Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Animal in Human

Animals in Human

It was year 1960, Vijaychandra Gandhi, a student of BTex, after giving his last year’s examinations went to Vrajeshwari Temple, hot water springs at Ganeshpuri near Thane, Mumbai. He heard about an Avadhuta Nityanand Baba, whom people used to pray and get their desires fulfilled. He went there and stood up in the queue of Darshan. The Avadhuta was sleeping. When his turn came, he saw a 6 feet dark black man with big belly was sleeping carefree. He touched his feet and prayed. The Avadhuta was still sleeping, therefore, to attract his attention, he touched his stomach. The Avadhuta opened his eyes, looked at him and told Vijay, the son of —-father, —- mother, what do you want? Vijaychandra was surprised how could the Avadhuta knew his name and names of his parents. As usual, he prayed to get first position in the BTex examination he had given. The Avadhuta gave him chickoo fruit and blessed. Vijaychandra was unable to surpass the topper and was not expecting first rank because he knew his performance in the exam. But when the results were out, he secured first position. He then took a job in a factory in Srinagar and went to Rishikesh and Badrinath on religious tour in 1963. The Avadhuta died in 1962, he was unaware. After the morning Aarti at Badrinath Temple at 5AM, when he was moving out of the temple, somebody pat him on the back and told, Vijay the son of —-father, —- mother, had you been sent by Baba Nityanand? He was surprised, how did this man also knew about his details and his meeting with Baba Nityanand. He then took more interest in spirituality and went to Badrinath for 13-14 times during the period 1963-1974. He used to stay for 4-5 days and learn many things from the Anami Sadhu. Whenever, he tried to inquire about his name etc, the Sadhu told him, whoever has name will die. As the Sadhu was mobile, and there was no communication means, Vijaychandra inquired with him that how could he convey his arrival to Badrinath and meet him after he starts from Mumbai. As advised by the Sadhu, he would buy train ticket, put it on his open palm, and communicate to the Sadhu by Sankalp that he is reaching Badrinath at —date and —-time. Surely, the Sadhu was present at the spot during all his 13-14 visits.  If he desired for water, the Sadhu would hold the empty glass and it would fill with water. He would touch the stick and it would lit. Vijaychandra was more interested in money therefore, with his blessings, when gold price was ₹150/10 gm, he could raise ₹1.25 lakh and owned a mill. Later he moved to USA and settled there. The Sadhu taught him Kundalini, knowledge of Self, and the most important knowledge of futurology and watching animals in humans. After the departure of the Sadhu from this world, Vijaychandra came to know that he was Mr. Venkatraman, a Bar at Law and a retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India. He meets him when he remembers him even today and dialogues with him. The way of communication is different in colours and signs that he interprets correctly.

Each of us are resembling with one of the animals or birds around us. We carry the characters and nature of that animal/bird in human life and carry similar diseases and cause of deaths. Some complex personalities are mixed of more than one birds/animals. We the humans are the incarnations of the animals and birds around. Vijaychandra had studied the features of many birds and animals and by looking at the face, ears, eyes, legs, he will match the individual with one of the animals or birds, analyse and then predict his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As per their beliefs, the animals and birds are turning humans and after death they will again turn into animals. The cycle ends when one is self realised during human life.

His guru has given him Mantras that he uses for the welfare of the society and helping the people who come in his contact. He carries the same zeal and enthusiasm in his 80s.

I am sure, after reading this article, when you look at your face, eyes, ears, neck, etc, in the mirror and watch the hands, legs, the toes, the fingers, and most importantly study your nature, you will find one of the animals/birds in you. You may be Cow, Ox, Goat, Deer, Elephant, Horse, Dog, Cat, Tiger, Lion, Wolf, Fox, Rat, Crow, Eagle, Peacock, Parrot, Sparrow, etc. It may be a list of some 300-400 animals and birds. The simple test, the animal or the bird you like the most, mostly you are that only. It’s interesting. Study it well and check your physical and mental health problems, do the SWOT analysis and use the knowledge in solving problems and achieving goals. You will like or hate the company of other humans depending upon which animals or birds they are! Isn’t it interesting?

Enjoy watching animal-bird in you😜

30 July 2019
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