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Shatavdhan, a memory test of a Jain Muni

Shatavdhan, a memory test of a Jain Muni

Many of you know the name Shrimad Raj Chandra, the spiritual Guru of Mahatma Gandhi. He was jain and shatavdhani in his childhood. Shatavdhani is a term used for a person who can remember 100 questions in a sequence forward and backward and with intermediate questions and their numbers without a single mistake.

Recently, I had an opportunity to attend such meeting in Sec-23, Gandhinagar. Muni Abhinandan Chandra Saagar has demonstrated his Shatavdhan memory test. There was another Muni, Vimalchandra Sagar, who had given test of 500 questions in Mumbai.

There were 100 questions to be asked in 10 subjects sections. Any body from the hall can ask short question as per the sections. People were asking questions one after another and the Muni in meditation keep remembering them. At the end of all 100 questions cycle, the Muni told the same in ascending and descending orders as well as when some one read out question, he will mention its number and if number is asked, he will tell the question of that number.

The Muni is only 19 years old. He took diksha when he was 12 years old. He has studied upto 5th Gujarati. He hasn't taken bath for last 7 years. He defecate in open as per jain rituals. His day starts at 3 am and ends at late night. Whole day he meditate, read books and at the end of the day take revision of the day learning and pray for forgiveness if some rules have been broken. He begs in the afternoon, eat once from whatever begged, drink water by cleaning the lunch utensil thrice. He drink water only between 10 am to 5 am. He travels by foot always. He is barefooted. He sleeps on floor. He has two cloths only which he washes and wear alternatively. He lives without electricity. All these adverse living conditions are not constraints of his life path of Nirvana.

He has keen interest in establishing a school of his ideas to bring back sharp memory boxes of our new generation.

Millions of children and students going to schools and colleges. The governments and parents are spending trillions. But we don't have single Shatavdhani.

Meditations make wonders.

Jay Jitendra.

13 March 2014


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