and symbols and erase, but the platform remain the same, changeless. The SELF (Brahman, pure awareness), lies beyond all delusory creation, dissolution and recreation over and over again. 

Creation is a crystallisation of the unmanifest dormant names, forms and qualities into their manifest forms of existence. For example, pot is created from the mud, but besan laddu is created from other material. We are product of numerous yesterdays, the outcome of our thought process. These thought impressions lie unmanifest to our sense organ, manifest as actions and make our life path smooth or rough. 

The creator during Cosmic creation (Brahma's Day) project out (manifest) vasanas, and during dissolution (Brahma's night) merge into that alone, the unmanifest.

Ch.8, verse 21 says, "That which is called the unmanifest and the imperishable, that they say is the Highest Goal (path). They who reach It never again return. That is My highest abode (state)." 

Sleep and death are not the end of life but the refreshing pause between two spans of activity. The pause is unmanifest condition and the activity, the manifest. But that is not the highest abode. The eternal existence, without destruction, the highest, Imperishable SELF, is the highest goal for human to achieve. It is that Vidhya (knowledge) one has to acquire during the manhood, the awakening from the dream of sorrows and happiness. That is the Highest Dwelling Place, the State of Pure Consciousness, the Imperishable State, the seat of the highest Purusha. In fact that exists always.  

And this highest seat is attainable. Ch.8, Verse 22, says, "That highest Purusha, O Partha, is attainable by unswerving devotion to Him alone, within whom all beings dwell, by whom all this is pervaded."

All mud pots are mud only. All ornaments of Gold are Gold only. All wave and wavelets are the Ocean only. All threads and clothes are the cotton only. Pure awareness, the eternal truth is the platform, where all of us pass through the manifest and unmanifest conditions of the life and the death, the sleep and the awake, the action and pause modes, in the dreamland of Samsara. 

There are two paths: path to return and path never to return. It is our choice, which path we wish to walk. The path of Samsara or the path of Brahman, the SELF, the KRISHNA. 

Happy Janmashtami. Jai Shree KRISHNA.

25 August 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

No Religion

No Religion

Modern youths are walking on the path of no religion. In South Korea, nearly 49% people, mostly the youths identified themselves in No Religion category. Japan was following Santo similar like Vedic Hinduism with caste system, had moved to Buddhism and now the new generation is moving towards no religion.

In western world, the Churches are visited mostly by elders and children. The youths are busy in earning and enjoying life.

Why do you prefer no religion status instead of following the religion of your family? I asked a question to a Korean young man. What did he reply? I was not born with religion. I followed the faith of my parents. Now, I am young and I am to earn for me and for my future family. I am yet to search a girl of my choice and marry her. Progress and growth of my life is more important for me than the religion. The religion teaches us, does and don'ts, and mostly talking about our condition after death. It is more of a customary nature. How to perform marriage, death ceremony, rituals etc. Sometimes religion become an obstruction of growth because of it's don't instructions. For me, present life is important than the life after death. I should grow, my friends should grow, all should grow, my country should grow. We should work hard, produce, improve our income and GDP of the country and live a better quality of life. I may follow or not the customs of religion in all my rituals, but in a day to day life my participation in economic activities of the nation in more important. I shall earn, buy house and other amenities of life, spend money on my needs, pay taxes to government to build infrastructure and help the people in need if I have excess money. Development of my physical life is my first priority. He explained.

But where the orthodox world is going? In the name of religion some follow inequality of humans by birth and create conflicts in the Society and some brainwashed become terrorists for Jannat after the death. Religion becomes the dividing force of the communities. Instead of spreading good virtues preached by the religions, some people execute the bad practices and divide the human race into conflicting groups.

Who won't like to become a good human being? Who won't like to have peace and happiness of life? Who won't like to have the bliss of God?

All like them. But the Souls are living in bodies. And bodies during the span of 60-90 years need money to acquire basic quality of life. And for that, economic activities are more important than the religious activities. The physical and mental strength of the young age to be used for the individual development and in turn adding into the development of the community and the country.

