Friday, October 30, 2015



Shiny skin, dark purple colour, the King of vegetables, Brinjal is in the market in plenty. Winter is a season of varieties of vegetables. But the cheapest (Re.10/kg), Brinjal is the best for the common mass of Asia. 

Some people may not like it's taste but it's a staple food for common men in India. Potato, Onion and Brinjal are the main source of Vitamin and minerals to the millions.

Brinjal is a low calorie food rich in fibre, antioxidant, potassium, phytonutrients, minerals, etc. It helps in fighting colon cancer, heart disease, BP, diabetes, etc. 

It's combination with potato or methi leaves or valor papdi or onion or radish, make the lunch/dinner delicious. Bengan bharta is a favourite dish of many.

But remember, the Brinjal cooked with ghee taste 100 times better than that cooked with oil. Ayurveda prohibits to eat Brinjal that has seeds inside. Therefore soft and fresh Brinjal cooked with ghee will be the finest taste of Winter this year. 

Please enjoy.

30 October 2015

NB: Agriculture Scientists have developed BT Brinjal but it is held up in biological controversy.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Do you like a food without salt and chilli? A tasteless food! Stress is like a chilli of our life. Life will become tasteless without stress. In want of better quality of life; people in 21st century, from kids to old, all are living with stress. The GDP and progress are the outcome of the human stress.

My father told me a story of a village girl living with a queen. Her only job was to lift a calf of the buffalo on her shoulder and climb up the stairs of the house daily. Day by day the calf was gaining weight and the girl was gaining strength. One day she was able to lift the buffalo on her shoulder and climb up the stairs of the house.

Modern man has developed such strength to carry more load of stress on his body. But the body is ageing. It's miraculous pump called heart is getting tired of pumping blood to the body. Over a period of time it develops more stress to pump blood, that increases the blood pressure, which enlarges the heart. Stress makes our veins stiffer, that need more pumping pressure from the heart, increases the systolic BP. The stiffer veins develop cholesterol and plaques that obstruct the blood flow, increase the diastolic BP. Our reactive nature is one of the major causes for the stress. Stress makes our body, joints veins, and nature stiffer. Stiffness of the body is the main cause of BP and heart diseases.

My grand daughter Kavya taught me a lesson. When she goes to sleep, her body become a body of octopus, completely relaxed. Her deep sound sleep makes her more energetic. She has eidetic memory.

Deep sound sleep is the best remedy in night and asanas with shabasan (30 minutes) following a meditation (20 minutes) in day time are the best way of relaxing the stiff body, joints and veins. Practicing a nature of a witness (sakshi bhav) of the event make us non reactive. Leaves of drumstick or statins drugs can remove plaques from the veins.

The main remedy is to manage the stress by relaxing the body and mind either by medicine or meditation.

29 October 2015

NB: Some people may be trying alcohol for the purpose but it is yet to be proved a medicine for stress management! Comments please.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Gujaratis call salt as "mithu". Do you know why? The salt of the sea is bitter (kadva) in taste, and if you cook food with the sea salt without processing, the food will taste bitter. The agariyas in the coastal areas make it "mithu" through salt processing. The evaporation of brine with the help of Sun and wind make it edible. It makes our food tasty therefore it is called "mithu" in Gujarati. It became "mithu" through "Dandi March", lead us to freedom from British rule.

Potassium and Sodium are important to maintain electrolytes balance. Any imbalances in the electrolytes may lead into disorientation, cerebral oedema and death. 

Research has found that a high-sodium diet with low potassium intake influences vascular volume and tends to elevate the blood pressure. If sodium is not pumped out, water accumulates within the cell causing it to swell and ultimately burst.

The salt has a major roll to play in our body weight and blood pressure. As you know, our body is made of water (2/3). Salt retains water therefore, excessive salt add into body mass of water and increase the body weight. Salt also increases the blood pressure. When we eat too much salt, which contains sodium, our body holds extra water to wash the salt from our body. In some people, this may cause blood pressure to rise. The added water puts stress on your heart and blood vessels.

We are living in the time of advertisements and brand items. Under the fear of goiter, most of the house holds have shifted to the refined salt. The refined salt is less salty compared to the traditional common crystalline salt. As a result, we use more refined salt (more sodium) to maintain the taste of the food. 

