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Y factor, a major reason for population explosion in Asia

Y factor, a major reason for population explosion in Asia

One of the major reasons of population explosion in India and Asia is our desire for a male child. Due to patrilineal society, the male remains a stationary partner while the female moves from parents place to husband's house. Therefore, the family wish to retain the wealth and name by the male child.

It is a male dominated society for centuries. Male is the owner and female is a property-object of male. Female has been considered as earth on which male plants/charge the new baby. Due to dowry and heir ship issues, female child is not welcomed in many families even today though literacy rate of the society is going up. Religion also played an important role by authorising male child to perform rituals etc, after the death of the parents.

Girl children who have more chances of survival are less against the boy children, when we read figures of sex ratio. 

But why?

Y factor is the answer. 

The Y chromosome is paternally inherited; human males have one while females have none. What is more, the Y chromosome a father passes to his son is, in large measure, an unchanged copy of his own. ( "the generations of Adam": Adam begat Seth, Seth begat Enosh, Enosh begat Kenan... down to Noah of the flood. The account could read "Adam passed a copy of his Y chromosome to Seth, Seth passed a copy of his Y chromosome to Enosh, Enosh passed a copy of his Y chromosome to Kenan"... and so on until Noah was born carrying a copy of Adam's Y chromosome. )

It is a game of 23rd pair of chromosome as other 22 are auto somes.

All eggs contain an X chromosome while sperm are of two types: those containing an X chromosome and those containing a Y. A Y sperm fertilizing the X egg produces an XY zygote which develops as male; fertilization by an X sperm gives rise to a female XX zygote. Since every male must possess a Y chromosome which can be inherited only from his father, a man's Y chromosome represents a unique record of his paternal inheritance. Once a particular line dies out, it never reappears. 

Many medical researchers believe that Y chromosome sperm are faster swimmers, but the X chromosome sperm have more endurance. To increase the probability of a male child, the husband has to ensure that the sperms are released as close to the egg so that the Y chromosome sperm can reach the egg first before getting "worn out."

Psychological factor of a mental acceptance of a husband by a wife is important otherwise, the "Y" may not be accepted at all.

DNA (the book of life) code has also a role to play. Many a time, it is found that some family trees deliver more male children and some deliver more female children.

Constitution of India has given equal right to both. Both are human and have enormous capacity to rise. It is the culture which has been developed over centuries make differences between male and female child, otherwise without female, no male can be born. She is the "Mother", the "Mohini Avtaar" of Lord Vishnu, the reason for "Samsaar", "Maha Shakti" and strength of all. She holds all, therefore "earth" has been identified as "Mother".

The chromosome X has all legs in balance but the Y has one missing! Therefore, when a man loses balance, he has to take shelter in woman's lap!

My Gujarati teacher Shri Bhavsar in High School used to say, "Baa" (mother) means full and "Baapa" (father) means 1/4 of "Baa" (pa means 1/4 in Gujarati, the same we say 'pav' in Hindi)!!!

There is phrase in Gujarati, "Maa te Maa, bija badha vagadana vaa" (Only mother matters, others are like winds, come and go)

30 December 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Where did the Year go? Happy New Year 2015

Where did the Year go? Happy New Year 2015

Where did the year go? Suddenly it is December last days .......again - and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2014 is on its back!

2014, a year full of events changing guards at the Centre and in many States in India. ISRO and India have earned international fame in Space Science when Marsyaan (MOM) reached Mars and successfully orbiting it since 24/9/14.

A calamitous year with: J&K floods; South Korea Ferry disaster; three Malaysian planes tragedies killing 799 passengers; killing of 132 students and 9 teachers of Army run school in Peshawar by Taliban militants; Nigerian School girls abduction; Ebola outbreaks in West Africa; etc.

Sports full year with Sochi Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Common Wealth Games in Scotland, Asian Games in South Korea but tragic note of  Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes death after being hit by a cricket ball. Michel Shoemaker is yet to recover his health to normalcy.