But one should not missed the best practices of capacity building through Yogas, Asanas and meditation to maintain physical and mental fitness of the body and mind to deliver the best output. People were controlled by religion therefore all the good practices are taught through the religion. Otherwise, the way we accept science, maths, economics and other subjects; the philosophy, some practices are good for the betterment of the individuals and for the society.

After all, what are we? The physical presentation of our thoughts ? The thoughts we believe right, we hold them for long and become the life like the thoughts. But while interacting with others, with different communities if we correct our thoughts and tune with the common and progressive thoughts of the societies, then all will have common cause to live with peace, prosperity and happiness. Some of the thought leaders, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, etc, conveyed us the thoughts of common goods to follow to build a better society but many of us failed in looking at the Moon which they were pointing the finger, instead we see the finger only and start fighting comparing the size of the fingers.

Tons of thanks to be given to the scientists, technologists, doctors and Agro scientists for their discoveries and inventions, those made our life more comfortable and more liveable. Day by day: Our life expectancy, our comforts, our education, our income, our wealth are increasing. All through the economic activities. However, climate change and over exploration of natural resources without their renewal may be a challenge we have created for the next generation but development has brought us a better quality of life.

Combining the economic fruits with a life of good virtues will make the world a Heaven. Otherwise, the fight of I, the ego will destroy the harmony and make the earth a hell.

Religion or no religion, humanity and prosperity should be our torch of our life.

20 August 2016

Narayan Charan of Narayan Swaroopa

Narayan Charan of Narayan Swaroop

BAPA, Narayan Swaroop (Brahmaswaroop) Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj (Purusha) has left this world and gone to Akshardham from Sarangpur, Gujarat at 6 pm on 13 August 2016, Wednesday, Vikram Samvat 2072, Savan Shukla Paksha 10. His body remains offered to the Devdoot Fire, that merged into the five elements of Prakriti: earth, water, fire, air, space; at 5.15 - 7.45 pm on 17 August 2016. A physical life of 95 years and spiritual life of 7 decades left leaving a big organisation of BAPS with 1100 temples, charity trusts and thousands of followers. In 66 years of his career as the Pramukh of BAPS, he has made the institution the Best in its kind in organisational discipline following single command and executing projects with stipulated time frame, following economy in the expenditure. Constructing 110 shikharbaddha temples costing billions all across the world was one of the gigantic achievements of Baps under his leadership.

His Thakorji Bhakti, following Guru agya in toto, disciplined life, hard work and dedication to duty, has made him the God of the hearts of thousands of his followers. Late Dr Abdul Kalam, President of India, accepted him as his Guru of spiritual life.

Many dignitaries, VIPs, Saints, his followers from all over the world, and more than 1 million people came for the Darshana of his remains and more than a lakh witness his cremation on ground. Millions watched the event through the media.

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi came on 15 August 2016, and while expressing his feelings on BAPA's departure said that, the sadhus and Haribhaktas of BAPS has lost their Guru but he has lost his Father. BAPA cared for his growth like a father.

He was Guru, father, brother, friend, philosopher and guide for thousands. All who came his contact lost something. The Baps Sadhus and Saints have lost their Guru. The Haribhaktas have lost their Brahmaswaroop God. The people lost their charity institute. Children of Baps lost their loving BAPA. Youths of Baps lost their best friend and guide. The politicians lost their guide. Everyone has lost something in him.

But ONE MAN lost his everything in his departure. He was in BAPA's service for 24x7 for last two decades. Due to discipline, it was not that easy to be in services to BAPA in inner circle. BAPA was strong-willed and may reprimand if need be. But this man in service was different. When BAPA say something in anger, he will simply laugh, innocent laugh at him, showing all his teeth. And BAPA in turn doesn't stop his laughing, leaving all his anger. They were made for each other. For him BAPA was his Narayana Swaroop, the God, his everything. And for BAPA, he was his most loving disciple Narayan Charan.

BAPA was unwell for last 4 years, and Narayan Charan and his companion Yogi Charan without looking at day or night, hot or cold, fresh or tired, totally surrendered in BAPA's services. For Narayan Charan, he was God. He has learnt seeing God Swaminrayan in BAPA. Therefore, he was doing all his services with happiness. And when you like the work, you never feel tired.

