Sunday, September 25, 2022



The discovery of atomic structure has proved that this visible world is made of space only. The smallest particle atom does hv nucleus, neutron and protons in the centre and the electrons are orbiting around. Now quantum physics has discovered 200 sub particles within the invisible nucleus. The space is left with void, not the dead void but a vibration (स्पन्द), monolithic, the Shakti taking different forms and manifesting. The sub particles are the same in each creation, only their permutations and combinations vary to make different elements and compounds.  

Each creation of this universe carries the light of consciousness but in different state of consciousness. It is in घन सुषुप्ति in a stone, क्षीण सुषुप्ति in trees and plants, स्वप्न सुषुप्ति in birds, animals and large majority of humans and जाग्रत in few individuals. Therefore, one may not be in awareness of each moment of life but are always in awareness all the time. How can we focus on any of the acts of the senses without awareness? When we focus on listening or touching or seeing or tasting or smelling or doing all together, we are in awareness, we are the awareness, therefore we are able to do the act. As the objectives and experiences are changing each moments in the cycle of सृष्टि स्थिति संहार (लय), and each moment is in the simultaneous acts of प्रलयोदयौ the objective world looks moving in the space and because of event by event it is separated, therefore, we realise the time. In reality, there is no space, no time. Only the स्पन्द, the motionless vibration exist. The rest is the play, play of the particles and sub particles made of space, the drama of Shiva-Shakti through their concealment (निग्रह शक्ति, माया), the ज्ञान संकोच to make the play happen. 

Interestingly, the make of human carries all the qualities of consciousness of Shiva-Shakti and therefore we are also able to do the five fold actions (पंच विध कृत्य) in limited spectrum. We do create, sustain and dissolve each of our thought, event of five senses and simultaneously we conceal ourselves for some and are generous for some on the basis of our experience and culture of our present life. We hv inbuilt capacity to bless or curse. But the nature has made a rule, what we sow that only we can harvest. If we plant blessings we harvest blessings. By living in विशेष स्पन्द (individual, special) we limit ourselves and loses the vastness of the ocean. But in the state of सामान्य स्पन्द, we acquire the state of the Ocean, the Ocean of Consciousness, the state of infinite, and therefore, our fivefold actions expand, expand like Shiva, because we are the Shiva-Shakti in our true form. We are the director, actor, doer, perceiver, musician, scenes of happiness and sorrow, the music, the camera, the screen, the electricity, the theatre, the spectators, everything, the play of the motionless motion, the vibration (स्पन्द) beyond space and time, the awareness. 

Be aware of the awareness, the light of Consciousness, the absolute, the truth. 


24 September 2022


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