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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, mysterious last departure

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, born on 23 January 1897, at 12.10 PM in Cuttack, Orissa, is in news again.

Passing out ICS from England, became President of INC twice against the will of Gandhi and Sardar Patel were his giant achievements of public life. But his adventurous escape from house arrest from Kolkata in 1940 and an international journey of Afghanistan, Russia, Germany (1941-43), and landing up in Japan in 1943, leading Azad Hind Fauj in WW-II and sudden disappearance on 18/8/45 from Taiwan, was like a sensational thriller beyond once imagination.

His accidental death in a plane crash at Taiwan on 18 August 1945 has not been accepted by India till date. The mystery of his disappearance has neither been satisfactorily resolved by the GoI nor by any other agencies/commission. If GoI or Nehruji were known to the facts correctly, they couldn't have eyed over his relatives. If the political facts on records are going against Nehru or Congress, non congressi governments would have disclosed it.

Let us review his horoscope through Stars.

He was born with Aries lagna (25.16°), in Virgo Moon sign and Utaraphalguni Nakshatra. His life can be divided into 3 phases: 0-17, 17-36, 36-death. The first phase of Sun-Moon was of education, second phase of Rahu to establish in public life with hard work and third of Jupiter was for a rise and adventurous acts from 3/3/33 to 3/3/49. Jupiter (16.30°) is vargottami in his horoscope, therefore, the start of its mahadasha on 4/3/1933 was a major turning point of his life, making him bigger personality of the public life. He became INC President twice. As the Jupiter Mahadasha was for 16 years, therefore after crossing 9 years, he had to take a tiger leap. He did it in 1943-45, left Germany, entered into Japan, involved in WW-II, and lead AHF.

After the end of Jupiter Mahadasha on 3/3/49, he might have moved to spiritual life during Saturn mahadasha of 19 years. There was no yoga of his accidental death by injury or execution during those two mahadashas period. In fact he had a long life of 80+.

But reading all informations together, published in media, nothing can conclude for the reason of his death. There were following probabilities of his departure:

1. Died in plane crash in Taiwan on 18/8/45 (ashes kept in Renkoji Temple, Tokyo).

2. Might have been imprisoned in Russia as POW; died in captivity or repatriated.

3. Might have gone back to Japan from Taiwan and lost his life in some conspiracy there.

4. Might have returned to India and lived a life of spirituality as Gumnami Baba.

5. The mystery of his last days might have something adverse against his image. Reasons for non disclosure of some documents/files, keep people in confusion.

The first and fourth probabilities are easy to conclude through DNA test of the ashes with the DNA of his heirs.

As per Soviet Statistics (1956) on web, by 1950, almost all Prisoners of War (POW) had been released and repatriated. Some died in captivity. And if he was in Russian jail and was released, it would be known to GoI, except death in captivity. It was not clear, therefore, Nehru might have tried two more possibilities: search for him in Japan; and in India through watch over his relatives in India. But he couldn't find him.

Looking to the records disclosed so far, the mystery has not been resolved by anybody. The last word left with Netaji himself. There was possibility of him taking a sanyaas like Maharshi Arbindo Ghosh and lived as Gumnami Baba. Maharshi Arbindo, a settlement revenue officer of Maharaja of Baroda, became a revolutionary freedom fighter, went to jail, escaped a British warrant by moving to Pondicherry, a French colony and lived a life of a Spiritual Saint. Netaji might have followed the similar path of spirituality. However, he was not a man to live as a "Gumnam".

With modern technology and international interactions, why can't we resolve the mystery and conclude it for the people of India.

We are missing you Subhas Babu, our Great Hero.

Jai Hind.

25 September 2015


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