Saturday, December 17, 2022


 सूक्ष्म प्रपंच। 

Remember in the process of Self Realisation, there is big shift of mind (thoughts, अंतःकरण) from the belief that the “world is permanent and I (individuality) am coming and going”; to a state of mind that “I (चैतन्य) am permanent and the world (दृश्यम् शरीरं, अवस्तु, नास्ति) is coming and going (उत्पत्ति, स्थिति, लय)”. 

It may be starting with the understanding that, one day the creation (world) started. But as the mind gets maturity of understanding the spiritual terms it moves on to the next level of understanding of creation as modification of प्रकृति in order of मह, अहंकार, मन (बुद्धि), पंचमहाभूत, etc. Further up, it understands that the creation is the modification of Brahman (ब्रह्म परिणाम). Thereafter, comes the state of Adwaita as creation is the manifestation of Brahman (विवर्त) without any modification. And lastly, there is no world, world is not created अजात. Snake in not born on the Rope. Rope is rope always. 

Dissolve snake into Rope. Dissolve all the pots into Clay. Dissolve all the ornaments into Gold. Dissolve all the waves into Water. Dissolve the cycle of creation into timeless Brahman. Dissolve ego into Brahman. 

Brahman alone is Truth.

आत्म सत्य अनुबोध। 


30 November 2022


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