Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kejariwal swearing in as CM of Delhi

Kejarival swearing in as CM of Delhi

28 December 2013 another big day of Indian History when Aam Aadmi placed Arvind Kejrival on chair of the Chief Minister of Delhi. It was this day in 1885, Indian National Congress was founded. In fact aam aadmi are always in search of their savior from the problems of life. Their demands are small but the people in power forget them when in chair or fail to satisfy their desires. The Delhi results has opened up a new ray of hope for Aam Aadmi as no party can take them lightly.

Interestingly Arvind taking his oath at 46 th year wearing Gandhi Topi reminds the Gandhi reading Congress resolution at his 46th wearing Gandhi Topi in one of its AGMs. I am not able to get the exact date, but probably it was also 28 December.

They were aam aadmi, who fought freedom struggle and made us free. They were aam aadmi who made Congress, BJP and other parties big and gave them power. Aam Aadmi (common men) of India are very much electing the next Government in the Centre in 2014. All parties have to listen to their voice this time more than before.

Relevant for even today, please read the First Public Speech (link attached below) of Mahatma Gandhi delivered on 4 February 1916 at Banaras Hindu University. Many left from the stage and from the audience before he finished his speech.

29 December 2014

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