When I faced blood pressure problem under the stressful assignment of GSRTC (2002-05), instead of stopping the salt from the food, I moved to the traditional crystalline salt in my food. With the help of acupressure, spine cord alignment (with asanas), and meditation I became free from the disease.

Don't you believe that. Please try and confirm. The main objective is to reduce salt intake.

WHO recommends that adults should consume less than 2,000 mg of sodium, equivalent to 5 grams of salt (NaCl) per day.

27 October 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015



Diabetes is called a "Raj Rog". The person who is not doing physical activities will land up into this disease. He/She is eating without consumption of energy by some physical act. The pancreas goes on releasing insulin to convert the glucose into glycogen but it gets tired by over working on the task. Finally, the pancreas dies. And the person has to manage the dose of insulin from external sources. The work, his body was doing systematically for 24x7, now he has to keep a watch and monitor the dose of insulin regularly.

It was said that Gujaratis are more prone to this disease because they eat more sugar and work less. Some people carry the disease in their genes. But now the disease has been spread across the country. People who were working in farms, doing some physical acts daily are also facing this disease. I don't know, but western India may be facing this disease more that the eastern India.

What may be the reason?

The disease is directly linked with our food. Therefore, one has to look at the food that people are eating. People in Gujarat and Rajasthan are generally eating vegetarian food. With the campaign of eating more vegetables, people eat more vegetables than their staple food of Dal-Roti. The land is less fertile and to meet with the demands, productivity demands more use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. The vegetables are full of these poisons. Poison became part of our food, attacking the pancreas and the liver and making us diabetic.

What can we do?

1. Reduce intake of vegetables.

2. Wash vegetables with salt water before cooking.

3. Grow more organic food.

4. Do some physical act or exercise daily.

5. Be careful of two white poisons (salt and sugar) and one sticky poison, the Oil/fat.

6. Follow Ayurveda for prevention of the disease.

26 October 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015



Soham is a mantra many Gurus give to their disciples. Three letters word leads oneself to the realisation. How is it possible?

Who am I, is the question asked by the humans in search of the original and eternal identity. And what a surprise! He carries the answer with himself. Carrying a child and searching for it. Kasturi deer is searching for the kasturi in the forest wondering here and there.

Do you breathe every moment? Yes, a healthy person breathe for 21600 times in a day. 

Have you heard the sound of your breathe? Sound of the breathe!. Yes. Each inhale and exhale is making a sound. One can here it with micro attention. Each inhale makes the sound "Sooooo" and each exhale makes the sound "hummm". Each cycle of the breathe chant the mantra Soham.

What does it mean? So mean He. Hum means is.

It is the answer of your question, who am I. Each breathe answers you that whom you are searching for is you only. I am that.

Sooooohummm...Sooooohummm...Sooooohummm. I am that...I am that....I am that.

Breathe is the bridge between body and mind. And if you give little attention to the breathing traffic on the bridge (inhalation and exhalation), you will connect yourself to your origin, the "swaroopa (our roop) gyan".

Sit down in a relaxed position. Softly close your eyes. Little smile over your lips and cheeks. And a soft attention to the breathe sound. Inhale...Sooooo, exhale...hummm. You are doing in it the Space and in the Ocean of the wind. Merge in the sound, leaving your physical identity at home and fly with the winds.

Aho..Soham! Enjoy the Happy Day.

24 October 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We are the Creators of our World.

We are the Creators of our World.

All of us know the uses of satellites for transmissions and communications. The waves from a small mobile instrument go up in the satellite through the control stations and come back to the receiver mobile and connect us to talk to each other. The audio-videos are transmitted to millions of TV through the same medium. 

If physical instruments perform such act, what can the live instruments, i.e., we can perform?

We know the story of Sanjay, the charioteer of Dhritrastra, watching Mahabharat war of Kurukshetra through Divine Eyes and describing it to Maharaja Dhritrastra in Hastinapur (Delhi) Palace. 

When Lord Krishna arrived in Mathura first time, some were looking him as friend, some as a lovely child, Kansh and his fellows looking him as enemy. The person was one, but viewers were transmitting different images for him. Therefore, he delivered the same image for each one of them and acted in same direction, met friends as friends and killed enemies as enemies.