New "Hegemony" of the world yet to emerge fully. Scottish continued with UK through referendum. Ukraine Crimean  crisis kept the western world in worries. Italy got it youngest PM, Thai had elections and Hong Kong went through protests.

Oil prices picked to $115/barrel crashed to $56/barrel. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19B indicated strength of "Social Media" of the present world. Manufacturing and exports of goods are undergoing recession all over the world, searching purchase power of the customers. Growth statistics are getting stabilized to reality.

India is on "cleaning mode" of "Swatch Bharat" through Mahatma Gandhi Swatchata Mission.

Filmy world is ending the year with adding one more hit movie, PK!

A big "Thank You" to  you, for the  impact you had on my life this year. Especially for reading all my mails. It won't have been possible without your reading to share my thoughts and travelogues.

I'm sure that 2014 would have been extremely boring from my side keeping some of you busy deleting my mails or moving them to junk!

I wish you all a Season filled with Loving Wishes and Beautiful Thoughts. May 2015 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures.


Truly Yours,

29 December 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

IAS Baby, AIS Officers are Brahmins (Dwij)

IAS Baby, AIS Officers are Brahmins (Dwij)

AIS officers are recruited through 3 stages of examinations; preliminary, mains and interview. 5 lakh write preliminary, 10-15000 clear it and write mains, of which 1500 are called for interview from whom 800 are selected. This is called recruitment.

Do you know, the process of birth of a "Baby" is also called "recruitment", passing through the same process of preliminary, mains and interview?

In simple language, 3-11 (2-5 mm) follicle starts journey during first 5 days of menstrual cycle (Preliminary), of them 5-7 grow in size (Mains) but only one of them grow up to 10 mm (7th day) take dominance, start growing at the rate 2-3 mm a day, and reaches to size 17-27 mm on ovulate day 14th (28-14=14). Before the ovulation it gets active for fertilization. Therefore day 10-11-12-13-14-15 are very important (interview) for the couple to become active to get the follicle recruited.

The interviewers (the couple) also need some preparation. The female should not eat acidic food and the male should concentrate more on eating ambla, udad, rice, etc that increase quantity and quality of sperms. Better to follow celibacy during first 8 days of menstrual cycle. Baby is an accident, a gift of God, but for that accident the couple to do "Brahma Karma" during that golden 7 days, 10-17. They are to plan their tours, moods and fights accordingly!

Those born twice are called "dwij", "Brahmins". All AIS officers are "Brahmins" as they are born twice; first from the recruitment of follicle and second from the recruitment of UPSC. LoL.

Shubham bhavatu.

27 December 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Who earn from Whom

Who earn from whom?

I happened to be in Dahod couple of years ago, went to one Voraji's shop in Hanuman Bazaar. There was a Voraji with two tribal boys in the shop. Voraji was sitting on desk and the two boys were working. 

How old is the shop? You have developed it well and must be earning good, I asked.

No Sir, these two boys are earning for me. Every morning I come to the shop, sit at the desk whole day, just keeping an eye on customers and sales of stationeries. I took my delicious lunch and go back home every evening taking the income in pocket. These two boys manage all the jobs of handling of customers, stock management, placing orders for new inventories, etc. I am called their employer but they are earning for me. I pay them fixed salary and profit is mine for owning the shop and sitting on desk. Whatever I am, it is because of their hard work.

What an honest confession it was!

Are all entrepreneurs confessing the same? If they do, dignity of labour will be respected more. Entrepreneurs will think more for their welfare along with their name in the list of rich, richer, richest.

26 December 2014 

NB: In offices, many times, we earn credit from the work output of our subordinates. Hope some of us transfer credits to them!


Changing the Designations of Public Servants

Democracy has been established by the Constitution of India and strengthen by the people and judiciary of India. As the broad principles derived from the British System of administration, the designations of public servants remained the same mostly. Legislatives, Executives and Judiciary have been declared as 'Public Servants'. But opposite to Shakespeare's saying (nothing is in a name), the designations carry 'Power', the 'Raj Mad', making the person proudy who sit on that power chair.