But for last five days his stability had gone. One can see the pain in his inner heart through the restlessness of his body. He was unable to settle himself in one posture for even 30 seconds. One may keep oneself away from the dead body in decomposition stage with a fear of catching infection or disease, but for Narayan Charan, the body was also his Narayana. With utmost care and attentiveness, he cared for the body for 95 hours. He was touching it's face, lips, ears, and keeping in perfect position of Dhyana mudra. Generally, after the death, the look of the dead face is not attractive. In decomposition, body become black like carbon after 3-4 days. But BAPA's body maintain it's original colour and peacefulness of Dhyana over the face for all these four days in cabin temperature. And Narayan Charan was keeping everything in perfect order, even during the last moments on the pyre.

Many sadhus didn't take their meal for last 3-4 days. All were trying to meet with the words of BAPA's desire. The cremation place was selected at the cross section of the Swaminarayan Temple and the Smiriti Mandir (cremation place) of Shastriji Maharaj, BAPA's Guru. What a stage of mind! BAPA desired that when he goes, his face should be in front of Bhagwan Swaminarayana's Darshana and Bhakti, and while doing so, he should be watched from the left side by his Guru Shastriji Maharaj. He has kept his Bhakti and devotion to Bhagwan Swaminarayan under the supervision of his Guru. What a Guru Bhakti it was! He used to say that while implementing the agya of Guru, if he has to stand under a hot Sun for generations, he will do it without any hesitation.

Narayan Charan was a disciple of this BAPA. How could he fail in his examination? He is a real Narayan Charan of Narayan Swaroop Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj. Jai Ho Narayan Charan.

Jai Swaminarayan.

18 August 2016



Sansarikaran is the most important element in the organised and positive growth of any community.

Jains opposing Brahmanism initiated their own system of Tirthankars. They perform all rituals little differently like Hindus. Their mantras are in Prakrit. Their system of Sadhu Maharaj and Sadhvi are their guides. They teach them how to live life on Earth by putting control over the five senses. They have identified from the beginning that dharma, artha, Kama and moksha are interlinked and the supporting elements of each other. They earn through trades and networking and spend for dharma, for their community services at the end. As a result their is no poverty amongst them. They don't require unclean occupations. Their savings of wealth come to use for the service of the society. They follow common codes of living. Vegetarian food without onion, potato, garlic, etc; no alcohol, regular visit to Derasar, hearing Satsang, following Vratas and living a life of organised discipline is a common culture of the society. And when all the instruments of the orchestra tune well with the masters common command, the music created out of common play will be the best. Any community copy this model will be successful in life.

Patels were working initially with Jains. They learn many tricks of trade and commerce from the Jains. They were religious and following vegetarian way of life. Copying the entrepreneurship life of Jains, they started building wealth through trade and commerce. But the Guru system of Maharajshri was missing. At this point Swaminrayan Sadhus came forward to guide them. The original Gadi of temples created by Sahajananda Swaminarayan Bhagwan have been divided amongst his two nephews under the umbrellas of Vadtal and Kalupur, but later it has been further divided into Sokhada, Maninagar, BAPS, etc. They all started Sanskarikaran of the society and mostly of Patels, following Vachanamrut and Shikshapatri. They build temples for a common meeting points to share good virtues of life and run common services of Gurukul, hostels for building the common force of youths. They run charity programmes and always come forward to help the mankind at the time of calamities. There are individual Sadhus who run their independent Gurukuls and Hospitals. How many Swaminarayan Sadhus you can imagine. All together, they must be around 20,000. And Haribhaktas, 10-20 millions. The committed force of Sadhus and some of them are intellectually very sound are hiding the Haribhaktas the cultural way of good life following right path of good character, Satvik food, good company and better professions to earn wealth. And to share the income for the common causes and usages of the community. The Patel power in all fields, agriculture, dairy, trades and commerce, industries, education, health, politics, all are the creation of Dharma Dand of Swaminarayan Sadhus and the hard work of Hari Bhaktas. United in common codes and virtues of life, they are progressing fast.

