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The discovery of atomic structure has proved that this visible world is made of space only. The smallest particle atom does hv nucleus, neutron and protons in the centre and the electrons are orbiting around. Now quantum physics has discovered 200 sub particles within the invisible nucleus. The space is left with void, not the dead void but a vibration (स्पन्द), monolithic, the Shakti taking different forms and manifesting. The sub particles are the same in each creation, only their permutations and combinations vary to make different elements and compounds.  

Each creation of this universe carries the light of consciousness but in different state of consciousness. It is in घन सुषुप्ति in a stone, क्षीण सुषुप्ति in trees and plants, स्वप्न सुषुप्ति in birds, animals and large majority of humans and जाग्रत in few individuals. Therefore, one may not be in awareness of each moment of life but are always in awareness all the time. How can we focus on any of the acts of the senses without awareness? When we focus on listening or touching or seeing or tasting or smelling or doing all together, we are in awareness, we are the awareness, therefore we are able to do the act. As the objectives and experiences are changing each moments in the cycle of सृष्टि स्थिति संहार (लय), and each moment is in the simultaneous acts of प्रलयोदयौ the objective world looks moving in the space and because of event by event it is separated, therefore, we realise the time. In reality, there is no space, no time. Only the स्पन्द, the motionless vibration exist. The rest is the play, play of the particles and sub particles made of space, the drama of Shiva-Shakti through their concealment (निग्रह शक्ति, माया), the ज्ञान संकोच to make the play happen. 

Interestingly, the make of human carries all the qualities of consciousness of Shiva-Shakti and therefore we are also able to do the five fold actions (पंच विध कृत्य) in limited spectrum. We do create, sustain and dissolve each of our thought, event of five senses and simultaneously we conceal ourselves for some and are generous for some on the basis of our experience and culture of our present life. We hv inbuilt capacity to bless or curse. But the nature has made a rule, what we sow that only we can harvest. If we plant blessings we harvest blessings. By living in विशेष स्पन्द (individual, special) we limit ourselves and loses the vastness of the ocean. But in the state of सामान्य स्पन्द, we acquire the state of the Ocean, the Ocean of Consciousness, the state of infinite, and therefore, our fivefold actions expand, expand like Shiva, because we are the Shiva-Shakti in our true form. We are the director, actor, doer, perceiver, musician, scenes of happiness and sorrow, the music, the camera, the screen, the electricity, the theatre, the spectators, everything, the play of the motionless motion, the vibration (स्पन्द) beyond space and time, the awareness. 

Be aware of the awareness, the light of Consciousness, the absolute, the truth. 


24 September 2022

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Sozani: needling through pure consciousness


Needling through pure consciousness 

Sozani or Sujani is a fine embroidery work of artisans of Kashmir, Kutch and Central Asian countries. It’s needle work in which the artisan count threads and pierce needle with colourful threads and create beautiful motifs on a cloth or a shawl. But in Kashmir, the word Sozani carry one more meaning, meant ‘a wise man’. Sheikh ul Allam (Sheikh Noor ud Din Noorani) a mystic poet of Kashmir wrote: सोजन इशारा सीतेन बोझान कोझान बोझान ना दम दुमा गाथ, meaning ‘the wise will understand by small hints, whereas fools will not understand even if we cry aloud’. 

चतुराई आध्यात्म में संसारी चतुराई दुखदाई है। To become one with the pure awareness, smartness of the world won’t be of any use. Intellect and clarity of mind do have a value and without ritbhara pragya, it is not easy to understand the Pure Self but it comes easily through pure heart and open mind. Ego is an unnecessary element. Discard it. We have been given ‘easeful state of being’ but it has been covered by three malas (impurities) therefore we have to remove the waste and earn it back through purity, sincerity and seeking. 

The Shiva and Shakti are playing as शिवौ or शक्ती; द्विवचन, शक्ति present in शिव and शिव present in शक्ति। सर्वम् सर्वात्म, everything is of the form and nature of consciousness. Chiti is solidified as Chitta but it is still shining with consciousness. We shall liquify our Chitta and attain oneness with the pure consciousness. 

There is only one meaning, there is only one form, the PURE AWARENESS. Everything is one with our awareness. Feel the life a play of our awareness and rest in it easefully. 

