Sunday, February 22, 2015

All India Services, give knowledge of self realization

All India Services, give knowledge of Self realization

Many promotions and transfers orders issued these days. The officer attached to a portfolio (sarkari samsar) has been detached suddenly.

In a government job life span of average 35 years, one can pass through 10-30 such events. Each new assignment is like a new birth. One develop attachment to the job and the stakeholders. He/She grew in it like a person grow in life. But transfer comes like a death warrant from one Samsar and Rebirth to another Samsar. Detachment from one family and joining a new family. A bride has to adjust with one family but the bureaucrat has to adjust with many during the career span.

As one grow in the system the experience of birth and death in government Sansar bring the knowledge of detachment preached by Lord Krishna in Geeta Upadesh. The initial fire of Mussoorie days cools down and a settlement of mind set developed as one passes decades. Finally in the last decade one starts thinking of a post retirement value of a new Samsar where no one recognise other than few close friends. This stage bring the bureaucrat in the stage of self realisation preached by Lord Buddha. The desires die automatically.

It is Basant. Nature and it's creatures are enjoying. Join them and enjoy the music of life with the Blessings of Almighty God. Jaan hai tab tak Jahan hai.

27 February 2014. 

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