The Universe is full of He/Almighty/God energy. That is live and eternal. We are seeds of these energy and are connected 24x7 like a drop of water with that Ocean. Our mind is a thought processing instrument with a display screen active 24x7. It performs all acts with the help of 5 gyanendriyas (senses for knowledge) and 5 karmendriyas (senses for action). As we are connected with the live Universe, whatever we think, it has direct impact over the events and activities in the globe. Disciplined humans together, thinking of peace for all can change the environment and fate of the globe.

If we carry good or bad feelings for a person, he/she will carry the same for us. Over relations with our family members, friends, loved once, enemies, caste fellows, state fellows, country fellows are nothing but the reflections of the thoughts transmitted from both the sides.

As a group, our thoughts have impact over the outcome of the major events. For example, in elections, the environment of thoughts created through campaign deliver more results than the performance evaluation of the parties. The political parties instead of building relationship of love and friendship and contest elections on important issues, develop hatredness amongst themselves and amongst their workers, making the environment hot. It is doing permanent damage to the State/Country as the division of the citizens on religion, castes and creeds are continuing.

The continuous thinking process between two communities, two countries for either love or hatredness earn the same feelings for each other. Both the countries fought wars and are spending billions on defense expenditure. Both the countries failed in building relationship of love though both are the children of the United India and have common culture and traditions practiced over hundreds of years.

As a Human, what do we wish? What do we desire? What do we think?

Whatever we think and transmit is going to be the world in front of our eyes. 

Why can't we think and transmit better, to make the whole earth a peaceful and happy destination, the Nandanvan, the Vashudhaiv kutumbkam?

20 October 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cow v/s Buffalo

Cow v/s Buffalo

India was a country covered by Jungles. The 10 Awatara theory of Hinduism describes the evolution of human from a Fish to a Modern man. 6th Avatara, Bhagvan Pharsuram has been associated with removing kshatriya (cutting trees) 27 times through Pharasu (his weapon) and opening the way for Agriculture. 8th Avatara Bhagwan Krishna mechanized agriculture with plough, initiated irrigation facilities and popularised animal husbandry through the milk products.

There were stories of conflicts between Devas and Danavas. Cow was a Kamdhenu for Devas and Mahish (Buffalo) was a life line for Mahishi (Danavas). The story of Mahishasur Mardini, Goddess Durga, might be a story of fights between these two cultures. Bhagwan Rama and Ravana may be representing these two different cultures.

Hinduism always talks about all scientific formulas through religious rituals because except few (2-4%), mostly people were illiterate. They couldn't understand right and wrong through logics. Therefore, all codes and rules were implemented through religious directions, keeping good health and happy long life in mind.

Eating non veg food is a common practice in India. It is a rich source of Vitamin B, protein, iron and other nutrients. Ayurveda describes characteristics of different meat. But which meat to eat was a question of choice for a family looking at the availability and their economic condition. (Jungle King Lion kills and eats deer, therefore Human Kings started hunting and eating deer and added Singh as suffix to their names!!!).

As thoughts are considered the most micro form of the food, there were lot of discussions and analysis done by Ayurveda and the Indian religious organizations. Amongst them, Jainism has popularised vegetarianism in the Country with scientific and convincing arguments.

Beef is a sensitive subject in India. Hindus have linked it with purity of rituals. Therefore, people used to take bath, or wash Idols with Ganga Jal if somebody (beef eater) had touched the person or the idols. The nutritional and health message has taken a wrong and conservative approach.

I don't know, but to promote cow culture for getting milk, milk products and using oxen in agriculture, the ban on beef eating might have imposed with the support of religion. Some people might have studied the adverse effect of beef on human health.

Somebody has compared the nutritional value between beef and bison (buffalo meat) and found out that Bison has less fat, less cholesterol, more protein, more iron and more polyunsaturated fatty acids (healthy Omega-3, Omega-4), more zinc, more magnesium, more phosphorus, more potassium than beef. Beef contains more sodium and folate than bison. Bison meat is more likely to be organic than beef because buffalos graze grasses only. Those who can't afford Chicken, Fish and mutton in their nutritional diets; bison meat is an affordable choice.

It is to note that, Gujarat White Revolution has been lead by collection of Buffalo Milk.