On executive side, 5 persons are important, PM, CM, DM, Mayor (commissioners may question?) and Sarpanch. The Country is run by the PM, the State is run by the CM, the District is run by the DM, the City is run by the Mayor and the Village is run by the Sarpanch in public perceptions.

Present PM, when he was CM, called CM as "Common Man". As PM, he identified himself as "Pradhan Sevak".

Collector is no more collecting money and magisterial job is occasional. Ministers become mini and Mayor-Sarpanch become punching bags. PM and CM become more powerful if have clear majority.

Collectorates and other offices are changing into "Jan Seva Kendra" making the bureaucrats real 'Public Servant'. Politicians can survive only by performance. Day by day the 'King' of Indian democracy, the people of India, are waking up and put the executives under more and more public audit.

Can't we make it official by changing their designations: PM as Pradhan Sevak, CM as Rajya Sevak, DM as Jilla Sevak, Mayor as Nagar Sevak and Sarpanch as Gram Sevak? Once started, other designations will also get change.

Jilladhikari may start worrying after reading the mail. After all, whole attraction of joining IAS centers around DM, that is approx. 10% of the length of once service. LoL.

26 December 2014 

Development for whom? For what? How? What next?

Development for whom? For what? How? What next?

US economic crisis of September 2008 has proved that artificial growth bubbled up by corporates in connivance with politicians and economists bursts at the end, and general population become loser. The players make money and run away under the cover of lawyers and politicians. Money give them the same kick what cocaine does to the addict and general mass are kicked out.

At home many companies looted away domestic small investors savings by issuing IPO at premium rate (and fall in prices thereafter) or playing with sensex, pulling it up (to sell) and  down (to buy) and eat away difference from the game.

Democratic power come through votes and votes need money to spend of campaign, media and for buying favours. That push political parties near the corporate world and the nexus starts working on Industrialisation model of development.

Informal sector, priority section and weaker section advances are in conservative mode of finance and big corporates get loans in billions/trillions. NPA of banks is a loss of the people.

Are we building India (roads, flyovers, bridges, ports, airports, power stations, automobiles, etc) for the comforts of 20% rich people and using 80% for their cover? Or making it for all? Are we moving away from our priorities? People have TV, bikes and mobiles but not toilets.

India's Agro Estate base development model survived for 10000 years with preservation of natural resources for future generations. It is a model of inclusive and sustainable growth. A estate is inhabited by farmers, farm workers and artisans of 18 occupations. Farmers grow food and supply to all in the village and the artisans work for the community to meet their day to day requirement of goods and services.

Industrial Development model (production process) of development born 250 years ago put large population under foreign power of exploitation. It has emptied natural resources without their rejuvenation and disturbed ecological balance put the entire mankind in danger of pollution and mass destruction. Cities are increasing with poors and slums, the hell on earth. Air become toxic and water become polluted. Rivers are dying with chemicals and sewerage.

Un-intruptted Industrial revolution impacted on climate making the glob warmer. Glaciers are melting.  Perennial rivers turning into seasonal. Extreme weather events of heavy rains or no rains happening more and more. Frequency of unusual, unprecedented events of floods, cloud bursts, cyclones, etc increased.

Industrial model worked well till it was for Europe, small population was using power and resources of world and were enjoying. But things have changed in last 20-30 years. Countries China, India, etc generated large demands, and aspirations of good life. Therefore, Problems of resources are coming up.

US and Europe have walked on path of industrialisation, exploiting natural resources and polluting mother earth, planted a seed of destruction of mankind. The tree of death of humans is growing very fast in the name of development.

Green Revolution brought hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and consumed lot of water. It has fed us well but now entered into diminish return stage. It has resulted into loss of fertility of land, heavy use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides endangered health of humans and over exploration of ground water created a scarcity of resources for future generations. 86% water used by agriculture and produces add chemical overload in our foods.

Does it mean that India also follow the same model and join the killers army?