Didn’t you get? In the Unmesh of Shiva Shakti Nimesh, in the Nimesh of Shiva Shakti Unmesh; but awareness is common in both the states. The pure awareness, Purnahanta neither unmesha nor nimesha, instead both happen in it simultaneously. 

We have seen an Ocean of water. There is an Ocean and its waves. When waves rise from the Ocean and subsides in the Ocean, water is there in both the states. In fact, ‘water’ is the Ocean and ‘water’ is the wave. Water is manifested as ocean as well as wave. Similarly we are चैतन्य, the absolute pure awareness, the बोध in which unmesh and nimesh are happening. 

Becoming a body, mind, name, fame, etc, labels we won’t experience all pervasive unified consciousness. 

To start with identification of the ‘pure I’ the most important and the most difficult first step to come out of body identity. Till we wander around our identity as body, mind, intellect, ego, nothing will work. The smartness of Sansar is a big failure in spirituality. Purity of heart, sincerely and surrendering are essential elements to recognise the ‘pure I’, the ‘pure awareness’. 

As human we differentiate ourselves with other creatures. As male or female we differentiate with opposite sex. As Hindu-Musalman-Ishai, etc, we differentiate each other with religion. As Indian-Pakistani-American-Chinese, etc, we differentiate with nationality. As Gujarati-Marathi-Marwadi-Bengali-etc we differentiate with statehood. Where are we leaving our body? The identity of our family, education, degrees, job, status, wealth, intellectual abilities, everything is projected over the body and the ego but not over the ‘pure awareness’. Labels are the clouds over the great Sun. Remove them and be a दिगंबर। 

Do we need a proof of our existence? We just exist and don’t need somebody to give proof of our existence. We are full and the day we understand this, the realisation will happen.  

We are the present moment, the consciousness in which सृष्टि स्थिति संहार always keeps on happening but पूर्णोहम pure consciousness never leave. That (we) नित्योदित never rest. 

सदा सृष्टिविनोदाय सदा स्थितिसुखासने। 

सदा त्रिभुवनहारतृप्ताय स्वामिने नमः॥ 


12 September 2022

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Adornment of the face of Gandhiji

 Adornment of the face of Gandhiji 

Have you seen Gandhiji’s photo with a smiling face and marked the gap in the lower central incisors that became an adornment of his face. He received that gift from a friend as a return of his truthfulness. 

It was 1906 in South Africa when Gandhiji was 37 years old, an ordinance was issued by the Transvaal Government requiring all Indians-men, women, and all children to register themselves and obtain a personal certificate bearing name and thumb impression. This card was to be carried by all individuals at all times and must be shown on demand. Anyone failing to produce the certificate was liable to be fined, imprisoned, or deported. The police even had orders to enter private houses and check certificates. 

Gandhiji called it a ‘Black Act’, launched non violent Satyagraha and went to jail. However, they reached a compromise that if Indian would register of their own accord Smuts agreed to get the act repeated. Gandhiji called a meeting in Johannesburg and appealed for voluntary registration.  All agreed but Mir Alam who was a Pathan making and selling mattresses who became a friend of Gandhiji took part in Satyagraha of Gandhiji didn’t agree with this compromise and shouted at Gandhiji : “It was you who told us that finger-prints were required only from criminals. It was you who said must disobey the "Black Act". How does all that fit into your attitude today?”

On a scheduled day, when Gandhiji with his fellow Satyagrahis set out for the registration office, he was attacked with a heavy stick by Mir Alam and his men. Gandhi fell down unconscious. Mir Alam and his associates went on beating him until he was rescued by some friends. He lost his two lower incisors in that assault.  

When he gained consciousness the first sentence he uttered where is Mir Alam? 'Do not blame Mir Alam, for he did not understand.' 

Pathan was arrested and though Gandhiji wrote to the police authority  to release him without any action but the Britishers objected and sentenced him to six months custody.

As agreed upon Gandhiji got himself registered but General Smuts did not repeal the 'Black Act'. Gandhiji continued his agitation and gave a call in which a big bonfire was lit and more than two thousand certificates were burnt. A delegation made of Gandhiji and Seth Haji Habib went to England to represent but they returned entry handed. The mission failed. At this junction of life, Gandhi made a big decision, gave up his practice as a lawyer. He felt he could not go on earning his living by law when he was defying it.