Feeding of non productive domestic animals is a big economic challenge of the Country because, most of their rearers are BPL or little above the BPL people. The way Gujarat has imposed prohibition and found out alternative means of revenue, the community if more sensitive to the issue, shall pay for enhancement of Panjara Poles with grazing land - grass availability and give away business of meat export of $ 5B/annum. However Panjara Poles preserve the cattle only. Unproductive Buffalos have no guard.

The way population of domestic animals is increasing, and uncertainties of rainfall due to climate change, growing of grass may take important position in agriculture India.

Eating or not eating meat is linked with the faith and belief of each individual. Let us hope for better harmony amongst all communities in the Country.

18 October 2015

NB: Beef v/s Bison (per 100g): Fat/Lipid: 21.83, 15.13; Cholesterol: 84, 83; Calories: 295, 238; Proteins: 23.05, 23.77; Iron: 2.42, 3.08; Fatty acids/polyunsaturated: 0.656, 0.711.

Navratri Upasana

Navratri Upasana

Navratri, the longest Dance Festival of Gujarat in now very famous internationally. It is now a major attraction event for the tourists visiting Gujarat.

Thousands of boys and girls, males and females, young and olds; wearing traditional colourful dresses-ornaments and performing Garaba for 9 nights. The prayers in love of Goddess Amba(Power) with the sound of music make the environment energetic and devotional.

Do you know, why do people perform Garaba in circumambulation throughout 9 nights?

Maid Asha has a spiritual experience yesterday. She was performing Garaba in her society, and while moving in circumambulation she was merge with the environment losing her identity. The circle movements and music lifted her Kundalini power up from the mooladhar and all the cells of her body started vibrating putting her whole body in vibrating mode. Traditionally, it is said mata aayee. But it is an indicator of cleaning the path way of Kundalini. 

The spiraling of the kundalini serpents, is a clockwise spin. It clears the blockages. Navratri Garaba is not only a physical exercise but a way to increase through spinning of the Shakti in our body to remove the blockages and open the door of unlimited energy well called Kundalini, the Maha Durga, Maha Shakti that is the strength of our life.

It is a worship of Shakti (the sublime, ultimate, absolute creative energy) of the Divine conceptualized as the Mother Goddess-Durga.

Don't you believe this? 

Get up and start performing Garaba. Go on taking rounds till you merge into the environment and forget yourself. That's it. Very easy to charge your battery. Maa Kundalini is there to get you more energetic. Look at the Gujaratis, performing Garaba for nine nights and look fresh as usual. Their energy well is keeping them upright.

And if one does it with fasting and devotion, the success is sure.

Jai Maa Durge.

"या देवी सर्वभूतेषु शक्तिरुपेण संस्थिता। 
नमस्तस्ये नमस्तस्ये नमस्तस्येनमो नम:।।"

18 October 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digambar Sadhana

Digambar Sadhana

Sanskrit word digambara is a combination of two words :dig (directions) and Ambar (clothes). Those whose, garment is the element that fills the four quarters of space is called digambara. Monks and Sadhus in the Digambara tradition don't wear any clothes.

After attaining Kaivalya, Mahavir Swami neglected his body and walked naked for 12 years. He underwent and suffered all pleasant or unpleasant occurrences arising from divine powers, men, or animals.

In Tantra and Adwaita Sadhana, many Hindu Sadhus live in Nudity. Mystical Witches are known to the foreign world.

Purush and Prakriti; Shiva and Shakti (Sati), the couple is in the root of all the religions. The God and His Power. (Don't imagine them in human form). All directions, all universes are manifestations of the Almighty. 

Many meditate and do prayers to unite with the Universal Soul/energy, the God. But because of bandages of desires, they are unable to attain it.

Digambar sadhana is supersonic way of attaining the merger of individual soul with the universal soul. 


Have you seen an earthen Pot?

Their is space, in and out of the Pot. The earthen wall of the Pot is the divider of the two spaces, the inner and outer.

What will happen, if you break the Pot? Both the spaces will merge. 

Digambar Sadhana is a merger of the Jeeva consciousness with the Shiva consciousness. It starts with leaving of the clothes, but as it progresses, the filling of physical body also goes away. Only the live wire exists, without any cover, fully merged in the universal Soul, the God.

