Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dharma and Bottled water

Dharma and Bottled water

What makes us different from the developed world? It is the poor quality of goods and services. Cheating is very common here. The trading community less in number holds large share of the wealth. It has been developed through undue profits.

The lady in the video must be doing due to poverty but if you look India as a whole is there a "dharma" in trading? The producers get low price, the consumers pay more and the major share go to the middle men, the traders. Some like big companies developed monopoly by investing huge money exploit the people more. Their investments borrowed from banks and shares/debentures belong to people. Their products are purchased by people at their price. And the enterprenure owners enjoy the wealth.

The picture is almost opposite in Japan. Quality consciousness is the highest. The companies earn more, pay high taxes. The people with more income pay high price for public services but the same are available to common people at affordable price. Living standard and quality of life are same for all people.

Our land has received maximum number of preachers, teaching us Dharma, but in practice people follow Adharama. When another Krishna will borne to establish rule of Dharma, shambhavami yuge yuge...

We the people have to change.

1 March 2014


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