Saturday, December 17, 2022

Chhath Pooja

 Happy Chhath Puja

Bihari are no more living in abodes (vihara) but are movers all over the country and abroad. They had spread Buddhism in India and in Asian continent and are performing Chhath Puja of Sun worshipping for centuries. Wherever they live, they create Bihar. 

Sharada, the season of diseases ended and Hemant (Pre-winter) begins. Those crossed the Sharad have survived from diseases are happier and therefore it’s a thanks giving worshipping to the Sun God and Goddess षष्ठी (छठ) for securing safety of children and adults. The goddess is also worshipped to get a boon to have male child. 

Hindus all over the world understand षष्ठी, the sixth day of the new born. The Vidhata (goddess destiny) writes the fate of the child that day. When infant mortality rate was very high in India, many children probably were not seeing the seventh day of their life, and therefore, the practice of worshipping super natural power came in practice. The षष्ठी पूजा on the sixth night of the new born is therefore performed for the saved children and they are given name after this ritual. Probably to avoid the hardships of life, the same ritual has been extended to be performed uniformly for the well being of the children and family members on the 6th day of Kartik Shukla month of Hindu calendar every year. 

All worship the rising Sun but Biharis worship rising as well as the setting Sun. We call river as mother and Sun as father, therefore, giving अर्घ्य of water (mother) to Sun (father) on this day is a symbolic worshipping of life giving force, the Sun light and water. 

If we understand the logic behind the Indian festivals, we all can participate and enjoy the festivity. There is some meaning attached to each event either linked with our life or the life line. 

Happy Chhath Puja to all. May Goddess षष्ठी showers her blessings over all. 


30 October 2022

6, Kartik Shukla, 2079


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