Saturday, December 17, 2022



Who is in ignorance?

The mind.

Who is in bondage?

The mind.

Who is feeling bondage and searching for liberation?

The mind. 

How to remove ignorance of mind?

By knowledge to know thyself. 

How to remove bondage? 

Bondage in the mind is removed by the knowledge in mind. 

How to get liberated? 

In reality we are free/liberated but the only barrier that we don’t know. By removal of the ignorance, removal of bondage in mind by knowledge of the Self (universal pure consciousness), we come to know that we are ever liberated. 

Observe, observe, observe…. One feels peaceful and not peaceful; one remembers spiritual, worldly or sensory pleasures and hv urge to repeat it; one feels disturbed and becomes normal; all these events and memories of life experiences are coming and going, some stay some vanish; where? Who is that identifying all these happenings, coming and going, staying, vanishing? 

We are that pure consciousness, the ‘ultimate reality’ which has been pointed out by the books and teachings of Vedanta. 

Recognise the Self. The mind is the problem and the Self (Universal Pure Consciousness/Awareness) is the solution. 

How could a liberated get liberated? 

We are liberated. We (mind) have to recognise that true reality by liberating the mind from ignorance and bondage. 

That is the only Sadhana. 

Do it or don’t. 


14 December 2022


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