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Diabetes is called a "Raj Rog". The person who is not doing physical activities will land up into this disease. He/She is eating without consumption of energy by some physical act. The pancreas goes on releasing insulin to convert the glucose into glycogen but it gets tired by over working on the task. Finally, the pancreas dies. And the person has to manage the dose of insulin from external sources. The work, his body was doing systematically for 24x7, now he has to keep a watch and monitor the dose of insulin regularly.

It was said that Gujaratis are more prone to this disease because they eat more sugar and work less. Some people carry the disease in their genes. But now the disease has been spread across the country. People who were working in farms, doing some physical acts daily are also facing this disease. I don't know, but western India may be facing this disease more that the eastern India.

What may be the reason?

The disease is directly linked with our food. Therefore, one has to look at the food that people are eating. People in Gujarat and Rajasthan are generally eating vegetarian food. With the campaign of eating more vegetables, people eat more vegetables than their staple food of Dal-Roti. The land is less fertile and to meet with the demands, productivity demands more use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. The vegetables are full of these poisons. Poison became part of our food, attacking the pancreas and the liver and making us diabetic.

What can we do?

1. Reduce intake of vegetables.

2. Wash vegetables with salt water before cooking.

3. Grow more organic food.

4. Do some physical act or exercise daily.

5. Be careful of two white poisons (salt and sugar) and one sticky poison, the Oil/fat.

6. Follow Ayurveda for prevention of the disease.

26 October 2015


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