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Astrologer had their say in deciding 15.8

Astrologers and Indian Independence Date

It was Lord Mountbatten who decided Aug 15 as India Independence because it was a “very lucky” date for his career. During the World War II, it was on Aug 15, 1945 (Japan timezone) that the Japanese Army had surrendered before him (He was the commander of the allied forces).

But then why Midnight of 14 15?
When the date of independence was decided in “June 3 plan” and announced to public, there was an outrage among astrologers across the country because 15-Aug-1947 was an “unfortunate unholy” date according to astrological calculations. Alternative dates were suggested but Lord Mountbatten was adamant on Aug 15 (since it was his lucky date). 

As a workaround, the astrologers suggested the midnight hour between Aug 14 and 15 due to the simple reason that the day according to English starts at 12 AM, but according to Hindu calendar, starts at sunrise.

It is said that Hardeoji and Suryanarain Vyas of Ujjain suggested midnight for the three reasons: 

---By that time the Moon would have entered Pushya Nakshatra, known as a Maha nakshatra in Bengal and, the most favorable nakshatra for a Muhurta.

---It should be at midnight, roundabout the Abhijeet Muhurta, which was calculated thus: sun-rise on August 15 was at 5-33-31 A.M. Sun-set was at 6. 57.31 P.M. Counted from sunset, the time for the next sunrise would be after 10 hours and 36 minutes, half of which was 5 hours and 18 minutes. 

If 5 hours and 18 minutes were added to the sunset time we would reach 12 hours and 15 minutes midnight. Twenty four minutes before or after 12.15 midnight would be the Abhijeet Muhurta. That would be the only best time available.

---The third important factor was that by that time the lagna rising would be Vrishabha, a fixed sign, which is always favored for foundations of buildings or, stable independence.

Sir Woodrow Wyatt wrote in May 1988 an article on the central page of the Times, London, “Who Does Not Consult Stars”, and defended Ronald Reagan, the US President, for consulting astrologers. There he revealed that Indian astrologers had chosen the time of Indian Independence and that the subsequent history of India was somewhat more successful than Pakistan’s, which got dismembered. 

Jinnah took over at 9.33 am on 14/8/47 in Karachi, with Virgo lagna and Moon in Gemini. Both are double body signes, indicating difference in saying and doing. They (Nehru, Rajendra Babu) had consulted astrologers. Do you like to follow them?

Good Luck.

11 Nov 2013

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