Any society may change their names of identity or change religion but if don't change their life style for following common good virtues of life like other organised societies, they will not grow. They may enjoy their meal, drinks, customs, rituals, backwardness, etc, in their own style but change can happen only with the change over to right path. Many of the new generation are trying to apply changes, but the general atmosphere is not that positive. Like in riots the bad elements takes over the law and order and disrupt the life of common people, the orthodox elements of the society preside over the bad practices, which are major hurdles of our unity and growth. That is our real jail. We want freedom from them. Our new generation of youths have to think differently. They have to become more open to new ideas, to become more organised, to become more industrious and to grow more by following good virtues of life.

Development is not a short cut but a long Yatra of organised and tuned walking together with utmost discipline of life. Are we ready for that?

When any community reach to that common understanding, our dawn will be there. The freedom from our thoughts of backwards and untouchables. Leave all karmas and practices those make you backwards and untouchables.

Uttishta: arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

17 August 2016



He was BAPA of all the followers of the BAPS and the people who came in his contact. Dr Abdul Kalam accepted him as his Guru of Spiritual Guide.

After his first bypass surgery of heart, one of the Hari Bhaktas asked, hein Bapa, you say that God lives in our heart. When the doctor opened your heart, did he see the God in it?

How did BAPA reply?

It is a matter of practice of seeing. The doctor has a practice to see veins and arteries in the heart, therefore he will see that. But the Saints and Hari Bhsktas have practice of seeing God in it, therefore they see God in heart.

When Shastriji Maharaj took a principle stand on the issue of Sansari Acharya giving Diksha to the Brahamchari Saints and advocated for keeping the idols of Swami (the Sadhu/Bhakta ) and the Narayana (the God Sahajananda) in the centre of the Santorum of the temple; the traditional sampraday people boycotted Shastriji Maharaj and his two companions Yogiji Maharaj and Narayan Swaroop Das. After the boycott they cooked their first meal khichadi in an utensil made by cutting an oil tin. They didn't surrender to the boycott and establish a Trust named Bochasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS) in 1950 and made Narayan Swaroop Das, the first Pramukh (President) of the trust. Since then, he is known as Pramukh Swami. He was just 30 years old. From 1950 to 2016, for continuous 66 years he became a light house of the BAPS and its followers. What a magnet he was! The young doctors, engineers, architect, left their bright professional careers and became Sadhu of the BAPS, just to serve the command of BAPA. During his visionary leadership, BAPS constructed more than 1100 temples all over the world, of which more than 100 temples are made from stones, marbles with beautiful carving over it. These may cost in billions. But these temples are not their real assets but the Sanskar they built into their followers over the years is their real and the greatest asset. Every Sunday, the Ravi Sabha all over the world, assembled them in groups and make them good people working for the betterment of the society. The educational institutions and hostels run by BAPS are Sanskar Dhams. Everybody the old, young, boys, girl, children, rich, poor, etc, contributes here, monetarily or through service but the main aim is to service to the society. The colour of BAPS is so strong and permanent that the foreign culture of modern life couldn't break the inner core of values from its followers.

BAPS is such an organisation, where no body takes the credit of their great work and achievements. If you ask the Hari Bhsktas, they will  say it is done by Sadhus. The Sadhus will say it is blessing of the Sadguru Saints. The Sadguru saints will pass on credit to Pramukh Swami and Pramukh Swami will say Guru Kripa, the blessings of Yogiji Maharaj. The Amani (no ego) culture of the sect make it one of the fastest growing trusts, delivering great services to the humankind.

I remember BAPA's monitoring and support during kutch earthquake of 2001. Brahamvihari Swami was in charge of BAPS team working for the relief at Bhuj. BAPA used to call him thrice in a day regularly and use to review micro details of the relief operation. The list of articles supplied as relief kit were of great common sense. A kitchen was started for the victims were hundreds were eating for months. They used to send tiffins to the families who didn't come to the community kitchen due to social prestige.

BAPA used to say, the house, office, or organisation, if their toilets and accounts are unclean, they won't grow. He maintained both of them clean during his entire life. He didn't ashamed holding the broom to clean the toilets used by the public.

