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He was BAPA of all the followers of the BAPS and the people who came in his contact. Dr Abdul Kalam accepted him as his Guru of Spiritual Guide.

After his first bypass surgery of heart, one of the Hari Bhaktas asked, hein Bapa, you say that God lives in our heart. When the doctor opened your heart, did he see the God in it?

How did BAPA reply?

It is a matter of practice of seeing. The doctor has a practice to see veins and arteries in the heart, therefore he will see that. But the Saints and Hari Bhsktas have practice of seeing God in it, therefore they see God in heart.

When Shastriji Maharaj took a principle stand on the issue of Sansari Acharya giving Diksha to the Brahamchari Saints and advocated for keeping the idols of Swami (the Sadhu/Bhakta ) and the Narayana (the God Sahajananda) in the centre of the Santorum of the temple; the traditional sampraday people boycotted Shastriji Maharaj and his two companions Yogiji Maharaj and Narayan Swaroop Das. After the boycott they cooked their first meal khichadi in an utensil made by cutting an oil tin. They didn't surrender to the boycott and establish a Trust named Bochasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS) in 1950 and made Narayan Swaroop Das, the first Pramukh (President) of the trust. Since then, he is known as Pramukh Swami. He was just 30 years old. From 1950 to 2016, for continuous 66 years he became a light house of the BAPS and its followers. What a magnet he was! The young doctors, engineers, architect, left their bright professional careers and became Sadhu of the BAPS, just to serve the command of BAPA. During his visionary leadership, BAPS constructed more than 1100 temples all over the world, of which more than 100 temples are made from stones, marbles with beautiful carving over it. These may cost in billions. But these temples are not their real assets but the Sanskar they built into their followers over the years is their real and the greatest asset. Every Sunday, the Ravi Sabha all over the world, assembled them in groups and make them good people working for the betterment of the society. The educational institutions and hostels run by BAPS are Sanskar Dhams. Everybody the old, young, boys, girl, children, rich, poor, etc, contributes here, monetarily or through service but the main aim is to service to the society. The colour of BAPS is so strong and permanent that the foreign culture of modern life couldn't break the inner core of values from its followers.

BAPS is such an organisation, where no body takes the credit of their great work and achievements. If you ask the Hari Bhsktas, they will  say it is done by Sadhus. The Sadhus will say it is blessing of the Sadguru Saints. The Sadguru saints will pass on credit to Pramukh Swami and Pramukh Swami will say Guru Kripa, the blessings of Yogiji Maharaj. The Amani (no ego) culture of the sect make it one of the fastest growing trusts, delivering great services to the humankind.

I remember BAPA's monitoring and support during kutch earthquake of 2001. Brahamvihari Swami was in charge of BAPS team working for the relief at Bhuj. BAPA used to call him thrice in a day regularly and use to review micro details of the relief operation. The list of articles supplied as relief kit were of great common sense. A kitchen was started for the victims were hundreds were eating for months. They used to send tiffins to the families who didn't come to the community kitchen due to social prestige.

BAPA used to say, the house, office, or organisation, if their toilets and accounts are unclean, they won't grow. He maintained both of them clean during his entire life. He didn't ashamed holding the broom to clean the toilets used by the public.

He was helpful to everyone. Morabi or Kutch, Kedarnath or Kashmir, Tsunami or Cyclone, BAPS under BAPA's command will be there with relief material, medicines and teams of its committed volunteers to serve the humanity.

BAPA lived a long life of 95 active years. He was unwell for last four years but never complain about pain or discomforts. For him, all moments were the blessings of his God Swaminarayan. He has accepted the life as it comes. When the terrorists attached Akshardham in 2002 killing 36 innocent people, BAPA maintain peace and told his followers to not to react and accepted the event as the will of God. He was happy in the happiness of others.

Keeping all happy (raaji rahejo), BAPA didn't miss giving his pleasant and innocent smile over the face while departing the world.

Jai Swaminarayan BAPA. Shower your blessings always over the Hari Bhaktas from the Akshar Dham.

14 August 2016


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