Saturday, December 17, 2022



When we became independent (dominion) in 1947 and republic in 1950, the estimated the average annual income of an Indian to be Rs. 260 (or $55), with many earning well below that amount. The government faced low levels of literacy among its population, soon to be estimated at 18.33% with 23.54% for men and 7.62% for women in the 1951 Census of India. 

Today, our per capita income is ₹1.5 lakh, zoomed 576 times in rupee value but zoomed 34 times from $55 to $1850 in USD value. 

The literacy rate now is 77% with 84.4% male literacy and 71.5% female literacy. 

Considering the number of 66 million literate in 1951, today we are a country of 1 billion literate. Our schools have educated more than 2 billion individuals in these 75 years. 

Isn’t it interesting? 

Stay with India 🇮🇳🌷


1 November 2022


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