It expresses the perfect merger of the one who has stripped off every bond. 

If you are keen to travel in this supersonic way, try it. May be in nights. Lol.

14 October 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Worshipper matters not whom we worship.

Worshipper matters not whom we Worship

I had visited Kali Temple of Kolkata twice. I was told about the story of Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa's devotion to Mother Kali. He used to talk to her, laugh with her and obey her as if she were his friend and mother. But when I tried to talk to the same idol, I failed. If the idol has the power to talk, love and command, then many people could have experienced it. But it didn't happen to anyone except Swami Ramkrishana. Because he had established Mother Kali in his body. "In this body there are two people," he said, "Kali and her devotee." Ramakrishna's whole life was a hymn to Kali.

We see many religious places where people are worshipping and demanding from the deity, idol, grave or tomb. We see people around Sadhus, Babas, Fakirs, Munis for the same demand. But do they carry power to give? The answer is No and Yes together. No because the physical articles are lifeless and the live babas (etc) are unable to solve their own problems. And Yes because, the live manifestation of God energy (us) around them are creating a live environment of energy circles that makes the things happen. People get the results through their devotion but pass on the credit to the place/person whom they worshipped.

We have seen/read rise and fall of Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, VP Singh, Manmohan Singh, etc, in Indian politics. If the individual matters than there wouldn't have any fall of their image. The people mattered because they as live energy waves were adding or subtracting their values. Same will happen to others. 

Till people see the hope of fulfillment of their desires through the individual, they will worship/follow you. But the day when their dream breaks, the popularity/love/devotion diminish. The best example is the love marriage! How do they value each other before and after marriage? However, the individual also has to continue his/her efforts to maintain the illusion of his/her image of a saviour.

I may talk to Kali, if I carry the same devotion like Swami Ramkrishna. Worshipper matter not whom we Worship. 

11 October 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015



Chakrasana or the wheel pose is a backward bending yoga asana. Chakra in sanskrit means Wheel. In chakrasana, the final position looks like a wheel, hence the name. It gives great flexibility to the spine.

It is difficult asanas for those whose body is stiff. But once mattered, it is the most useful asan to live a long and healthy life. It not only cures the physical body (annamay kosh) but also cures breathing (pranmay kosh), mind (manomay kosh), improves wisdom (vigyanmay kosh), and give happiness of life (anandmay kosh).

When I read acupressure, I was surprised with the placement of important pressure points in spinal cord as well as besides it. Our heart beats, blood pressure, breathing, intestinal functions, mind control, sex control, kidney functions, cervical issues, blood flow into the brain, knee and calf muscles, tummy problem, digestion problem, etc are governed from these areas. If one makes the muscles relaxed and the energy flow right, many of the physical and mental problems can be resolved.

As the points are at the back and it is difficult to press it everyday with external help, Chakrasan substitute the need. Mostly we bend forward, therefore the back muscles from sole to neck become stiff and with the ageing the degeneration of vertebra disrupt the functions of the vital organs.

Only 4 Chakrasanas a day can cure many of our day to day problems. Learn it from the yoga master. Alternatively use the chair as support and do the bending of the body from the back. If you do Dhanurasan with it, it will work better. And finishing it with Shabasan (happy relaxation) make your day the best.

Do you wish to reverse the damage done through ageing? Do you wish to do Kundalini Jagaran Sadhana? Please start with Chakrasana, once or twice in a day with empty stomach.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

7 October 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, mysterious last departure

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, born on 23 January 1897, at 12.10 PM in Cuttack, Orissa, is in news again.

Passing out ICS from England, became President of INC twice against the will of Gandhi and Sardar Patel were his giant achievements of public life. But his adventurous escape from house arrest from Kolkata in 1940 and an international journey of Afghanistan, Russia, Germany (1941-43), and landing up in Japan in 1943, leading Azad Hind Fauj in WW-II and sudden disappearance on 18/8/45 from Taiwan, was like a sensational thriller beyond once imagination.

His accidental death in a plane crash at Taiwan on 18 August 1945 has not been accepted by India till date. The mystery of his disappearance has neither been satisfactorily resolved by the GoI nor by any other agencies/commission. If GoI or Nehruji were known to the facts correctly, they couldn't have eyed over his relatives. If the political facts on records are going against Nehru or Congress, non congressi governments would have disclosed it.

