Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pranav Mukerji Prediction

A Horoscope Evaluation of Dada to become President of India (A Probability Analysis withthe help of Jyotish) 

Shri Pranav Mukherjee, Union Finance Minister, 11/12/35, Mirati, W. Bengal born with Moon sign Gemini with Bhudhaditya (Sun Mercury) yoga and union with Jupiter in Scorpio, Malavya Yoga of Venus in Libra, Shash Yoga of Saturn in Aquarius, Ruchak Yoga of exalted Mars in Capricorn; and have favorable planetary gochar movement of Jupiter passing opposite to birth Sun-Mercury-Jupiter can make his dream come true to become the highest authority of the biggest democracy of the world India. 3 out of 5 Mahapurush yogas have made him a big personality of India with his continuous hard work and knowledge. The Sun-Jupiter union makes him right predictor of events and a trouble shooter in politics.  

The declaration is taking little more time because of the retrogative movement of Saturn passing through Vergo at present. Saturn will become margi on 24/6/12 make his path open. The period till 4/8/12 when Saturn enters into its exalted sign Libra, is so crucial that a little lapse may turn into a big loss. 

By the time Saturn enter in to its exalted sign Libra on 4/8/12, he will enter into the Presidential Palace hopefully. The Mahadasha of Venus (Malavya Yoga in his horoscope) has just started will bring glory in his life. He will have a luxurious and a famous tenure as President of India with chances of have one more in 2017!!!!!

He has Malavya Yoga of Venus in 5th house of Moon Lagna, therefore the ladies luck will finally favour him. Mam and Didi man jayegi!!!

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam to Dada.



NB: Dada birth time is not available, therefore Moon Lagna has been taken as a base for the 


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