Sunday, October 11, 2015

Worshipper matters not whom we worship.

Worshipper matters not whom we Worship

I had visited Kali Temple of Kolkata twice. I was told about the story of Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa's devotion to Mother Kali. He used to talk to her, laugh with her and obey her as if she were his friend and mother. But when I tried to talk to the same idol, I failed. If the idol has the power to talk, love and command, then many people could have experienced it. But it didn't happen to anyone except Swami Ramkrishana. Because he had established Mother Kali in his body. "In this body there are two people," he said, "Kali and her devotee." Ramakrishna's whole life was a hymn to Kali.

We see many religious places where people are worshipping and demanding from the deity, idol, grave or tomb. We see people around Sadhus, Babas, Fakirs, Munis for the same demand. But do they carry power to give? The answer is No and Yes together. No because the physical articles are lifeless and the live babas (etc) are unable to solve their own problems. And Yes because, the live manifestation of God energy (us) around them are creating a live environment of energy circles that makes the things happen. People get the results through their devotion but pass on the credit to the place/person whom they worshipped.

We have seen/read rise and fall of Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, VP Singh, Manmohan Singh, etc, in Indian politics. If the individual matters than there wouldn't have any fall of their image. The people mattered because they as live energy waves were adding or subtracting their values. Same will happen to others. 

Till people see the hope of fulfillment of their desires through the individual, they will worship/follow you. But the day when their dream breaks, the popularity/love/devotion diminish. The best example is the love marriage! How do they value each other before and after marriage? However, the individual also has to continue his/her efforts to maintain the illusion of his/her image of a saviour.

I may talk to Kali, if I carry the same devotion like Swami Ramkrishna. Worshipper matter not whom we Worship. 

11 October 2015


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