Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drumstick for Health

Drumstick for Health

I had an opportunity to stay in Shahdol District of MP on election duty. I happened to meet one traditional Vaidhya Umashankar Joshi in the Prant HQ Pushparajgarh (now in Anuppur District). He had learn the usage of the local herbs from the local Baiga tribe. The area near Shahdol is very rich with many Drumstick trees (Moringa Oleifera). They call it Munaga.

He told me that if you drink 1/2 cup of juice of the leaves of Drumstick before going to bed for a period of 15 days, your Cholesterol level will come down to the normal level even if you have crossed 200 mark. It clears the extra fat from the intestines.

When I saw monkeys in Gandhinagar eating leaves of Drumstick at regular intervals, I was surprised. And they do it so nicely that the thin branches remain intact so that new leaves come again for that next round of eating. I think it may be useful to them to maintain flexibility of the body.

Drumstick is a popular food of South India. The sambar is incomplete without drumstick. Somebody has opened a factory in Karnataka making tablets of Drumstick leaves and exporting.

If you have problems of cholesterol and edema of the body, you may try taking 1/2 a cup juice of Drumstick leaves before going to bed. It's a very good cleaning agent, acts as a phenyl for our intestines.

I couldn't do the 15 days course due to the bitter taste of the juice, but whenever I feel heaviness of the body, I take it occasionally. It's an effective medicine.

1 October 2015

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