Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We are the Creators of our World.

We are the Creators of our World.

All of us know the uses of satellites for transmissions and communications. The waves from a small mobile instrument go up in the satellite through the control stations and come back to the receiver mobile and connect us to talk to each other. The audio-videos are transmitted to millions of TV through the same medium. 

If physical instruments perform such act, what can the live instruments, i.e., we can perform?

We know the story of Sanjay, the charioteer of Dhritrastra, watching Mahabharat war of Kurukshetra through Divine Eyes and describing it to Maharaja Dhritrastra in Hastinapur (Delhi) Palace. 

When Lord Krishna arrived in Mathura first time, some were looking him as friend, some as a lovely child, Kansh and his fellows looking him as enemy. The person was one, but viewers were transmitting different images for him. Therefore, he delivered the same image for each one of them and acted in same direction, met friends as friends and killed enemies as enemies.

The Universe is full of He/Almighty/God energy. That is live and eternal. We are seeds of these energy and are connected 24x7 like a drop of water with that Ocean. Our mind is a thought processing instrument with a display screen active 24x7. It performs all acts with the help of 5 gyanendriyas (senses for knowledge) and 5 karmendriyas (senses for action). As we are connected with the live Universe, whatever we think, it has direct impact over the events and activities in the globe. Disciplined humans together, thinking of peace for all can change the environment and fate of the globe.

If we carry good or bad feelings for a person, he/she will carry the same for us. Over relations with our family members, friends, loved once, enemies, caste fellows, state fellows, country fellows are nothing but the reflections of the thoughts transmitted from both the sides.

As a group, our thoughts have impact over the outcome of the major events. For example, in elections, the environment of thoughts created through campaign deliver more results than the performance evaluation of the parties. The political parties instead of building relationship of love and friendship and contest elections on important issues, develop hatredness amongst themselves and amongst their workers, making the environment hot. It is doing permanent damage to the State/Country as the division of the citizens on religion, castes and creeds are continuing.

The continuous thinking process between two communities, two countries for either love or hatredness earn the same feelings for each other. Both the countries fought wars and are spending billions on defense expenditure. Both the countries failed in building relationship of love though both are the children of the United India and have common culture and traditions practiced over hundreds of years.

As a Human, what do we wish? What do we desire? What do we think?

Whatever we think and transmit is going to be the world in front of our eyes. 

Why can't we think and transmit better, to make the whole earth a peaceful and happy destination, the Nandanvan, the Vashudhaiv kutumbkam?

20 October 2015

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