India is chasing development through industrialisation and urbanisation; extracting natural resources 1.5 times more than actual balance, running with 50% overdraft, and not been able to rejuvenate.

Economic and social development have raised issues of access to critical resources, mainly, water, energy and food. 70% of oils are imported, that will go up to 90% by 2030 if current trends continue. 60% GAS also to be imported. Coal imported 25-30% at present, will rise to 60-75% by 2030 if India generates 1L MW power through thermal base plants. 75% of 33 critical (non fuel inputs)mines and minerals used in India are heavily imported.

India crossing Hindu Growth rate of 2.5%, grew @6-7% in last decade, eying for double digit growth in current decade. Its population is going up and up, will reach to 1.75B in 2050, the highest in the world. If if economy grew with present pace, it will multiply 10 times if the present value.

The children malnourished today, will become demographic liabilities if not fed well. Education and skills are important issues to be addressed qualitatively to encase the demographic dividend.

Good quality of life demands pacca house, lights, tap water, latrine, drainage, school, health centre, employment to earn and recreational facilities to enjoy. If we provide these in villages, entire run for comforts will stop.

Do our people need chemically loaded/junk foods and expensive indoor care or better food and hygiene with primary health care?

Do we need potable fresh drinking water or old bacterial bottled water?

Do our people need Cars, bikes or better public transport? Do our people need urban English medium school or better teachers in villages?

Car intensity in US is 800 and, in Europe 600-700 per thousand population. But in India, it is 30-40 per 1000 population. If with this intensity, our roads are crowded and cities are polluted, what will happen if we reach to the level of US. 10% people in India takes away road space of 90% and polluting air. The roads, fly over built for them, don't leave space for bus, walk and cycle. Do we need cars/bikes or better public transport?

Where the water, energy and food will come from? The internal security, external security, economic security, energy security, ecology security and strategic communication; all of them are interconnected.

Therefore strategic communication is essential to persuade people/consumers through channels so that people can reflect back to government.  People and government should know, why certain policies are successful or not successful.

There is need for 'Big Shift', to move away from water, fertilisers and pesticides intensive agriculture to less intensive methods of agriculture.

Energy generation needs more water. Thermal power plants use 70-80% of water used by industries. Nuclear power plants also require large quantity of water. Can't we made our houses of roof top solar panels so that lighting of house and streets can be taken care of. That will save billions in terms of electricity lines, substations, generation and supply.

Can't we make drip irrigation compulsory where ground waters are going down?

Can't we go for animal husbandry in a big way having milching cow in each house to permanent solution of malnutrition ???

Can't we prohibit people and industries to not to pollute our rivers and water bodies?

Manufacturing is 15% of GDP, if excel will require more water and energy. Can't we promote informal sector / cottage industries and their markets?

Can't we generate second green revolution producing more through less use of water, fertilizers and pesticides?

The way basic structure of Constitution of India can't be changed, can't we think of a common development agenda of the country that no party in power can change?

Do we need healthy people or a obese and weak lot searching supports and carrying medicine to survive for whole life? Do we need durable or disposable?

Can't we raise loud and up in world society and lead the world in the new path of development through inclusive growth with sustaining resources?

Can't we?


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Thursday, December 25, 2014

What happens after death?

What happens after death?

It is a mystery yet to be resolved satisfactorily.

Religions tried to give answers but who will come back and confirm it after death?

I have seen three persons departing the world in my presence, my grand mother (88Y, 29/2/72), my father (80Y, 12/4/2001) and my mother (78Y 23/5/2001).

All three went into coma before the departure. My grand mother was unconscious for more than 48 hrs. The sound of inhalation and exhalation of breathe was the only presence of her life. We were all standing and sitting around her and waiting for some recovery. Suddenly on 3rd day evening around 9PM, a smile came on her face, her right hand moved little bit, my eyes glittered to see Dadi coming back, but in a fraction of a second, she left the world. The smile and right hand movement before departure puzzled me through out my life.

