Friday, December 26, 2014

Changing the Designations of Public Servants

Democracy has been established by the Constitution of India and strengthen by the people and judiciary of India. As the broad principles derived from the British System of administration, the designations of public servants remained the same mostly. Legislatives, Executives and Judiciary have been declared as 'Public Servants'. But opposite to Shakespeare's saying (nothing is in a name), the designations carry 'Power', the 'Raj Mad', making the person proudy who sit on that power chair.

On executive side, 5 persons are important, PM, CM, DM, Mayor (commissioners may question?) and Sarpanch. The Country is run by the PM, the State is run by the CM, the District is run by the DM, the City is run by the Mayor and the Village is run by the Sarpanch in public perceptions.

Present PM, when he was CM, called CM as "Common Man". As PM, he identified himself as "Pradhan Sevak".

Collector is no more collecting money and magisterial job is occasional. Ministers become mini and Mayor-Sarpanch become punching bags. PM and CM become more powerful if have clear majority.

Collectorates and other offices are changing into "Jan Seva Kendra" making the bureaucrats real 'Public Servant'. Politicians can survive only by performance. Day by day the 'King' of Indian democracy, the people of India, are waking up and put the executives under more and more public audit.

Can't we make it official by changing their designations: PM as Pradhan Sevak, CM as Rajya Sevak, DM as Jilla Sevak, Mayor as Nagar Sevak and Sarpanch as Gram Sevak? Once started, other designations will also get change.

Jilladhikari may start worrying after reading the mail. After all, whole attraction of joining IAS centers around DM, that is approx. 10% of the length of once service. LoL.

26 December 2014 


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