Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dharma Bharata

Dharma Bharata

Mahabharata is a Dharma Bharata. A story of each one of us living in this Sansara. A dharma yuddha of life. Each one of us is the Jayeshtha wage war each moment. Each one of us has Dropadi (Kama-lust), Nakul (Moha-attachment), Sahdeva (Lobha-greed), Bhima (Krodha-anger), and Arjun (Mada-pride). And we are surrounded by the Kauravas (the Samsar). And we do karma as per our desires following the Kama, Moha, Lobha, Krodha and Mada. And accordingly, receive sorrow and happiness of life through the events and achievements. But the one, who remain Sthira (stable) in this Yuddha (war), the Yudhisthira, he wins the Dharma Yuddha under the guidance of Shri Krishna (the Self, Soul) and attain salvation, the heaven.

10 August 2016


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