Friday, October 30, 2015



Shiny skin, dark purple colour, the King of vegetables, Brinjal is in the market in plenty. Winter is a season of varieties of vegetables. But the cheapest (Re.10/kg), Brinjal is the best for the common mass of Asia. 

Some people may not like it's taste but it's a staple food for common men in India. Potato, Onion and Brinjal are the main source of Vitamin and minerals to the millions.

Brinjal is a low calorie food rich in fibre, antioxidant, potassium, phytonutrients, minerals, etc. It helps in fighting colon cancer, heart disease, BP, diabetes, etc. 

It's combination with potato or methi leaves or valor papdi or onion or radish, make the lunch/dinner delicious. Bengan bharta is a favourite dish of many.

But remember, the Brinjal cooked with ghee taste 100 times better than that cooked with oil. Ayurveda prohibits to eat Brinjal that has seeds inside. Therefore soft and fresh Brinjal cooked with ghee will be the finest taste of Winter this year. 

Please enjoy.

30 October 2015

NB: Agriculture Scientists have developed BT Brinjal but it is held up in biological controversy.

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