Thursday, October 29, 2015


Do you like a food without salt and chilli? A tasteless food! Stress is like a chilli of our life. Life will become tasteless without stress. In want of better quality of life; people in 21st century, from kids to old, all are living with stress. The GDP and progress are the outcome of the human stress.

My father told me a story of a village girl living with a queen. Her only job was to lift a calf of the buffalo on her shoulder and climb up the stairs of the house daily. Day by day the calf was gaining weight and the girl was gaining strength. One day she was able to lift the buffalo on her shoulder and climb up the stairs of the house.

Modern man has developed such strength to carry more load of stress on his body. But the body is ageing. It's miraculous pump called heart is getting tired of pumping blood to the body. Over a period of time it develops more stress to pump blood, that increases the blood pressure, which enlarges the heart. Stress makes our veins stiffer, that need more pumping pressure from the heart, increases the systolic BP. The stiffer veins develop cholesterol and plaques that obstruct the blood flow, increase the diastolic BP. Our reactive nature is one of the major causes for the stress. Stress makes our body, joints veins, and nature stiffer. Stiffness of the body is the main cause of BP and heart diseases.

My grand daughter Kavya taught me a lesson. When she goes to sleep, her body become a body of octopus, completely relaxed. Her deep sound sleep makes her more energetic. She has eidetic memory.

Deep sound sleep is the best remedy in night and asanas with shabasan (30 minutes) following a meditation (20 minutes) in day time are the best way of relaxing the stiff body, joints and veins. Practicing a nature of a witness (sakshi bhav) of the event make us non reactive. Leaves of drumstick or statins drugs can remove plaques from the veins.

The main remedy is to manage the stress by relaxing the body and mind either by medicine or meditation.

29 October 2015

NB: Some people may be trying alcohol for the purpose but it is yet to be proved a medicine for stress management! Comments please.


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