Saturday, October 24, 2015



Soham is a mantra many Gurus give to their disciples. Three letters word leads oneself to the realisation. How is it possible?

Who am I, is the question asked by the humans in search of the original and eternal identity. And what a surprise! He carries the answer with himself. Carrying a child and searching for it. Kasturi deer is searching for the kasturi in the forest wondering here and there.

Do you breathe every moment? Yes, a healthy person breathe for 21600 times in a day. 

Have you heard the sound of your breathe? Sound of the breathe!. Yes. Each inhale and exhale is making a sound. One can here it with micro attention. Each inhale makes the sound "Sooooo" and each exhale makes the sound "hummm". Each cycle of the breathe chant the mantra Soham.

What does it mean? So mean He. Hum means is.

It is the answer of your question, who am I. Each breathe answers you that whom you are searching for is you only. I am that.

Sooooohummm...Sooooohummm...Sooooohummm. I am that...I am that....I am that.

Breathe is the bridge between body and mind. And if you give little attention to the breathing traffic on the bridge (inhalation and exhalation), you will connect yourself to your origin, the "swaroopa (our roop) gyan".

Sit down in a relaxed position. Softly close your eyes. Little smile over your lips and cheeks. And a soft attention to the breathe sound. Inhale...Sooooo, exhale...hummm. You are doing in it the Space and in the Ocean of the wind. Merge in the sound, leaving your physical identity at home and fly with the winds.

Aho..Soham! Enjoy the Happy Day.

24 October 2015

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