Gandhiji lost his front two teeth (lower incisors) and the gap became an adornment to his face presenting his credentials to his truthfulness without hatred. 


1 August 2022


 दर्शन दर्शन दर्शन। 

सारा हिन्दुस्तान मंदिर जाता है। 


मंदिर के गर्भगृह में रहे भगवान के दर्शन करने। 

कीर्तन करता है। किसलिए?

अपने इष्ट के दर्शन के लिए। 

क्यूँ करता है? कोई मुक्ति के लिए, कोई भक्ति के लिए कोई संसार से कुछ पाने के लिए। 

कौन है भगवान? कौन है इष्ट? पता नहीं। परंपरा से मा-बाप, भाई बंधु ने बताया वह। बस दर्शन करना है। 

देश में सांख्य, योग, न्याय, मिंमासक, बौद्ध, जैन, आजविक, नाथ, शैव, शाक्त, वैष्णव, आगम-निगम, वग़ैरह ६२-६३ प्रकार के दर्शन रहे। 


क्या दिखाना चाहते है?

भगवान का, सर्जनहार का दर्शन। 

लेकिन जब पता लगाते लगाते समझ गये कि सब कुछ एक ही सत्ता के विविध रूप है तब खुद को भी देखना शुरू कर दिया और आत्म दर्शन शुरू हो गया। 

जाग्रत में चक्षु देखते है जाग्रत मन से। स्वप्न में चर्म चक्षु नहीं होते तब मन अपनी आँखें बनाकर अपनी बनाई सृष्टि को देख भी लेता है और अनुभूत कर लेता है। पर सुषुप्ति की गहरी नींद की खबर कौन देता है? उसका पता लगाते लगाते सुषुप्ति के दृष्टा को भी समझ लिया। 

लेकिन यह तीनों अवस्था के दृष्टा की दृष्टि कौन है जो तीनों को देखने की शक्ति दे रही है? जब उस पर ध्यान गया और होनेपन का दरिया हाथ लग गया। बुद्धि के पार भी वह ही वह। सर्जन में मौजूद और विसर्जन के बाद भी। अनुत्तर हो गया। 

बुलबुला बन देखा तब दरिया का पता नहीं चला। लेकिन जैसे ही दरिया बन देखा तो अनंत बुलबुले मेरा ही रूप है यह साक्षात्कार हुआ। 

क्या हुआ? 

दरिया बदल गया? 

बुलबुला बदल गया? 

कुछ भी तो नहीं बदला? 

जो जैसे था वैसा ही है। जैसे चल रहा था वैसा ही चल रहा है। हर रोज़ सुबह होती है, शाम ढलती है। फिर नई सुबह, घट रहा है। कट रहा है। 

फिर बदला क्या? 

बस बुलबुले की दृष्टि बदल गई। कूपमंडूक बाहर आ गया और दरिया की विशालता में मग्न हो गया। दर्शन बदल गया। प्रज्ञाचक्षु लग गये। ज्ञानचक्षु आ गये। ज्ञान की अंजन शलाका से गुरु ने ज्ञान का सूरमा लगा दिया। 

दर्शन बदल गया। 

दर्शन हो गया। 

अपने ही गर्भगृह हृदय में दर्शन करो। 

दर्शन करो। अपना ही दर्शन करो। आप ही अपनी वेशभूषा बदल कर खो गये हो, सब रूप हो गये हो। कोई बुलबुला छोटा हो कोई बड़ा लेकिन पानी और दरिया सब में एक। 

जागो और अपने ही दर्पण में अपना दीदार कर लो। आप भीतर पहचान लोगे तो बाहर भी आप ही नज़र आओगे। फिर अंदर बाहर भेद कुछ भी नहीं। 

खेल करना हो तब द्वैत हो जाना और अखेल में अद्वैत। पूर्ण स्वातंत्र्य। 

दर्शन, दर्शन, दर्शन। 

दर्शन करो। 

शक्ति दर्शन। 

शिव दर्शन। 

सामरस्य दर्शन। 

दर्शन दर्शन दर्शन। 


९ अगस्त 2022

Intellects of the present world

Intellects of the modern world 

I met one Optholmologist Dr Nimesh Patel, in MJ Institute of Ophthalmology (GoG). He is one of the best in Ahmedabad to check and write eye power prescription. The skill he has developed through experience made him authority to the subject and he becomes an asset for the human society as hundreds of eye patients are benefited by him. There is another Dr. Vipul Prajapati who is Opthalmic Surgeon and has earned a very good name at young age in cataract surgery. 

