Monday, August 29, 2016

Kala, I am Time

Kala, I am time

We are using the words, Kala , Kali , kalio, Kala Bhairav, Kalaki, etc, describing the time and space, the life and death of the Sansara. God is not a particle but a condition in which there is no time and no space. The lightest object known to human is light. It travels 0.186 million mile/second. One can imagine the size of the Universe with the simple calculation of the Starlight we see every night, that is 1000 years old. The object lighter than light even can move faster than the light, can travel more distance.  One may imagine Him (God) as the lightest form of existence, exist and spread across the Universes without travelling time.

Our Universe was created after the Big Bang about 15 billion years ago. Expansion, ageing and cooling of the Universe resulted into Hydrogen, Helium, CO2, O2, Iron, Stars, Planets and the Life (sustain and reproduce, RNA-DNA). Our Solar System was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. Life has been wringing over Earth for roughly 3.5 billion years. It has a life of 10 billion years from now, before being doomed, the intelligent form of life will space travel (manas putra, creation of mind!) and escape to another habitable zone of the Star or it will happen spontaneously, somewhere, some how by a chance, evolute and become human (the form of 3 billion nucleic acids and bit by bit an information bundle of 100 million bits) again, again and again. A journey from Single cell life to Complex life.

Earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago. Life on Earth started 3.5 billion years ago. Multicellular life started 580 million years ago. It's present collusion free period of 70 million years has given room for the complex life to grow and sustain. Global warming will end the life of Earth in 1.75 to 3.5 billion years.

Jain cosmology consider the universe as uncreated entity, exists since infinity and has no beginning no end. It has a shape like man standing with legs apart and resting the arms on his waist. It has been divided into three lokas (urdhva, madhya, adho) (heaven, middle level, hell). It is made of living substance (Chetana/Consciousness (Soul-Jeeva) exists as a separate existence from the body), non living substance, matter (pudgal) motion (dharma), rest (adharma), space (akash) and time (kala). The world is full with Jeevas, coming out of the Nigoda and living in 14 forms.

Time is eternal for Jainism, the cosmic wheel of time rotate ceaselessly for trillions of years, in ascending (utsarpini-happiness) and descending (avsarpini-sorrow) time cycles of 6 Aras. At present, we are living in the 5th Ara of sorrow with little happiness. The 6th Ara will be of extreme sorrow and misery yet to begin.
"This universe is not created nor sustained by anyone; It is self sustaining, without any base or support" - Acharya Hemchandra.

Hinduism has described the creation theory of time and space by using religious names Brahma, Maha Vishnu, Maha Shiva, Maha Kali.

One day of Brahma is called Kalpa of 4.32 billion human years. Each Kalpa has 14 Manvantars. Each Manvantar has 71 chaturyuga of each of 4.32 million years (Satyug 1.728m, Treta 1.296m, Dwapar 0.864m, Kaliyug 0.432m). The universe parish by the end of Brahma's day. Then comes his night of 4.32 billion years. And thousand such cycles of day and night make One year of Brahma. The life of Brahma is 100 years, means 311 trillion and 50 billion years. 0.504 million Manus manifest during the one life of Brahma (420 Manu/month)! One second of Brahma = 98630 human years.

The life of Brahma of 100 years is equal to a blink of Maha Vishnu. 100 years of Maha Vishnu is equal to a blink of Maha Shiva and 100 years of Maha Shiva is equal to a blink of Maha Kali. Can you count the years of the life of Maha Kali? Infinite. Time and space ends there. It remains as it is. Nischal.

Looking at the age of our Earth (4.5 billion years), and remaining life of 10 billion years span, the life on Earth will get over in just 3 days of Brahma.

Albert Einstein had discovered the principle of relativity, where the time dilates with gravitation; deeper the gravitation, slower the clock. Therefore, life/time vary in each gravitational well. Light, the fastest can travel 1.86 miles a second, but if something else travel more that the light, the time will slow down for it relatively.

Does it mean that as we enter into the higher gravitational wells, the time slow down and at one point the time become zero, the timeliness condition. Planets orbit around the Sun, Suns and Stars orbit around the Galaxy, Galaxies are orbiting  around the bigger center, the bigger centres are orbiting around the biggest centre. Finally, the centre of the biggest centre of all the universes has no time, no space. Other objects may expand or squeeze in different time cycles but the centre remain the same, Nischal.

We are not only in living Earth but in living Universe-Universes. The combination of Vyakta and Avyakta worlds. Manifest, unmenifest, manifest, the Drama (Lila) of the Almighty. Nothing is invented; all creation, knowledge, etc, discovered from the unmanifest state. Before being doomed, the intelligent form of life will space travel (manas putra, creation of mind!) and escape to another habitable zone, the new Earth. The meaning of earth is therefore, not our Earth, but the habitat centre of life wherever it is exists.

I am Kala (time) and the Kalatit (beyond time)!!! Shiva, Shiva, Chidanand Rupa:, Shivoham Shivoham.

29 August 2016

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