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What’s Sadhana and the experience? 

I was chatting with a friend on WhatsApp. He has forwarded me a message regarding ‘nothingness’ but is there as विश्वातीत and विश्वात्मक, निराकार and साकार respectively. And therefore, we worship साकार to reach to the निराकार। 

विश्वातीत शिवा and विश्वात्मक शक्ति (चिति); प्रकाश विमर्श is the central theme of Kashmir Shaiva Darshan (KSD). 

Solidified चित्त from the चिति is trying to return to the original form. Can it be reached? It is like merger of the wave (individuality) into the Ocean (example only for understanding). Otherwise for water, either wave or Ocean, the same.

He asked, then, whats the sadhana for that and to have that experience ( ? ).

The reply received from the heart was: 

“Once again it is a trap of the mind. Any desire in any form is the field of Prakriti. Why does one want to become special, separate from others? That is individuality. 

Each body is a display machine of the rays of the Almighty. It has been codified in different forms, therefore it acts as per the coding system. 

However the desire to know thyself, is also an outcome of that Prakriti or mind one can say, that is the starting point of dissolution of the individual self and to move out of the game of creation, sustenance and dissolution of that individualised self mind. 

Let it goes on till the grace of the Chiti/Almighty (Univeral Pure Consciousness) shower. 

When and where that will happen, that no body knows because it is देशातीत, कालातीत. 

Even the cycle of body continues, the Self is eternal whether he is in Jeeva form or Shiva form. Ocean is not absent in the wave and the wave is not out of the Ocean. 

Resting in self all the time, whether dealing with the संसार or within pure inner self may be the only awareness required to break the निग्रह. 

The जाग्रति of the जाग्रति on which the individualised self can work upon. Dream world is in the hand of mind. Therefore, if the mind of जाग्रत is customised, it will take care of the स्वप्न. And the deep sleep (सुषुप्ति) is nothing but the resting in the darkness where there is no body, no mind but the तुरीया is there. 

The thread of तुरीया is in all states (जाग्रत, स्वप्न, सुषुप्ति). It is the भींत्ति (screen) on which all the three states are felt displayed. 

तुरीयातीत is not a matter of our botheration because it’s a state of Shiva, will be His blessings (अनुग्रह) beyond इच्छा, ज्ञान, क्रिया। 

Neither Shiva (प्रकाश) is absent not Chiti (शक्ति/विमर्श) is absent at any moment nor their display. The recognition of the display in the individualised Self (mind/mirror) is the exercise of क्रिया (कर्मयोग), भक्ति (राजयोग) and ज्ञान (ज्ञानयोग) to clean up, stabilised and knowledge of display in that mirror. The rest, let leave for the Mother Goddess, आद्य शक्ति to take care. “



14 December 2022


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