He was helpful to everyone. Morabi or Kutch, Kedarnath or Kashmir, Tsunami or Cyclone, BAPS under BAPA's command will be there with relief material, medicines and teams of its committed volunteers to serve the humanity.

BAPA lived a long life of 95 active years. He was unwell for last four years but never complain about pain or discomforts. For him, all moments were the blessings of his God Swaminarayan. He has accepted the life as it comes. When the terrorists attached Akshardham in 2002 killing 36 innocent people, BAPA maintain peace and told his followers to not to react and accepted the event as the will of God. He was happy in the happiness of others.

Keeping all happy (raaji rahejo), BAPA didn't miss giving his pleasant and innocent smile over the face while departing the world.

Jai Swaminarayan BAPA. Shower your blessings always over the Hari Bhaktas from the Akshar Dham.

14 August 2016

Hitler a Vegetarian

Hitler a vegetarian

What a vegetarian he was? 5.5 million Jews, 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war and 29 million soldiers and civilians died in the warfare created by Hitler. 53.8 million people, mostly the males, he disturbed the balance of the sex ratio of the continent. Therefore, "do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?" - Bible ( M 6.31).

“Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them? For it doesn’t go into their heart but into their stomach, and then out of the body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.) He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and defile a person” (Mark 7:18-23).
Therefore, not the food but the thoughts matter. Thoughts are generated with the surroundings and company in which we live in. Thoughts are coming and going. It is a continuous process. It generates and dies. But the thought which we hold, give it our life energy, become our mind and in turn our action.

Hitler had Hansa yoga of prestige and knowledge, and a Gaj Kesari yoga of power, under the tail of the snake Ketu. The Ruchak Yoga of Mars made him fuhrer of the Nazi. He was a magnet of his people with Venus-Mars union. But the angarak yoga of Sun and Mars put millions under the fire of war.

Not the food but the thoughts matter.

My mother used to teach us: " િવચાર બડો સાર છે, તેના રૂપિયા એક હજાર છે." (vichar bado saar chhe, tena rupiya ek hazar chhe)

10 August 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dharma Bharata

Dharma Bharata

Mahabharata is a Dharma Bharata. A story of each one of us living in this Sansara. A dharma yuddha of life. Each one of us is the Jayeshtha wage war each moment. Each one of us has Dropadi (Kama-lust), Nakul (Moha-attachment), Sahdeva (Lobha-greed), Bhima (Krodha-anger), and Arjun (Mada-pride). And we are surrounded by the Kauravas (the Samsar). And we do karma as per our desires following the Kama, Moha, Lobha, Krodha and Mada. And accordingly, receive sorrow and happiness of life through the events and achievements. But the one, who remain Sthira (stable) in this Yuddha (war), the Yudhisthira, he wins the Dharma Yuddha under the guidance of Shri Krishna (the Self, Soul) and attain salvation, the heaven.

10 August 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Good morning Astrology, who will be the CM of Gujarat?

Good morning astrology, who will be the CM of Gujarat?

I have opened this horoscope the last. But thrice I have mentioned the strength of the Vargottami Rahu. He has not only Rahu but also Ketu and Mercury Vargottami. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio. And surprisingly, in Gochar, Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio at present. And the Rahu(Vargottami) Mahadasha with what a great combination match with Jupiter antar and Mercury (Vargottami) pratyantar. His generosity will win his colleagues. He has sharp memory and logical thinking. He might have earn the image of slow disposer of files, but no one can question his sharp intellect, understanding of the intentions of the proposers and favour for the judicious decisions. Circumstances will lead him to the direction from where the divine She Elephant will come and put the garland of flower around his neck.

Subham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

4 August 2016


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Good morning Astrology, Between Leo and Cancer.

The Leo, the front runner of the race is a very nobel person full with gentleness. He has learned the positive tricks of politics from his mentor. His horoscope doesn't carry Mahayogas but the Parivartan Yoga of Saturn and Mars in his birth moon lagna kundali, makes the Saturn, Mars and Rahu powerful. And these are the forces that make the person successful in public life against all obstructions. The aspect of Jupiter and Mars over each other make him generous and Dariya Deel, but sometimes turns into a loss of opportunity. He may sacrifice for others. As Saturn is strong through Parivartan power of Mars, and he is passing through Saturn Mahadasha with Jupiter antar, he became MLA in bye election, became Minister, became State Party President and continued as Minister and now the front runner for the post of CM.

