Saturday, December 17, 2022

Nityodita, swayam prakash, aparoksh

 नित्योदित स्वयंप्रकाश अपरोक्ष। 

How do we see the Sun while watching from a platform of the earth? We witness the beauty of sunrise in the morning, see it scorching and blazing in the forenoon and shining brightly before slipping over the horizon at sunset. But if we the observer have lifted us up in the sky, there is no sunrise, no sunset; neither a dawn nor a dusk. With the change of the platform of watching, the vision and our beliefs change. If our platform is the Sun itself where is the rise and set? If one becomes a sky/space, where is the limitedness?

As body we have limitations and therefore can’t change the platform so easily but as mind we are growing our understanding of the world and the universe with the help of many discoveries. However, none of the beliefs are permanent. The universe of Newton was changed by the vision of Einstein. Einstein’s vision of the universe has been expanded by the quantum physics. JWST is revealing the pictures and data of the early universe. Modern science has discovered many new platforms and therefore the knowledge of the universe is changing. Everyday, we have news on this ever changing and momentary universe.  For a common man it is a mystery. 

We upgrade or change our knowledge-information and accordingly change our beliefs. Our eyes and five senses are observing and reacting to the outer world. We as observer of the outer world have limit of our body (lifeline) and mind (thoughts and intellect). We see the world and think of the universe but somehow not looking at ourselves, at the observer, and therefore are unaware about our true nature, the eternal universal pure consciousness. 

A baby elephant tied to a fence post fails to break the fence or break the rope. Eventually it gives up the efforts and is stuck. The elephant grows up and becomes a big, adult elephant with gargantuan legs and a huge tusk and swirly trunk and it could easily walk away from the fence if it wanted to. But believing the fence to be some immovable thing, the adult elephant remains tied to it, falsely believing it can never get away. We are like this elephant tied with a rope (body) and tied with a fence (mind) and though have capacity to break both but are not coming forward but have accepted the life as it is as our fate. 

One has to lift up, raise the platform to realise the Truth. The real journey is not outside in the world or in the books or in WhatsApp university but inside us, inside our core, the heart centre. The external things may stimulate our desire to know the true self or guide us to reach to the centre. 

At present we have kept the mind (जड़) as a mirror and trying to see the Brahman or Shiva (चैतन्य) in it using our intellect. How’s that possible? Can a जड be a mirror to show the चैतन्य? All our efforts are therefore in wrong direction. The right path is to see the जगत (body, mind and visible world) in the mirror of the चैतन्य. चैतन्य is the light of all of these which are nothing but the manifestation of Brahman-Shiva-चैतन्य in different forms to make the play of creation, sustenance and dissolution possible. 

Are we ready to break the fence?

Are we ready to move up to a newer platform, the platform of pure consciousness, the चैतन्य? 

If yes, we shall return from the external world and its objects and enter deeper inside towards the core of the self, the heart centre, and realise the true self and thereafter look at the world with a new-third eye (vision). 

शिव शिव शिव शिव शिवा। 🙏


17 December 2022


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