The eye lens get clouded with age. Replacement of the natural lens with the artificial lens is the only answer to correct blurry or cloudy vision. But for that you need a surgeon with good hand and art. Because the tiny incision he makes in the cornea, insert a probe and with the procedure of phacomulsification (ultrasound) break up the natural lens and suction out the figments without damaging the lens capsule (bag of only 4 microns) and rest the artificial lens in it is an art. If the cornea is damaged the vision is blocked. If the capsule is damaged one can’t fix the artificial lens. The damage will be permanent. It is therefore, the eye surgery of only 15 minutes without blood loss or stitches needs a fine surgeon. 

There are thousands of such individuals who are working for the welfare and betterment of life of mankind. These are intellects of humanity and their life is precious. 

Brahmins as a Varna in ancient India were engaged in intellectual work of education, research and treatment and professions were inherited by birth, therefore, they as a community they had enjoyed the immunity and prestige for centuries. But today modern India and the world carry thousand of intellects from all castes and creeds, working for the betterment of mankind. Let’s salute to them and pray for their long and healthy life so that they serve the mankind to their best. 

Spiritually, those who have realised the Self by merger in the existence are Brahmin. ब्रह्म जानाति इति ब्राह्मणः। 


19 August 2022

Costliest groin of Farruksiyar

 The costliest groin (area of hip between stomach and thigh) of an emperor 

Shah Jahan wished that his eldest son Dara Shikoh to succeed him but Aurangzeb killed Dara and became the emperor. He ruled for around 50 years and wished that his son from Persian wife Azam Shah succeeds him but he was killed by his elder half brother Shah Alam, and crowned himself as Bahadur Shah I in 1707. After his death in 1712 his son Jahandar became the emperor after killing his brother Azim ush Shan in succession war. He was killed by his nephew Farruksiyar the son of Azim ush Shan and became emperor in 1713. 

Ajit Singh Rathore was the ruler of Marwar was Mughal Governor of Gujarat. He was transferred to Thatta (Sind) by Farrukhsiyar. Ajit Singh refused the order and revolted but later surrendered and gave his daughter Indira Kanwar as a bride to the Mughal Emperor in 1714.

The Mughal Emperor Farruksiyar was suffering from a painful groin therefore his marriage with Indira was delayed. A delegation of English East India Company from Calcutta came to meet the emperor in August 1715. It had one Scottish Surgeon William Hamilton as a member. He treated the groin of the emperor and relieved him from the pain. Again in October, the emperor suffered similar problem near anus which was also treated by the surgeon. As a result, he could marry Indira Kanwar in December 1715. The Mughal Emperor was so happy with the treatment and wedding that he generously rewarded Hamilton with an elephant, a horse, five thousand rupees in money, two diamond rings, a jewelled aigrette, a set of gold buttons, and models of all his instruments in gold. But the most important gift received was by the English East India Company in 1717, the right to carry duty free trade in Bengal. Rights to import export without paying tax. They were given rights to issue passes and dastaks for the free movement of their goods, right to purchase 38 villages surrounding Calcutta and fortification of Calcutta settlements. 

1719 was a very bad year for Mughals. Ajit Singh made an alliance with Sayyid Brothers and besieged Red Fort entered into the palace, caught Farrukhsiyar from the harem, tortured and blinded him with needle and chose one of the princes Rafi Ud Darjat as the new emperor in February 1719. But within three months he was murdered or died of tuberculosis in June 1719. He was succeeded by his brother Rafi ud daula as Shah Jahan II but he also died of tuberculosis in September 1719. His successor Jahangir II could stay on the throne for only 28 days. Finally Muhammad Shah, the son of the fourth son of Bahadur Shah I became the emperor. He became famous as Muhammad Shah Rangila. He was emperor for 29 years (1719-1748). During his rule Nadir Shah plundered Delhi and looted all the wealth of Mughals including Kohinoor and Peacock Throne. Ahmad Shah Abdali started his attacks and plundered north India that has further weaken the Mughal authority. 