My father was hospitalized after angina pain, went into coma after sedation injections given by the Doctors of VS Hospital, Ahmedabad on 11th night and 12th morning. We were helplessly waiting for his coming in consciousness. Dr. Salim was reading book and the only reply was, wait till the effect of sedation drugs get over. The expected time was 1.30 PM. But he was not getting out of coma. Senior doctors were busy in OT and our worries started increasing. At around 3 PM, my father did posture of wearing dhoti (like he used to wear after bath) and went into coma. Within few minutes at 3.15 PM, a smile came on his face and a shiver passed through my body, the same smile I saw on the face of my departing grand mother. Same thing happened. He left us in seconds.

What was it? Why did they smile before departure? Was it a meeting with God or light or a remembrance of sweet memory? They were unwell. Is it true that departing souls are getting free from pain and sorrow and become light weight and feeling like flying in sky? There are research but death is an unresolved mystery. What happens to the person/driver living in the physical body? Was it just a fuse off ? or a change of cloth/body/form for new journey? 

On mother side, another story puzzled me.

My mother's Grandfather Swami Bechardas (Gambhu, Kanpir Gaadi, Bahucharaji taluko of Mehsana) predicted his death (Samaadhi) by calling his family, villagers and some disciples, 6 months prior to his death. 

He told them that with a first drum bit of temple aarti in the evening, all lamps in Kanpir temple will light, fresh water come in the well (in front of the temple), his left eye will close and he will leave the world in sitting posture of Sukhasana Sammadhi. The same happened after 6 months on 20/1/1939 (Vikram Samvat 1995, Posh Vad Amaas) . 

One miracle was recorded in his name too. He performed "Paat Pooja" (on 20/1/39 night), did bhajan kirtan in village Pilvay (Vijapur taluka of Mehsana) that night after his death. After the path, he left them at 4 AM to go to village Kukarwada and told them go to Gambhu carrying 4 Ravas (blocks) of Jaggery. When the villagers of Pilvay reached Gambhu with jaggery blocks, they were surprised and shocked by knowing Guru's death. 

How could he performed Paat Pooja in Pilvay that night after his death? My mother was 16 years old that time, lived all the time with her grandfather was a direct witness of the event for me.

I am still in puzzle on those mysteries.

What happens after death?

24 December 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Leadership Models

Many models of leaderships emerged to lead people during freedom fight of India. All leaders followed different models. Looking at the major 4 models: Gandhi chose a model of mass agitation, Nehru chose a diplomatic way, Subhash chose a military way, Sardar chose a hold over organisation and Jinnah chose a cunning way of religion. 

"But Gandhi was unique amongst all. He was sounded like a Saint but was a Politician. He was master of raising money, master of propaganda and master of choosing men who will help him". - Historian Prof Leonard Gordon.

For him means were as important as ends. If you have goal and you use corrupt or violent mean, you contaminate the goal. His principal dispute with Subhash was on this major issue as Subhash propagated use of violence against British.

Politicians in present era do copy Gandhi Model of mastering in raising party funds, mastering in propaganda, mastering in choosing men to help them, but fail in keeping purity of means to achieve their goal. 

Now Courts are entering into the area of party fund considering foreign money coming to party is a matter of 'Public Interest'.

Election Commission of India though kept financial ceiling for election expenditure kept many windows open for excessive spending of money to capture power. 

27 November 2013

Long Live India

Was India slave under British Rule or was it slave under the rule of Kings of India?

Was India more free under British rule compare to India of Kings?

Were people more exploited under British rule v/v exploited by the Kings of India and money landers?

Were people had more freedom of expression under British rule v/v freedom during rule of Kings of India?

Who exploited more? Britishers or Indian kings? Which was more? The wealth driven away by Britishers or the wealth in the custody of Kings of India in India and abroad?

Who addressed the issues of governance, welfare (health, education, infrastructure development, rule of law, equality, freedom, etc) more? Britishers or Kings of India?

