Sunday, February 22, 2015

Japanese living style of Healthy life

Japanese living style of Healthy Life

I asked a question about Japanese tips for keeping good health to one of our Japanese family friends living in Ahmedabad. Some of you may like to read it.

She replied,

"Hot green tea after meal... My father used to take it and he hardly had tooth decay. I personally avoid peanuts oil for cooking. I only use olive oil (well, this is not Japanese though) and sesame oil. Apart from what to eat, how to eat matters, my father used to tell me. Chew well, eat slow, and be grateful for what you are offered. I was taught not to leave even a single dana of rice whenever it was offered. He used to tell me to thank the farmers (he was from the village) and did not like to see any left over on our plates. I just got a call from my parents as the last birthday wishes from the family. I do thank them a lot for letting me stay here in India. Ultimately, they live so far away from India, you see... With Good Wishes, Tomo"

4 March 2014

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