King Ajit Singh of Marwar continued his operations of damaging the Mughal establishment but at last he was assassinated by his own sons Abhay Singh and Bhakt Singh in 1724 to save the kingdom of Marwar from Mughal invasions. 

Shah Jahan drained royal treasury in building monuments, Aurangzeb’s Deccan campaign became a financial disaster, the succession wars of later Mughals further ruined the resources, provincial governors became independent but disunited, Nadir Shah took away 200 years treasure built by great Mughals, Ahmad Shah Abdali plundered north India. The collapse of the empire was inevitable. 

But with the Farman of duty free trade granted by Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar the EEIC made enormous profit therefore began to interfere in local politics of Indian ruler by bribing the weak links. Their active involvement and victory in battle of Plassey and Buxar made the foundation of establishing British rule in Bengal in middle of 18th century and later with slice by slice victories over Marathas, Nizam of Hyderabad, Tipu of Mysore, Sikh of Punjab, and sacking of Nawab of Oudh they spread into whole of India and ruled it for 200 years. 

In 1615, an English doctor treated the fever of Noor Jehan and got the trading permission from Emperor Jahangir. In 1715, a Scottish Surgeon treated groin of Farruksiyar and got the permission of duty free trade. By 1815, India was largely under the command of the British. Fever to Noor Jehan was costlier but that groin of Farruksiyar was the costliest. 


31 August 2022

Raja Baja Bandar

 Raja Vaja ne Vandara

Grand Dhairya, Lakshmi and I were on morning walk in the Suryajyot Lake Garden near our house in Gandhinagar. There was a monkey family of 20 plus playing at one corner of the garden. The infants were jumping from one branch to another of the trees or running around on the ground while the adults were watching them as well as the humans around. It was a good scene to watch the joyful infants jumping and running around when the Sun was rising and birds were singing in the pleasant morning. 

The infants of monkeys are otherwise smarter compared to human babies in the initial 16 months. But as soon as the human infant becomes toddler with the change of hyoid bone position it takes over the race. 

Gandhinagar is facing problem of monkey menace as the population of langoors is increasing. One can’t grow mango, drumstick and papaya. They will come at regular intervals and damage the plants. No chance to grow vegetables in open. 

While walking in the garden, my wife asked me to explain the Gujarati proverb “Raja Vaja and Vandara”. Why the King has been compared with the harmonium and the monkey? 

The harmonium is one of the most popular music instruments. It is a pump organ has 39 keys. It makes sound by blowing airthrough reeds, which are tuned to different pitches to make musical notes. Often noticed that whenever a musical programme starts either the microphone create weird sound or the harmonium sting disturbs the music. If the key of the harmonium is loose and one of the strings lost its position the music is gone. None can predict thereafter the fate of the programme. The harmony of the programme once disturbed by the harmonium none can repair it. 

Monkeys are also unpredictable in their behaviour. Monkeys are highly social omnivores, organized in clans as large as several hundred individuals headed by an old male. Like us, monkeys form strong friendships and bitter rivalries. They fight for each other and take care of one another. And the leader of a monkey troop, when deposed, will even exhibit signs of depression. When we watch their behaviour we get the sense that their emotional lives may share something in common with our own.

There is verse in Sanskrit:

मर्कटस्य सूरापानं मध्ये वृश्चिकदंशनम्। 

तन्मध्ये भूतसंचारो यद्वा तद्वा भविष्यति ॥

When a monkey is drunk, stung by a scorpion and possessed by ghosts anything can happen. None can predict the outcome of such situation. 

What if it is provided with an ambience where it can splurge on all of its whims and fancies? On top of that, it is provided with the means to fulfill them without any hurdles anywhere! Nobody to ask nor to question! What will be the outcome? Just as the verse satirically says, 'totally unpredictable'. Some of the Kings in history were falling in this category. Power hysteria in history.

This is a metaphor of the unstable human mind. The lust is the liquor intoxicated by attachment, jealousy of others is a scorpion cutting each time with the poison of hatred and the demon of the ego rides over above all. The human turns monkey. 


राजा वाजा ने वांदरा। 

राजा बाजा और बंदरियाँ। 😁


1 September 2022

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