How a trading company named East India Company became power company over India? Practically, it became a Security Outsourced Agency, given right to collect its revenue/charges directly from people. The incomes were going mostly in payment of Indian soldiers and establishment. Obviously, being rulers, their policies ruined Indian trade and industries to safe guard economic interest of England. But while doing that, it gave us big infrastructure, one umbrella of rule and knowledge of freedom and liberty.

In fact, India came under direct British rule w.e.f. 2/8/1858 by transfer of control of GOI from East India Company to Crown of England. When we became independent, 1/3 of India (12 of 36 crore people of India) was under the rule of Princely States. The freedom movement started against East

India Company during 1857 mutiny gathered a momentum through reformists and newly educated Indians lead into a long freedom fight and finally freed us from British rule on 26/1/1950.

Was it possible to have Powerful India in present form without the presence of Britishers on this land for 2 centuries?

Our import is higher than export during post independence time? Does it mean that our wealth is still going away in foreign hands? Are oil, electronics, technology, weapons, gold become our necessity or exploitation by foreign agencies?

Who so ever or all of them, contributed in forming present day Powerful India to be thanked because without them it was a dream to have a big country with equality, freedom and development of all with a public rule under Constitution of India.

Sare Jahan se achchha Hindustan hamara.

Long live India.

Happy New Year Vikram Samvat 2070.

4 Nov 2013

Partition and Patel

At the All India Congress Committee meeting (June 1947) called to vote on the proposal, Sardar Patel said:

"I fully appreciate the fears of our brothers from [the Muslim-majority areas]. Nobody likes the division of India and my heart is heavy. But the choice is between one division and many divisions. We must face facts. We cannot give way to emotionalism and sentimentality. The Working Committee has not acted out of fear. But I am afraid of one thing, that all our toil and hard work of these many years might go waste or prove unfruitful. My nine months in office has completely disillusioned me regarding the supposed merits of the Cabinet Mission Plan. Except for a few honourable exceptions, Muslim officials from the top down to the chaprasis (peons or servants) are working for the League. The communal veto given to the League in the Mission Plan would have blocked India's progress at every stage. Whether we like it or not, de facto Pakistan already exists in the Punjab and Bengal. Under the circumstances I would prefer a de jure Pakistan, which may make the League more responsible.

Freedom is coming. We have 75 to 80 percent of India, which we can make strong with our own genius. The League can develop the rest of the country."

He was our Hero of United India, Iron Man of India. The way he took away all but 3 apples (princely states) in Indian Basket through Lunch-Tea meetings at his official residence 1, Auranzeb Road,

Delhi between 6/5/47 to 15/8/47, using his negotiation skill with an intend to use force if required, was unprecedented in the history.

2 of 3 remaining apples (Junagadh and Hyderabad), he took away with military action followed by a plebiscite. But Hyderabad was a master stroke. Nehru was touring Europe and Sardar Patel in his capacity as acting PM executed military action "Operation Polo" (13-17 September 1948) taking the

Governor General Rajgopalachari in confidence. Kashmir issue was with the PM. The delay and dilemma of Maharaja Harisingh to sign Instrument of Accession to India or Pakistan, non acceptance of Junagadh accession to Pakistan by India, later military action in Junagadh, Nehru's rule of law v/s Patel's rule of practical, India went in UN in Jan '48 on Kashmir, UN resolution 47 dated 21/4/48 passed under Chapter VI (non binding, not mandatory) for fair plebiscite after withdrawal of troops by Pakistan, 47-65-71-99 wars with Pakistan, etc., series of events making the Kashmir Conflict more and more complex to resolve. Difficult to say the outcome of plebiscite in favour of Pakistan or India, if would have held in Kashmir in 1947-48 like Junagadh and Hydrabad, the matter could have ended there. Sardar saheb definitely could have handled the issue differently with his own working style.

But this land is a land of Mahabharat. The division of ancestral property is never peaceful whether it is in a family or in a Nation. Let the "Wise Men" of both the sides find out some respectful solution to the problem, reduce defence budget and use money for improvement of quality of life of the people of both the Nations.

6 Nov 2013.
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