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Mayog (Assam), Famous for Black Magic

Mayong (Assam), Famous for Black Magic

Kamroop, black magic (kala jadoo), Kali Sadhana, Smashan siddhi, bhut, pret, etc, words create thunders, thrills and fears. But still, human brain is always attracted towards unseen super natural things.
When inquire about Mayong (maya), local people are also afraid of the black magic. Nobody in present generation accept the acquisition of black magic knowledge, but still people feel that many of them know it.
Mayong, 40 Kms from capital city Guwahati, located in "Pobitora wild life sanctuary" which is having world's highest density of one horned Rhinoceros, is more beautiful than many country sides of India. People come here to enjoy the picnic in a lovely natural environment. The plain paddy-mustard farms, grazing cattle, haats and simple people make the are more beautiful. There are number of picturesque hills and hillocks in and around Mayong. Moreover the river Brahmaputra flowing towards the west side of the village.
It was said that if you are liked by a girl of Mayong, she will not allow you to leave the area unless you marry and carry her! Myths about making human in animals and birds forms were also prevalent.
My wife and I took a risk entering into the black magic area. We went to a village, Raja Mayong" that has preserved few (108) small size 'mantra books' in a museum. When I asked the guard whether he knows black magic or not; it is not good to learn Sir, it does bad to others, he replied.
They are all 'Yogi', 'Nath' people of 'Hath Yog' system developed by Guru Matchhendra Nath and Guru Goraksh Nath, Or in existence prior to them. The matras are in old assamese language. One has to follow discipline in life if learning and performing the mantra-tantra. It makes the man capable to harm others through black magic. It needs immense mental courage to do sadhana in smashan (cremation ground) in dark nights and to deal with super naturals (bhut, Kali, Shiva), that is missing with the present educated generation.
We went to visit one house, with an information that the old man may be knowing the black magic. He confessed about some knowledge but didn't display. He narrated a story seen through his own eyes, regarding a 'bajigar' of his village, capturing Tiger and making it danced in front of the Mayong King. The bajigar used to stop eating and drinking once he captured the tiger to make it physically weak. He told that those who were doing this Sadhana are no more as their died without heirs or their heirs vanished. Other people stopped to learn and perform under the fear of vanishing of their vansh, as it is a sadhana of bad elements, bhut, pret, etc, done as nude in Smashan in front of human dead body.
A young boy Renendra was called to show some magic. He performed 3 simple acts of normal magic but not the black magic. He converted rice in to poha on a gamchha (cloth) without heat or fire! His brother is doing some research collecting details of black magic and herbal plants.
Many of you may be puzzled with my interests in the subject.
My father's Great Grand Father Mulo Bha went to Kamaroo Desh in around 1857 and Hari Bha, my father's distant uncle went to Mayong in around 1925 to learn the 'vidhya'. Both had mastered it. But our Great Grand Father, after enjoyimg the fun of the vidhya for some years, later moved to 'Shakti (Meladi) Upasana', that has helped in growing the strength of our family. But Hari Bha, more powerful in black magic, became unpopular with his act of harming people in the village. If somebody became sick or die, people used to doubt on him, even if the events were natural.
My father Khemchand, told me a story about an incident, when he was 11-12 years old (1930-31). On one dark evening when he was playing with other boys near the house, Hari Bha called him to go with him. My father couldn't say no, as children were afraid of him. He started walking with him fearfully. They were walking towards Smashan. As the way to Smashan was getting dark, my father was surprised with the light coming out of Haribha's body, lightening the path. When they reach to the Smashan, a human dead body was burning on fire. Haribha took a bamboo stick, pull the body down and pull out the heart chanting some mantra. He then cut one piece of the heart and directed my father to eat. This matches with the story of Mahabharata, where Sahdev was getting 'trikal gyan' through smelling heart of the dead body of his father Pandu.
But my father denied to eat it and pulling all his courage together, ran fast to home without looking back at the Smashan. He caught high grade fever out of fear for a week, there after he was recovered. He never inclined to learn the black magic. He thereafter never went near to Haribha and went to his Bua's place in another village. When Haribha died, leaving one daughter behind, no one was ready to carry his dead body to smashan and perform agni samskar due to fear of black magic. Nobody looked at the direction of Mayong thereafter from our family. My father married to a "vaishnav girl", moved to Krishna Bhakti, the white magic of salvation. 
We just went for linking history of our family with Mayong.
If you have interests, try and dig, Indian 'Mantras' and 'Tantras'. They have strengths. 'Shabd is Brahm and it has all the power to make things happen/not happen.
Research of human brain is yet to advance. 'Manav', a son of "Manu", the "Manas Putra" of "Brahma", the "Maya" the 'world is illusion' yet to understand by modern world. Mesmerism has proved that 'minds' can be governed.
NB: We have seen 'black magic' effect over one tribal girl (daughter of an IAS officer) studying in MBBS. People say that there are some old men in SK, who learn black magic from "Kamroo Desh"


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