Saturday, December 17, 2022

Be awake

 जागते रहो। 

Religions and Philosophy 

Jews, Christianity and Islam believe in one life theory and placed the God as the Supreme judge who will pass the judgement for all on final judgment day, thereafter each one will go to heaven or hell depending upon their actions in that one life. From the death of the physical body to the placement in heaven and hell there is waiting time for each soul to stay in that body less condition. 

Hindu, Buddha, Jain, Sikh religions of India couldn’t find logic in such waiting period till the God awake for the final judgment day and therefore evolved a theory of birth rebirth cycle with a karma principle and heaven and hell through which an individual Jeeva travels till its liberation. 

Both the groups are following the theory of duality (द्वैत) in which there is Supreme Master and we are the players sent for passing the examination. (Buddha and Jains don’t accept theory of God). 

During my visit to Aurangabad few years ago, I met a religious Muslim old man near the Panchakki fountain (1695). He told me that as per the belief of Islam, the earth is an Examination Hall where we hv been sent to pass the exam of living a life of virtues. Those don’t, will be punished by the Almighty (अल्लाह) on the day of the final judgement (क़यामत). 

But Shaivism had explored the third option, further extension of Buddhas void and came out with a theory of Adwaita in which there is no duality but only one power present all the time. The existence itself is the Supreme master himself. The players look themselves separate and different to each other, but they are like the waves of an ocean where the water is the life either of the ocean or of the waves. 

KSD accepted both (द्वैताद्वैत) and kept a room for duality to begin with and ending in अद्वैत। After all, it’s a play, there is life line of the body and mind, therefore, one has to play one’s act fully putting 100%. The desire of liberation and search for the truth is also a part of the play script.😊

Our existence is eternal and whether बद्ध or मुक्तः we remain in the Ocean of Bliss. The बद्ध or मुक्त is the state of mind and a play on our चैतन्य screen. The screen of चैतन्य never vanishes. Therefore don’t worry much. It’s not a game to play by running away. We have to put our 100% in whatever role we are and enjoy the game with “full awareness of the pure consciousness”. 

जागते रहो। 


15 December 2022


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