Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Leadership Models

Many models of leaderships emerged to lead people during freedom fight of India. All leaders followed different models. Looking at the major 4 models: Gandhi chose a model of mass agitation, Nehru chose a diplomatic way, Subhash chose a military way, Sardar chose a hold over organisation and Jinnah chose a cunning way of religion. 

"But Gandhi was unique amongst all. He was sounded like a Saint but was a Politician. He was master of raising money, master of propaganda and master of choosing men who will help him". - Historian Prof Leonard Gordon.

For him means were as important as ends. If you have goal and you use corrupt or violent mean, you contaminate the goal. His principal dispute with Subhash was on this major issue as Subhash propagated use of violence against British.

Politicians in present era do copy Gandhi Model of mastering in raising party funds, mastering in propaganda, mastering in choosing men to help them, but fail in keeping purity of means to achieve their goal. 

Now Courts are entering into the area of party fund considering foreign money coming to party is a matter of 'Public Interest'.

Election Commission of India though kept financial ceiling for election expenditure kept many windows open for excessive spending of money to capture power. 

27 November 2013


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