Let us review his horoscope through Stars.

He was born with Aries lagna (25.16°), in Virgo Moon sign and Utaraphalguni Nakshatra. His life can be divided into 3 phases: 0-17, 17-36, 36-death. The first phase of Sun-Moon was of education, second phase of Rahu to establish in public life with hard work and third of Jupiter was for a rise and adventurous acts from 3/3/33 to 3/3/49. Jupiter (16.30°) is vargottami in his horoscope, therefore, the start of its mahadasha on 4/3/1933 was a major turning point of his life, making him bigger personality of the public life. He became INC President twice. As the Jupiter Mahadasha was for 16 years, therefore after crossing 9 years, he had to take a tiger leap. He did it in 1943-45, left Germany, entered into Japan, involved in WW-II, and lead AHF.

After the end of Jupiter Mahadasha on 3/3/49, he might have moved to spiritual life during Saturn mahadasha of 19 years. There was no yoga of his accidental death by injury or execution during those two mahadashas period. In fact he had a long life of 80+.

But reading all informations together, published in media, nothing can conclude for the reason of his death. There were following probabilities of his departure:

1. Died in plane crash in Taiwan on 18/8/45 (ashes kept in Renkoji Temple, Tokyo).

2. Might have been imprisoned in Russia as POW; died in captivity or repatriated.

3. Might have gone back to Japan from Taiwan and lost his life in some conspiracy there.

4. Might have returned to India and lived a life of spirituality as Gumnami Baba.

5. The mystery of his last days might have something adverse against his image. Reasons for non disclosure of some documents/files, keep people in confusion.

The first and fourth probabilities are easy to conclude through DNA test of the ashes with the DNA of his heirs.

As per Soviet Statistics (1956) on web, by 1950, almost all Prisoners of War (POW) had been released and repatriated. Some died in captivity. And if he was in Russian jail and was released, it would be known to GoI, except death in captivity. It was not clear, therefore, Nehru might have tried two more possibilities: search for him in Japan; and in India through watch over his relatives in India. But he couldn't find him.

Looking to the records disclosed so far, the mystery has not been resolved by anybody. The last word left with Netaji himself. There was possibility of him taking a sanyaas like Maharshi Arbindo Ghosh and lived as Gumnami Baba. Maharshi Arbindo, a settlement revenue officer of Maharaja of Baroda, became a revolutionary freedom fighter, went to jail, escaped a British warrant by moving to Pondicherry, a French colony and lived a life of a Spiritual Saint. Netaji might have followed the similar path of spirituality. However, he was not a man to live as a "Gumnam".

With modern technology and international interactions, why can't we resolve the mystery and conclude it for the people of India.

We are missing you Subhas Babu, our Great Hero.

Jai Hind.

25 September 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drumstick for Health

Drumstick for Health

I had an opportunity to stay in Shahdol District of MP on election duty. I happened to meet one traditional Vaidhya Umashankar Joshi in the Prant HQ Pushparajgarh (now in Anuppur District). He had learn the usage of the local herbs from the local Baiga tribe. The area near Shahdol is very rich with many Drumstick trees (Moringa Oleifera). They call it Munaga.

He told me that if you drink 1/2 cup of juice of the leaves of Drumstick before going to bed for a period of 15 days, your Cholesterol level will come down to the normal level even if you have crossed 200 mark. It clears the extra fat from the intestines.

When I saw monkeys in Gandhinagar eating leaves of Drumstick at regular intervals, I was surprised. And they do it so nicely that the thin branches remain intact so that new leaves come again for that next round of eating. I think it may be useful to them to maintain flexibility of the body.

Drumstick is a popular food of South India. The sambar is incomplete without drumstick. Somebody has opened a factory in Karnataka making tablets of Drumstick leaves and exporting.

If you have problems of cholesterol and edema of the body, you may try taking 1/2 a cup juice of Drumstick leaves before going to bed. It's a very good cleaning agent, acts as a phenyl for our intestines.

I couldn't do the 15 days course due to the bitter taste of the juice, but whenever I feel heaviness of the body, I take it occasionally. It's an effective medicine.

1 October 2015
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