Thursday, September 1, 2022

Intellects of the present world

Intellects of the modern world 

I met one Optholmologist Dr Nimesh Patel, in MJ Institute of Ophthalmology (GoG). He is one of the best in Ahmedabad to check and write eye power prescription. The skill he has developed through experience made him authority to the subject and he becomes an asset for the human society as hundreds of eye patients are benefited by him. There is another Dr. Vipul Prajapati who is Opthalmic Surgeon and has earned a very good name at young age in cataract surgery. 

The eye lens get clouded with age. Replacement of the natural lens with the artificial lens is the only answer to correct blurry or cloudy vision. But for that you need a surgeon with good hand and art. Because the tiny incision he makes in the cornea, insert a probe and with the procedure of phacomulsification (ultrasound) break up the natural lens and suction out the figments without damaging the lens capsule (bag of only 4 microns) and rest the artificial lens in it is an art. If the cornea is damaged the vision is blocked. If the capsule is damaged one can’t fix the artificial lens. The damage will be permanent. It is therefore, the eye surgery of only 15 minutes without blood loss or stitches needs a fine surgeon. 

There are thousands of such individuals who are working for the welfare and betterment of life of mankind. These are intellects of humanity and their life is precious. 

Brahmins as a Varna in ancient India were engaged in intellectual work of education, research and treatment and professions were inherited by birth, therefore, they as a community they had enjoyed the immunity and prestige for centuries. But today modern India and the world carry thousand of intellects from all castes and creeds, working for the betterment of mankind. Let’s salute to them and pray for their long and healthy life so that they serve the mankind to their best. 

Spiritually, those who have realised the Self by merger in the existence are Brahmin. ब्रह्म जानाति इति ब्राह्मणः। 


19 August 2022


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