Another contender of the race, the Cancer has Vargottami Rahu period, can give unexpected gains. He can be the chief, either of the Government or the Party.

The third person whose Mahayogas were described in my previous mail, may continue in Delhi if the news are true.

The fourth who has two debilitated position of Sun and Mars, may be kept away from the race gracefully.

Finally, Destiny will decide the Gujpati😊

4 August 2016

Another candidate, a sitting minister has Vargottami Rahu and he is passing through Rahu Mahadasha with Rahu antar dasha. Rahu represents backwards, and the issue of backwards is live in the environment. Rahu can eclipse Sun and Moon, therefore, at eleventh hour this viparit Rajyoga may turn into Rajyoga. A probability may be generated out of uncertainty. Keeping the runner up in the race. 3/8/16

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Good morning astrology, who will be the CM of Gujarat?

"Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama 

All those in public posts have some Rajyoga in their horoscopes. But some with exalted and Vargottami stars get better opportunities and some with debilitated stars-planets miss the bus at the last moment. 

Out of the names in the news, let us review the moon lagna kundali of one of the candidates. He has very good star positioning in his birth horoscope with three major "Mahapurush Yogas": Hans Yoga of exalted Jupiter in Cancer, Malvya yoga of Venus in Libra, Shash yoga of exalted Saturn in Libra. The union of Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Moon in Libra is also positive. He has a logical, philosophical and judicious mind and he is expressive of his thought process.

In Gochar, the Jupiter transit over his birth Sun from 11 August (however, the exact union will happen after 5 months) gives him an edge over others. 

He is passing through Venus Mahadasha with Jupiter antar and Venus pratyantar, and Jupiter being exalted and Vargottami, indicates very very positive time for him to enter into the bigger circle of power. He is completing the third phase of sadesati of Saturn in Scorpiio, will get a prize. He has received the fruits of the stars position recently, getting a ministry, but that may not be sufficient compare to his stars strengths at present. Therefore, he may get one more promotion, may be the chair of Guharat CM. If he fails in that, then his present post will be elevated. But the previous is more probable. 

Birth number 1 and his birth in the period of Libra makes him leader with judicious and independent attitude.

Whosoever comes, the growth train of Gujarat must continue to run in the top gear. 

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam. 

3 August 2016

NB: Jyotish is a science of probability, may not be true always.

Leo CMs of Gujarat

22 July to 22 August is called the period of Leo. The persons born during this period are leaders born to rule, whether a small kingdom or a large kingdom. But as per Eastern Astrology, Sun, the major Star transit in moon sign Cancer, the house of Moon during the period between 15 July to 15 August. Therefore, the persons born in this period reaches to the top through accidental circumstances. The situation select them for the Chair. 

Gujarat had 5 Leo CM out of total 15 till date. 

1. Hitendra Desai 9/8/1915
2. Madhavsinh Solanki 30/7/1927
2. Amarsinh Chaudhary 31/7/1941
3. Keshubhai Patel 24/7/1928
4. Suresh Mehta 18/8/1947
5. Shankarsinh Vaghela 21/7/1940
6. ......

Those in the race, one of them is Leo born on 2/8/1956, his birthday today. Three names are in race: Leo, Libra and Cancer but two Taurus are dark horse. 

On whose neck, the divine She Elephant will put the garland of flower around?

2 August 2016

NB: In IAS, there are Leo, carry personality of Lion, the King.

Mahabharata of Life

Mahabharata of Life

Every one of us wage Mahabharata war at all crucial moments. The Kauravas (negative forces) are more than the Pandavas (divine forces). And the guiding force, the Self is our Krishna. Our mind is our Kurukshetra. In the light of consciousness of the Self we choose our path of Sat (eternal) and Asat (intermittent). With open eyes we shall walk on right path of light and with delusion (moha) of blindness we lend up in darkness.

