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Valand, the Vaidhya

Valand the Vaidhya

India was a country of villages of Agro estates where Ritualist (Priests, Pujari, Garo for untouchables); Power and Authority, the owners of land (Rajput); farmers and farm labourers (Patel, Koli, Raval, Pagi, Ode); Cowherds (Bharvad, Rabari, Chaudhari); Service Castes (Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Mason, Potter, Barber, Washerman, Weaver, Chamar, Valmiki, etc); Entertainer (Turi, Nat, Barot, Charan, etc); were living together. They were dependent on each other and were living on economy of barter system. They were living in ghettos of their professional castes groups, therefore, the practice of untouchability developed based on the clean and unclean occupations and the living styles. As the children learn their professions from the parents, the caste system initiated on the basis of the profession and was gradually converted into the caste system by birth. The Priest class put a religion stamp over it and turned the condition of one class of the society into slavery.

In these castes groups, one of the important castes was the Barber. They are called Hazam, Nai, Valand, and Senva for the untouchable castes. Their presence with the Brahmins were indispensable as their services were required in weddings and funerals. Apart from their services of cutting and shaving hairs, the community Valand were the Vaidhyas. When there was no allopathic treatment available in India, the traditional Vaidhyas from the Brahmins and the Barber community were serving and treating the people in their illness. There were two methods of treatments: internal, external. The internal method was giving medicines made from herbs and regulating the diets items, etc, served mainly by the priest community. The external treatments were mainly the massage, application of pastes, bath in herbal hot water, etc, the ancient Spa!, generally done by the barber community.

With education, urbanisation and modernisation, the traditional caste system is breaking away. The new generation don't copy the trades of their parents. They acquire education and skills and join the trades of their liking. As a result some of the trades and tricks are vanishing from the villages. One may find the barber but the Valand Vaidhyas are missing. Now machines are making goods and services for the people, therefore, the new generation is the operators of the machines of the goods and services. 

But I found one Valand of old tradition in Botad. I was on duty from government side to manage the event of the funeral of Pramukh Swami Maharaj at Sarangpur, a village in Botad district. Many VIPs and more than 1.2 million people visited the place during those 4 days. Due to standing and moving positions for long hours, our backs were unable to fold to settle on a chair. One of my support staff, the forester realised the pain and offered me a service of a Valand to rub the cow ghee with bronze article on my soles. I knew the technique because we used to do the same in our home when we used to feel excessive of heat in the body. It is an useful treatment in maintaining the health of the eyesight. 

A village barber came and serve me by massaging cow ghee with a small bronze bowl on my soles. But he was Valand Vaidhya. He added a trick in his technique. He added salt into the cow ghee. Ghee with salt massage on the soles made the big difference. The farthest location of the body from the heart, the legs, generally keep the deposits of the residual (unable to return due to ageing of heart) and that become the reason of some of our diseases of stiffness of muscles, pain in hills, swellings, heaviness, etc. Salt with cow ghee, while rubbing on the soles with bronze arrival open the veins blockages of the bottom area and improvise the system of blood circulation of the body that helps in curing some of the diseases from head to toe.

At home, we have noticed that this medicine removes the blockages and tumours at the junction joints of neck, face, waist, hips joints etc.

Massage on the soles with cow ghee with bronze article at night gives a very deep sound sleep. One will wake up with dawn chorus only.

Like to try? Do it.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam. 

26 August 2016


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