Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digambar Sadhana

Digambar Sadhana

Sanskrit word digambara is a combination of two words :dig (directions) and Ambar (clothes). Those whose, garment is the element that fills the four quarters of space is called digambara. Monks and Sadhus in the Digambara tradition don't wear any clothes.

After attaining Kaivalya, Mahavir Swami neglected his body and walked naked for 12 years. He underwent and suffered all pleasant or unpleasant occurrences arising from divine powers, men, or animals.

In Tantra and Adwaita Sadhana, many Hindu Sadhus live in Nudity. Mystical Witches are known to the foreign world.

Purush and Prakriti; Shiva and Shakti (Sati), the couple is in the root of all the religions. The God and His Power. (Don't imagine them in human form). All directions, all universes are manifestations of the Almighty. 

Many meditate and do prayers to unite with the Universal Soul/energy, the God. But because of bandages of desires, they are unable to attain it.

Digambar sadhana is supersonic way of attaining the merger of individual soul with the universal soul. 


Have you seen an earthen Pot?

Their is space, in and out of the Pot. The earthen wall of the Pot is the divider of the two spaces, the inner and outer.

What will happen, if you break the Pot? Both the spaces will merge. 

Digambar Sadhana is a merger of the Jeeva consciousness with the Shiva consciousness. It starts with leaving of the clothes, but as it progresses, the filling of physical body also goes away. Only the live wire exists, without any cover, fully merged in the universal Soul, the God.

It expresses the perfect merger of the one who has stripped off every bond. 

If you are keen to travel in this supersonic way, try it. May be in nights. Lol.

14 October 2015


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