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Dwait adwait of Kashmir Shaiv Darshana

 द्वैताद्वैत of Kashmir Shaiv Darshana

When we say द्वैत (dual) means two, the God (Almighty) and the World (Creation) and say अद्वैत (non dual) means the God alone.

Dualism accept both the fields as reality and as separate from each other, therefore there is a concept of worshipped (Allah-Ishwar-God) and worshipper (Jeeva); master (Allah) and servant (दास, जीव). It’s the base of the साकार worshipping in Hinduism and निराकार worshiping in Islam and Christianity. They don’t accept the Jeeva in the form of Shiva. How could a servant thinks to become a master? If he is master, then why is he a servant? 

The Adwait (non dual) principle of Vedantis accept only the He, and the creation is considered as illusionary (माया). As the master (ब्रह्म) alone doesn’t act therefore Brahman + Maya made this visible world (creation). That is why the सृष्टि is called मायावी. To make the play real, the real identity has been kept hidden with the cover of अविद्या. But the effect is nothing but the cause. The moment one sees the cause liberation from वासना/desires occurs. The vision changes. One has to connect the worldly things with the cause. We know that our body is made of five basic elements. Only the packaging of individuals look different but they are not different from the cause. The ornaments are made from Gold and they are Gold only. The pots are made from the clay but clay only. Therefore connect them with the five elements and get free from the body concept. What is the cause of these five elements?They are the product of Maya (illysion). Brahman alone doesn’t create anything therefore he took a form of Ishwar (ब्रह्म + माया) and the creation begun. But ultimately the cause of Maya and Ishwar is the Brahman, therefore connect them with the cause, the Brahman and realise the Brahman, the Truth. The illusionary world exists therefore it is not negated as असत्य but called illusionary मायिक). As soon as one gets the vision through the Guru seeing the real, Gold as Gold, the mystery is cracked. The bondage turns into liberation. 

Kashmir Shaiva Darshan (KSD) is द्वेताद्वैत, द्वैत and अद्वैत, विश्वात्मक and विश्वोर्तीर्ण both simultaneously. The world is neither considered unreal nor illusionary but is the freedom of the cause Shiva (प्रकाश) (विश्वोर्तीर्ण) and the manifestation Shakti (चिति) विशेवरूपता simultaneously, in which Shiva is not absent. In form of विश्व, there is duality of Subject (the world) and the Master (Shiva and Shakti), therefore we are worshippers and He is worshipped. But the creation is not different from the ultimate reality, Lord Shiva/परम/संविद (pure consciousness) beyond 36 elements, therefore अद्वैत.

Buddhism has reached upto the void state, KSD may call it प्रलयाकल. Who knew the void is the question raised, where the चैतन्य wins. However, the विश्वोर्तीर्ण शिवा  may be that state where कुछ नहीं है might be the conclusion, but as soon as it vibrates, Shakti begins and sprout as Sadasiva, the Aum and the creation begins. The top scholars in Buddhism do explore that pick and they do hv तंत्र like KSD (परा, चित, प्राण कुंडलिनी) but for the common man it has kept the teachings simple as ‘art of living’, walking on the middle path following a life of virtues with सम्यक approach. We shall remember that KSD was probably born out of countering Buddhism in Kashmir. The teachings might be ancient but it was uncovered by Vasuguptaji to counter Buddhist monk in 9th century AD. 

Jains don’t believe in God but do believe in individual soul which has a journey of upliftment as Sadhu, Upadhyay, Acharya, Siddha, Arihant. Their नवकार मंत्र is a नमन to the growth of individual soul. However, the कैवल्य ends up in non dual state which KSD calls Shiva and the Vedantis call Brahman. In Jains Kaivalya is the state of liberation from where none has to return into the journey of cycle of life and death in different yonis of देव, नारकी, मनुष्य, तिर्यंच on the basis of Karma principle. They hv स्वर्ग, नर्क and eternal time cycle of this endless creation story. One has to follow the life of virtues with non-violence (ahimsa); non-attachment (aparigraha); not lying (satya); not stealing (asteya); and sexual restraint (brahmacharya), to scale once up into those five stages mentioned above.

If you are a ray, you hv travelling as a ray with a speed of 186000 miles per second and reflect by touching the objects. But for the Sun, where is the travel?

Be the Sun. I mean the Brahman, Param. 


16 December 2022


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