It is interesting to note the correlation between the Rigveda and the Mahabharata. Rigveda talks about two queens, the queens of day light and the queen of night. The day light queen Usha (Kunti) (dawn) (awakening) gives birth to four Mantra Children Karna, Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjun; through four deities of the Rigveda (Sun, Yama, Vayu, Indra) and her co-wife Madri (Sandhya) (dusk) gives birth to two children Sahdeva and Nakul through the two deities of Rigveda, the two Ashwini Kumars. And all these six children carry the power and characteristics of their father deities. The queen of night Gandhari marrying to a blind man, deliver 100 children through the dark pots, who walk on the path of Asat. They last till they had the strength of the first son of the day queen Karna.

We are all active on our Kshetra (the field of objective and subjective mind) with the strength of our Kshetragna (self) (the knower) (the witness) and decide our path of good or bad acts (karma).

O God, give me the strength to walk on the path of Sat, the righteousness.


5 August 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

An enemy hurts always

An enemy hurts always.

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two ancient epics of India are teaching great lessons of life for centuries. 

A fight for kingdom between two cousins ends in killing of the army of 18 Akshauhini, 11 of Kauravas and 7 of Pandavas. A group of one elephant, one chariot, 3 horses, 5 foot soldiers add up in different formations. An Akshauhini, by calculation, contains 21,870 elephants, 21,870 chariots, 65,610 Horses, and 109,350 foot soldiers. Killing of 1.968 million people! Whether this number may be true or false looking at the forest cover and population of those days may reviewed separately, but the lesson of story is loud and clear that wars may establish Dharma but at the cost of millions of lives. 

After Duryodhana loses the mace match with Bhima, Pandavas felt that the war is over and they become victorious. But they didn't move out of the field that night. It turned into a Kalratri of their life. Duryodhana was injured badly with broken thighs. His prana was not leaving. His two companions were still alive: Ashwatthama (son of Guru Drone) and Kritavarma (the Chief of Krishna's Narayani Yadav Sena). As there were no rules left to follow in that war, Ashwatthama, with the help of Kritavarma, carried out a night attack and slaughtered Dhrishtadyumna (the Pandava commander-in-chief), Shikhandi and the five sons of Draupadi. A big loss to Pandavas after winning the war. 

It was not ended there. Kritavarma, the chief of Yadav army returned to Dwarika. As Krishna was the chief advisor from Pandava side and Arjun killed the opponents including the Narayani Army, Kritavarma became disobedient of Krishnas command. He with Sham (the son of Krishna and son-in- law of Duryodhana) made the Yadavas alcoholic. And in the series of taunts and insults, they fought amongst themselves and killed each others. At the end, entire Yadav Kula including Krishna and Balram died.

Pandavas left Duryodhana in unconsciousness status who made Ashwatthama the commander in chief. Pandavas left Ashwatthama alive as son of the Guru and Kritavarma as the Chief of their friend Krishna's army. Both became the destroyer of the entire race of Pandavas and Yadavas. Due to destiny Parikshita, the son of Abhimanyu survived though blessings of Lord Krishna though he was born dead (due to Brahmashtra of Ashwatthama); and Pradhyumana, another son of Krishna carried the race farther.

Krishna and Pandavas, who could manage the war of 18 days and won it against the 11 Akshauhini army of Kauravas headed by Commander in Chief: Bhisma (10 days), Drona (5 days), Karna (2 days), Shalya (1 day); couldn't manage that Kalratri against Ashwatthama and Kritavarma. 

Krishna who managed the entire war of Mahabharata couldn't manage his son and his friend Kritavarma. 

Enemy is enemy, how so ever small he/she may be, will act for destruction till his/her last breath. 

सर्पदुर्जनोर्मध्ये वरं सर्पो न दुर्जन: ।
सर्प: दंशती कालेन दुर्जनस्तु पदे पदे ॥

When it comes to comparison between a serpent and a wicked person, it is the serpent who is the better of the two. (Because,) a serpent bites occasionally( very seldom). But, the wicked person stings(causes pain) at every step(always).

Disease and enemy be destroyed at first sight.

Beware of enemies. Better to make them friends.

4 August 2016
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