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Monsoon 2014 Astrological Prediction

Monsoon 2014 Astrological Prediction

All of us worry about Monsoon 2014 as June this year is going to be one of the driest month of the century.

IMD forecasted El-Nino effect on monsoon from September '14; but June is surprisingly going dry.

Hopes survive because June contributes only 17% rain of the season. The major fall in July and August.

Winter this year lasted long resulted in late start of Summer. Sea surface temperature is one of the major factors for rains over India. Indian continent, shaped like ace of diamond, dependent for rainfall from the systems generated in Bay of Bengal. The sea is silent and winds are dry. Varundev and Vayudev are not taking a kick start. Wapper to go up and form clouds and wind to carry them over us and get blessings of meghraja in form of rain water. Food and water, the most basic needs of all comes from the season.

From Astrology point of view, Jupiter moved from wind sign Gemini to water sign Cancer on 19 June; Saturn retrograde in Libra (wind sign)will be Margi from 20 July, Rahu is moving from wind sign Libra to earth sign Virgo from 12 July, and Mars moving a head of Sun is in Virgo (earth sign) and will move to Libra on 14 July. Clock moving and very important planet for rains, the Venus is in earth sign Taurus at present, will move to wind sign Gemini on 13 July and will fall under the direct aspect of retrograde and exalted Saturn. It will move to watery sign Cancer from 7 August.

Saturn, Mars and Rahu are considered negative and Venus, Moon and Jupiter are considered positive for rain cycles.

As Jupiter entered into watery sign Cancer but Sun is very nearby, we are unable to see the positive effect immediately. But when Venus enters into watery sign Cancer from 7 August; Jupiter and Venus together in Moon's sign Cancer will give us good rains. I presume 7-31 August will give highest rain this year. September will also be good. But less run in early overs of June and below average score in middle overs of July will make the whole season below average.

Meeting points of two enemies Rahu and Mars, at the junction of Virgo and Libra in the middle of July can keep the period dry, windy or cyclonic.

2014 may be a scarcity year for the western line States of India, as agriculture season is going to be at risk due to late sowing. If some try low rain varieties, there is risk of losing crop due to excessive rain when the crop reaches harvesting stage.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.



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