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Tips of Ayush from Panchabhai Damania

Ayush Tips from Panchabhai Damania

He is a Vaidhya, did his BAMS from Junagadh and Masters from Jamnagar Ayurvedic University. In the initial years of his career, he practiced Ayurveda with Allopathic but later moved to pure Ayurvedic treatment and is now considered as one of the most successful Vaidhyas of Gujarat, successful in treating incurable discusses including Cancer. He stays in his village Una where his wife, his daughters and his father help him in making his Ayurved Yatra successful. One of his two daughters studies in BAMS and the younger is also getting ready to follow Ayurveda as a career.

Sushrut Samhita for Anatomy and Charak Samhita for treatment are his base books along with the guidance from other Ayurvedic books, Rigveda, Atharvaveda and Puranas. His pharmacy has Ayurvedic Drugs in the order described in Bhavprakash Nighantu. He is open to the new ideas and have acquired knowledge of herbs that cure many diseases. It is surprising to note that the herbs carry different potency if plucked in routine, plucked in selected season, time and nakshatra or plucked by chanting Ved mantras.

For Cancer treatment, he uses ‘krishna vallary’ herbs available in plenty on the sea coast of Gujarat. Following the success of a Kutchi Shah living in Mumbai, he also uses herb Hemkand, available near Verai Mata Temple in Rapar. He believes that without pure panchkarma treatment, no treatment on cancer can be successful.

Apart from the known Ayurvedic herbs, he uses Vanplandu (wild onion) and other herbs available locally. Referring the mantra of Rigveda, he believes that Yagya and it’s smoke can cure the fever of chikungunya, dengue, malaria, etc. पलड्ंकषा निम्बपत्रं वचा कृष्ठं हरीतकि, सर्षपा: सयवा: सर्पिर्धूपन ज्वरनाशनम। A dhoopa of gugal, neem leaves, vaj, kath, harada, sarsav and jav can cure all fevers.

Milk is prohibited in fevers, leprosy, blood and skin related diseases. All the acerbic (कड़वा) herbs and vegetables are good for the skin diseases. Acerbic food and herbs are lekhan aushadha, removes med/fat of the body.

Honey can’t be taken with hot water. It is hot medicine, cures cough and upper respiratory problems. It is not advisable to take after 60 years age.

Those suffering from low HB, Pandu Roga must take Sun bath of early morning ultraviolet rays.

Bharanhi, Kantkari, Aradusi and Vanpalandu are great herbs to cure cough, bronchitis and upper respiratory problems. Ardusi is used fresh and the juice is taken out by crushing some leaves and covered the pulp with whole leaves and mud paste and heated in the fire, then squeeze and collect the juice. Vanpalandu is useful in breathing problems and bronchitis. Bharangi and Kantkari are used in cough and cold.

Herbs have life of potency. Some herbs like Tulsi, Fudina, Ardusi, Jivanti, etc, are taken as fresh. Some dry leaves have life limited to six months.

Healthy life comes from the balance of Vata-Pitta and Cough in the body. Hemant and Shishir are considered good seasons to eat all foods as the powerful jatharagni digest whatever we eat. But one has to be careful while eating during Vasant and Gishma when the jatharagni is medium. And must do fasting or ektana (one meal in 24 hours) during Varsha and Sharad, the season of mand (poor) jatharagni. It is therefore, many Hindu festivals are lined up for fasting and rituals during these months. Sharad is considered the mother of the diseases, as well as mother of the vaidhyas/doctors as they earn the most during the season.

He is a seat of attachment of four students a year from Ayurvedic Universities, where the students stay with him for 11 months to study and learn practical Ayurveda. Every morning they go to the fields to study and collect the herbs to make the medicines. Modern allopathic men are afraid of Ayurvedic Bhashma as it may harm more than the cure, but he believes that a Bhashma made by following commands of Ayurveda float over the water and that can’t be harmful. One must test it before the intake.

He uses cow ghee and black sesame seed oil in plenty while making different drugs.

He follows spirituality, follows chaturmas (four months fasting) by taking only a glass of milk twice in 24 hours. He is connected with a Trikala Jnani Sanyasi Pragyananji, who comes and stays in his farm Cottage for Sadhana and guides him through the dialogues. The Sanyasi remains in seclusion for a year, and the lamp he lights with 100 ml ghee, without any addition, continues lighting for the whole year of his Sadhana. During Sadhana, the Sanyasi doesn’t sleep. It is believed that unless one purifies the physical body through fasting, chanting mantras and meditation, the human brain won’t be able to  connect and take guidance from the universal cosmic energy. The mantras, herbs, asanas to cure diseases, they hear or see as divine revelation during the Sadhana.

All the herbs are our great friends, give us long and healthy life and the cosmos around us connects us with the cosmic power and liberate us from the fear of death as there is no death of the soul. It is the body that dies, but the driver moves on to fulfil his desires till attains the salvation.

26 August 2018


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